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Rand Paul Is Taking His Anti-NSA Message to Berkeley

By Shane Goldmacher
March 10, 2014

Sen. Rand Paul is taking his anti-surveillance message on the road—and into the liberal lion's den of Berkeley.

Paul, the Kentucky Republican widely seen as laying the groundwork for a 2016 presidential run, will speak at the famously liberal university next week at an event on privacy, according to a Paul aide.

The appearance comes on the heels of Paul's straw-poll victory at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend for the second straight year. There, he delivered a rousing speech that sharply denounced the nation's surveillance programs. "What you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business," Paul told the crowd to big applause.



event info:

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Rand Won Northeast Republican Presidential Survey-on Drudge

Report. Just discovered it. Christie second place. ( :


I got my ticket...

Anyone else?

the event info I originally posted in OP

has been removed the website it was posted on, use this new link instead for information on attending the event:

Other CA events?

Will he be making any other appearances in Northern California? I live in the Sacramento area and hope to catch him if he's doing events other than the Berkeley one.

They'll Go Berzerk In Berzerkley.....:)


Boom, Boom, Kaboom!

Pure awesome..

I hope he takes it to Ohio State too. Biggest University in America. Swing state...

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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HaHa! While the neanderthal pubs are sitting around strategizing

Rand is implementing his. Those Armani suited sophists are in for a rude awakening.

Undo what Wilson did

I have no idea if I can go

I have no idea if I can go but I would love to meet other local DPers if I do go. We should set up a meetup page or something (that is NOT facebook) so dp'ers can identify one another.

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It will be very exciting.


I just might have to play hookie...

Anyone else here thinking of doing the same?



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Take it straight to the other side. They'll find out that they are not the other side.

Funny, I drove hours to watch

Funny, I drove hours to watch Ron Paul speak at Berkeley a few years ago. It was packed with people. Thousands. The sidewalks all over the campus had peace graffiti and messages promoting Dr Paul. The crowd cheered like crazy and there were folks everywhere engaging with students. It was like a festival and it was exhilarating.

You won't see anything of the kind for Rand. He just doesn't incite a shred of passion from anyone but the most delusional on this site who are nothing but the mirror images of the Obama supporters of '07.

I think you are wrong...

he's the most interesting potential candidate out there especially for the younger crowd. He has well-thought out positions and ideas that differ from the normal Republican. I would think he will get a large, diverse crowd, not just students.

Revere 1776

Having saw Rand Paul at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas last year, I would beg to differ. Rand does have the support of almost all Ron Paul(ites) as well he has crossed over into other areas of Republicans and even Democrats who are disappointed with the results of the "chosen one."

Going to Berkley is a brilliant move to reach out to the other side, and yes, I will be there and report what I see. Smart people can only be fooled so long and they don't always drink the Kool-Aid.

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Berkeley expects an over capcity crowd, and changed the time to 2:30. I think it's going to be HUGE. I think plenty of liberals are going to show up to face to face protest Ayn Rand Paul.. I think plenty of Republicans are going to come to see what he's all about in person now that he's won the straw poll twice..

Wednesday night

CRP Spring convention ends Sunday.. Rand speaks Wednesday.. man.. like ships passing in the night.. and they expect over capacity for Rand, which is awesome. Hmmm I'd rather see Rand than go to the convention.