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What is the stupidest possible investment right now?

I'd like to know what you think the dumbest possible place to put your money is, where you are practically guaranteed to lose your principal. Whether its Ukrainian real estate or Thai bonds, I'd like to hear it.

And, sure, put down the smartest move with your money while you're at it.

Update: The current leader is timeshares for bad investments.

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Worst is anything you cannot actually hold, bury or hide

The best at least the way I see it would be in shipping companies ( that is if I wanted to actually invest in a company with stocks etc ). As more and more store fronts close, it opens up more for the "to your door" buying which is getting more and more normal and with that comes the realization that shipping companies will be on the rise MINUS the usps.

Other than that, a great business especially as more and more people realize that they can't keep buying anything they want is SECOND HAND STORES. You get your inventory for free mainly so the capital needed to get started is far lower than most other business ventures.

Property is a great thing especially if you setup small parcels as "bug out locations" and have a couple things on the land that preppers would eat up. You can get 1/2 - 2 acres of land for a grand to a couple grand and then flip them for a decent profit OR keep it as a retreat location or secondary/alternative bug out spot if need be.

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Rule out

weapons technology. If there is one industry that seems to grow in good times and bad ... new weapons have to be close to the top of the list.

Assuming anyone wants to lend

Assuming anyone wants to lend the USG the money in the future...

30Y UST?


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^^^^ A serious runner, folks !

^^^ (30 year US Treasury Bonds, I assume...) A serious runner, folks !

... in the race to the bottom, that is.

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US BONDs, 401k, gold, tickle

US BONDs, 401k, gold, tickle me elmo, beenie babies... fuck!!!!

the worst investment is the intention of making money.
the best investment is the pursuit of necessity.

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Sure, where were you when I

Sure, where were you when I bought a gross of these!

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For sure!

I know someone who tried to sell their timeshare in Hawaii and could not. They then tried to give it away and no one wanted it...the maintenance fee for 2 weeks a year ran up to $1200. They ended up paying for someone to take it!!!

Call me cautious...

But I would not invest in anything that takes me more than five minutes to get my hands on. That would include the stock market, bitcoins, bonds, money market funds, and the like. Unless you like to gamble that is. In which case lottery tickets may be your fancy.
Or...if you happen to have a lot of extra $$$ to spare and can handle maybe never seeing them again. Have at it.
I prefer something solid (er-hem) that I can locate close enough to do a snatch and grab need be. A certain amount of fiat on hand is always a good thing. But mainly because the bank will only allow a few hundred a day at any machine. Which who keeps their money in a bank these days. One EMP, or power outage and your back to reaching for the stash anyway.
Guns, gold, and grits.
Can't go wrong there.


Ocean front property in

Ocean front property in Arizona.
Sorry George, couldn't resist!


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You Bitcoin haters make me

You Bitcoin haters make me laugh. It's back up around $630+ after Gox imploded. This stuff isn't going away. Remember, there are a lot of crypto currencies out there, Bitcoin is but one. Unlike with the US dollar, this is what we call "currency competition" (a little something Ron Paul liked to talk about).

Besides bitcoin?

Or the US dollar? IMO your safest bet is T Bills. Unless you are a collapsatarian, then go for the shiny stuff.

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Stupid investment

Stupidest: Bitcoin.

Best: Almost any significant chunk of metal.

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Best high risk, potential

Best high risk, potential high reward company to invest in, is Elio Motors when stock becomes available, and only if they can deliver their "cars" at or near the $6800 projected price.

Their car could be the next mass market budget people mover, something the U.S. does not have right now, and something every 3rd world nation like the U.S. needs.


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US is a third world nation!

sad but true

I hate to take a doodle on Elio's parade,

but why would anyone buy one of these when they can get a used Toyota for 5k?

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I got my 92 Toyota 4 Runner for 2K...

It gets over 20 MPG which isn't good but I couldn't afford to spend more and in 3+ years I've owned it, I've only had to invest in routine maintenance. I'd love to have a car that gets 80+ MPG but even 6K is too expensive for me. I agree with you. Sorry you were down voted.

Yeah, it doesn't seem to

Yeah, it doesn't seem to offer all that much advantage.

I'm sure people will buy them, but it isn't a revolution in transportation. Mini-cars have been around since cars, and they've all presented a tradeoff.

Finally, an very nice Honda Shadow is about 3k, gets a zillion miles per gallon and can, obviously, be insured as a motorcycle.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


Let's see... Used Toyota that

Let's see...

Used Toyota that gets 12 MPG and costs insurance for $5000
Used Elio that gets 84 MPG and doesn't require insurance for $3000

Tough choice.

Oh yeah AND.............!!

Here in WA you won't need insurance, since it's classified as a "motorcycle" (we have mandatory auto insurance except for motorcycles)

Also since it's classified as a motorcycle you'll be able to legally use all the car-pool lanes while traveling by yourself.

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I would also mention...

FYI I read that Elio has lawyers working on laws in every state that don't yet have an exmption for not wearing a motorcycle helmet when you are inside of an enclosed vehicle. A lot of states already have the exemptions though.

Yep yer right, and I am also in Washington.

I would still get the insurance anyways, but what's funny is non-mandatory motorcycle insurance is priced much cheaper than mandatory auto insurance. I am sure there is a market lesson in there with regards to health insurance.

84 mpg, and with a regular

84 mpg, and with a regular old gas engine, no expensive hybrid batteries to replace. It has a much lower drag coefficient. The odometer says 0 when you buy it, not 135k. They also have I think, 10,000 people that have put non-refundible money on them as a show of good faith. They will be built in the U.S., create American jobs at their plant, and in their supply chain.

When you have to replace your tires you only have to buy 3 instead of 4, which is already a 25% discount. Own an elio for when you drive to work by yourself and a big ass SUV for when you and the family want to go somewhere. $6,800 is over $5k cheaper than the current cheapest car in America, the Nissan Visa. It also looks like the engine bay easily has enough room for a turbo if you can live with 60mpg, which is still double a foreign built toyota.

84 MPG perhaps?

There is no Toyota that get's that.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

84 mpg for one guy

Which is still not as good as a car with three passengers.

I don't know, it just doesn't seem to answer any big issues. It's neat, but I just can't see it. Maybe that makes me a bonehead.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


The Elio is a 2 seater, which

The Elio is a 2 seater, which will not serve everyone's purposes, however think of how many people are on the roads driving by themselves to work. If you have an Elio as a commuter, which is 80%+ of my overall driving, and a roomy family car for the rest of your driving, it is a great fit for a large percentage of the population.

It would be great for single people, and college kids without families. Personally for my family I would love an Elio for work, and a crew cab 4x4 v-8 pickup for the family, working around the house, and for the rare times it snows where I live.

It is much much better than a

It is much much better than a car with 3 passengers... Especially if you don't have said passengers (which is an obvious given ...)

The Iraqi Dinar

I know too many people who think it will make them billionaires overnight. They don't understand the difference between redenomination and revaluation of a currency, or basic economics for that matter.