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Looking for volunteer to create Muckraker fundraising video

We're looking for someone to help us create a fundraising video for our independent newspapers ( If you have any experience in video production, using voice-overs and images/articles, and would like to volunteer your talents for a liberty newspaper, please contact me. I will get you PDFs of our newspapers, logo files, fonts, audio, and whatever else you need.

Some basic specs:

  • 2:20 to 2:40 in length
  • We'll provide all the files you need
  • We have a basic outline and audio, but leave the creativity to you!
  • The top three entries we like will get a free muckraker t-shirt

There is one catch: we need the video by end of day on Sunday, because that is when our online fundraiser goes live (we've had some complications with getting the video produced from other sources). I know that's not a lot of time, but I've seen amazing stuff from the DP community since 2007. From all the RP vids, to the brochure, and on and on. You guys are amazing, and I hope you can help fellow liberty lovers out.

Thank you!

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