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Canvassing in Kansas 3rd District this weekend and have a question.

The Kansas Republican Caucus is approaching on 2/9, and I want to do my part to ensure that Ron Paul wins Kansas's 3rd District, which is where I am.

I ordered 1000 "door knob bags" from uline.com for $20. Now, I need a good flier to put in them. I had one that I used last weekend, but I'm not convinced it is the best one out there. I used the one that says "Just who is (for) Ron Paul?" Just looking to see if anyone else had a favorite flier that they think is best to use.

I also want a flier that is current. I couldn't find any that included a mention of the fact that Jane Roe endorsed Ron Paul, and I think it would be neat to include a quote of Giuliani's statement that Ron Paul won all the debate polls, since there is often criticsm that Paul can't win.

Anyway, I am getting ready to print a bunch of fliers and hoped to get opinions on good fliers to use. I'm having a tough time finding one that I like, so I am almost thinking of making my own to use. Thanks.

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I think I am probably going

I think I am probably going to use the issues flier off the campaign's site. It's two pages, but I will try to print on front and back of the paper, and then throw in a couple of the RP cards I have for good measure.


my favorite generic flyer for canvassing

my favorite generic flyer for canvassing is the "open letter to the american people" here:


but it appears they are sold out... i use a flat-bed scanner to make relatively-decent-resolution copies. i will look for another source, or i could scan it into a .tif file if you want it. lots of good stuff avail for dload at HQ:

My door to door experience

I prepared a two page letter with my home address on it to give it a local slant, with some passages highlighed in yellow or blue, about Dr. Paul and his positions and inserted it into a plastic bag, along with a six-color brochure that I printed from the www.ronpaul2008.com website, and went door to door in Delaware last weekend. It took about 8 hours of walking around to put the material into about 300 homes. I put it on door handles or post box handles, but never in the post box, underneath the Sunday newspaper on the sidewalk or yard, and other places. I made no efforts to visit with people because I knew I did not have time. I'd rather reach 300 homes and maybe 500 registered GOP voters with something rather than just reaching out to a few people that I would have reached had I taken time to ring bells and knock on doors. I also made sure I left nothing for homes with signs reading "No Solicitors." I had to respect the homeowners' wishes.

Good luck. Spread the word!!!!!

Other Kansas Supporters

How many other Kansas supporters do we have on here?

I live in Kansas

I live in NE Kansas (second district), if that's what you mean. The other three members of my family (here in KS) are all Ron Paul fans... as are three more family members in Minnesota.

Ron Paul 2008!!

Don't forget to sign up for this Friday's money bomb!

I will be canvassing in Kansas 2nd district this weekend

We have been putting together events with our local Ron Paul meetup group in Topeka.

If you would like to contribute in any way, you may do so here:


I am a precinct leader in Topeka, Kansas and will be working it this weekend.

Gun Shows are the best, get a booth.

the Hope for america slim jim

in AZ we carry a small file folder we get at office max (cheap) its very small and has slots that fit the slim jims perfect.

I carry around several different slim jims when I canvass.

My favorite is one with Ron standing with Reagan in a picture from the 70's. The rest I'll pass out to people that I speak to if they have a specific question about one of Ron's policy stances. The key here is that I SPEAK TO PEOPLE AFTER KNOCKING ON THEIR DOOR. Are you doing this? Or are you just leaving door knob hangers? Why not take one more minute to knock on the door and speak to someone directly? It is 10 times as effective for converting people.

Please note that I am not trying to be critical. I appreciate immensely everything that people do to get the word out, and I would never bad mouth anyone for doing what they thought was helpful. My intent was to get the word out that actually speaking to people is SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. You've already done the hard part - just go the last step - knock on the door.

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

Yeah, I have been knocking

Yeah, I have been knocking on doors and talking to people, and it is really an awesome experience, even though I find that most of the people I talk to are woefully uninformed.

I agree with you that it is more effective to actually talk to people. However, it is very time consuming as well. Last weekend, I knocked on every door and talked to every person that answered. I only covered about a 1/6 of my area.

And, I did not have a single door slammed in my face, though one lady would not open the door for me and told me to put the flier in the storm door.

My concern is balancing the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction with people vs. the time constraints. It took several hours to hit only a 1/6 of my precinct.

I really want to hit every house this weekend, so I'm trying to figure out the best approach.

At this point, I think that I'm going to leave fliers on the door for anyone that is a Dem or an Unaffiliated according to the walking lists. I plan to focus my energy on informing those that are Republicans, especially those considered influential (aka the exclamation points.) We are past our registration deadline in Kansas, so it doesn't do a lot of good to spend time talking to Democrats.

Unfortunately, I don't have any slim jims, so I am planning on using door hanging bags with a flier and a couple of the RP cards that I got from Libertycard.org. I have a box of 2000, so I am covered there.

My only regret is that I didn't get started as a precinct leader sooner. I feel like I only really have this weekend to get the rest of mine covered, and I want to hit every house.


Like I said before ...

I appreciate anything that someone does that they believe is helping, so I am thankful for your efforts. Personally, I only leave a door hanger if no one is home.

Oh, and I think you should reconsider skipping the homes of Democrats and Independents. I have recruited 4 different people to canvass with me in just the past month - all of whom I found while canvassing myself. And here is the best part - all 4 of them were either Democrats or Independents! Remember - converting someone to VOTE for Ron Paul while canvassing is great, but the real jackpot is converting someone to CAMPAIGN for Ron Paul. In my experience, Democrats, Independents, and disgruntled voters are far more likely to do this than Republicans. Just something to think about.

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!


These fliers are intended for the broadest audience possible. What attracts YOU to the campaign isn't what attracts others. I would suggest testing these fliers on people you know who are republican leans but don't support Paul. Tell em you just want their opinions on the fliers not that your trying to win their vote.