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Missing flight being linked to IRAN?

I said in another topic, this whole thing seemed fishy...
Now this?


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Passengers' Mobile Phones Ring But Not Answered

Considering the fact that mobile phones can be easily tracked and their location pinpointed I would agree, very fishy!

This development raises many questions.


Ok, that's creepy...

...why are they not answering.......wtf

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Too Predictable

Either that, or a Syrian connection. The foundation of war propaganda will be laid more carefully this time. War weary Americans wont likely walk themselves there willingly, but may permit themselves to be dragged along one more time.

The men who bought the tickets were Iranians...

who wanted to migrate to other countries:

The two men travelling on stolen passports on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday have been identified as Iranian nationals.

A BBC Persian report quotes an Iranian friend of one of the men, who said he hosted the pair in Kuala Lumpur after they arrived from Tehran in the days preceding their flight to Beijing.

The friend, who knew one of the men from his school days in Iran, said the men had bought the fake passports because they wanted to migrate to Europe.

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The man who bought the tickets was Iranian, so yes,

that is a link to Iran.

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