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Can someone answer me about the NH recount?

People are saying the recount for kucinich matched the results, so I just have a couple questions.

Why is it the recount has taken over 15 days, and still isn't anywhere close to completion?
Why after starting the republican recount on thursday of last week(mind you after taking a 3 day weekend and then not counting on tuesday or wednesday of last week), did they need to take a break this week?
Why was it both kucinich and albert howard are not allowed to look at the poll books (a very fundamental important aspect of a recount)?
Why is it the memory cards have gone missing as early as 4 days after an election?
Why is it the secretary of state had a press conference to show he was putting the ballots in a vault overnight, but then every night since this has no longer put them in the vault? They are out in the open of a building?
Why is it that the boxes are being transported by guys named butch and hoppy, and not the police (as stated in NH law)?
Why is it the boxes were showing up damaged with slits and even open as they were leaving the white van?
Why is the "seals" are actually just removable that give the illusion of security but meanwhile do nothing?

If you had machines rig an election but there was a paper ballot trail:

First you would want to try to make sure a recount didn't happen. Remember the funds got frozen?
Then you lose the evidence of ballot tampering, ie misplace hundreds of memory cards.
Then you would need lots of time to back into each precincts ballot box and add in some fake ballots to make it look legit. Thus take days and days to start the recount.
Then you would make sure those doing the recount couldn't look at the poll logs to confirm that maybe extra people didn't vote.

Did i leave anything out?
I am sure all these anomolies will be better explained as that I am a crazy conspiracy theorist.


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I'll try

but keep in mind I thought the recount was a waste of $$

1. slow process (why, I don't know) originally estimated to take a month or so.
2. no idea...seems VERY odd to me
3. poll books, I believe, are in the possession of each town
4. strangely, the SOS does not consider the mem cards to be a record of the election. They consider the actual paper ballots to be the only record. Makes a little sense BUT why not keep the cards?
5. I don't think that was a "press conference" but also keep in mind that the SOS is a bit odd. Ballots are not out in the open but in the building which they consider "secure". BY NH standards I suppose it is.
6.7. 8. Don't know about any of this but all very strange.
9. "frozen" funds had nothing to do with SOS
10. The mem cards themselves are not evidence per se of ballot tampering but see #4 above
11. Forget the fake ballots idea. Any delay was not due to SOS
12. If the recount doesn't come out close to original count then I think the poll logs will be looked at. Mem cards too. I don't think the majority are missing.


I just feel like

I just feel like if you add all these problems up, it makes for a pretty disgusting case of either gross negligence or corruption.

anyone have a response?

I just want to know if there are good reasons for all these problems.

To enforce the law as written

will probably require a court order, a writ of mandamus, forcing the Secretary of State to answer to the court.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Boycott Fox. Boycott PayPal. Boycott ChipIn.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."