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Video: A Look into America's Largest BTC Mining Facility

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This is something I've never understood about BTC

Why are they "mined" into existence? If they're just digital coins, why not just have people purchase them at some price and let their value fluctuate based on supply and demand.

The mining process guarantees

The mining process guarantees a slow trickle into the BTC economy, and a hard limit on the upper number of BTC that can exist.

Vs your Federal Reserve Notes, which someone in D.C. can just add a zero to their balance sheet and make up more money.

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cool, thanks for posting

not the most accurate reporting but when it comes to btc it never is.
every time i see a misleading btc report whether it's from msm or infowars or other grassroots media it makes me wonder if everything else they report on is also full of half truths and inaccuracy's.

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