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Ron Paul Masks 99c to WIN


The link above goes to a costume company that produces and sells candidate masks. They claim they have never been wrong predicting the winner by the number of masks they sell. Masks are $0.99 each. I'd like to suggest the masks for those attending the the convention. I admit, at that price I ordered more than one. I'm thinking I can tape a mask to the passenger side window of my car...

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Support Liberty Media?

You you see if there is another company selling these things. This company mentioned, selling these, is owned by MSM, Liberty Media. You support MSM? I don't.

You can wear them to the

You can wear them to the polls and show people that Ron does get votes.

If Someone Wore a McCain Mask to the Polls

Would you object? There's legal electioneering and illegal electioneering, and there's fear of robbery, or terrorism, too.

Probably not a good idea.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Imagine crowds of supporters wearing these instead of the V masks, hahahaaa! I just bought 20.

Ha HA!

I bought 5

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

bought one

bought one

You don't want a Ron Paul mask?

Why not?

Love to but,

I'd love to, but these are sold by MSM, Liberty Media and they are the largest shareholder in News Corporation (Faux News).

Find another company to buy from. Where are your principles?