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Everyone who leaves now letting the media and GOP walk over them

Getting Ron Paul elected and long term libertarian goals are one in the same. It should be IRRELEVANT whether you think he can win. If you think him being in the race is a net gain for his issues you should throw ALL your weight behind him.

I always thought it unlikely Ron Paul would win. But I still donated money and worked my neighborhoods. I don't understand why people would give up now? Every day Ron Paul stays in the race is a net gain. Every debate gets him and the movement national recognition. It makes average voters question why they've never see him on the news. Every person who stays proves to the media that they should fear/respect this movement. Everyone who leaves shows the media they won't be held accountable.

Life doesn't end after the election. Life isn't win or lose. If you can't win outright, set the seeds for next time. Ron Paul doesn't say it but he understands this. Nader understands this. Chomsky Understands this. Kucinich understands this. Gravel understands this.

Maybe HQ screwed up in the beginning but they seem to be on the right track now. I'm donating again.

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Surrender is not an option

I think things are playing out pretty well. The GOP started with 11, and now it's down to 4. And consider all the media biases against Ron Paul, he's still in there with the same strong messege. The establishment just doesn't know how to get rid of him. I sense his strength gaining. Tonight will be a little interesteing........with only 4 guys on stage, we'll see how much time is allowed Ron. But even with so much less time, Ron says so much more in content!

alan laney