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Why the “Balanced Budget Amendment” is a Hoax – and a Deadly Trap (Publius Huldah)

You can not responsibly support a proposed Amendment to Our Constitution unless you have read and understand the proposal and how it would change our Constitution. You must look behind the nice sounding name! Will the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) really “rein in” the federal government? Will it really “show them” that they have to balance their budget the same as we do?

Or does it actually legalize spending which is now unconstitutional? Is it actually a massive grant of new constitutional powers to the President and the federal courts – a grant which will cut the Heart out of The Constitution our Framers gave us?

Amending the Constitution is serious business – and you are morally bound to get informed before you jump on The Amendment Bandwagon.

So, lay aside your giddy joy at the fact that all 47 U.S. Senate Republicans are co-sponsoring the Balanced Budget Amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 10 (March 31, 2011). Let’s go through it. What you believe the BBA will do, and what it will actually do, are two very different things indeed.

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Messing with the Constitution

Messing with the Constitution is dangerous. It has already been messed up by the amendments from the 1860's on. Just not worth the risk.

I emailed

This argument to Rand Paul when they first started talking about it. Never got a response or saw anyone rethinking their position. That was back when I believed the correspondence helped. Those days are gone.