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"Rand Paul's CPAC Hypocrisy Speech EXPOSED"

LOL check out this amateur hit piece on Rand Paul. Feel free to down vote!


Oh and endorsing Romney doesn't mean he agrees with every view of Romney's, he just does what is best for the party when needed.

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Rand Paul is the great white

Rand Paul is the great white hope for delusional libertarians :)

Rand Paul may have some

Rand Paul may have some statist opinions.(For example, the Russia issue; he is way off.) Or not, and instead he is misspeaking. Maybe he cannot explain his opinion accurately when he thinks it is controversial. By cannot, I mean not to have the ability. His dad makes it look easy but he has over 30 years of experience. I doubt Ron Paul gets one question a year he has not answered at least five times. Or, maybe Rand does not have the courage his dad has and who can blame him. Or, maybe he is pandering so he can win and really does not care much what he thinks. idk
2016 is a long time off. I doubt the Republican leadership will let him win even if he does pander, but they like to see it anyway.

Rand Paul needs to be President

Years have gone by, and Ron has 'retired' with Carol. Old heads here on the Daily Paul remember what it was like having THE BEST CANDIDATE, and we now look for that which is viable in 2016. Many of us would forget that this 'game', politics, is just that. It is a game which must be played, else we can simply take up arms and be killed. We look for the 'best future', and a peaceful transition from the present tyranny can only happen with another viable candidate. For 5 years I personally paid for a Ron Paul meetup group here in Buffalo NY. When Ron was treated as a outsider in Tampa, I switched the meetup to the next most viable candidate, Rand Paul. And I have been there ever since. Personally I would like to see a son/father ticket in 2016, RP & RP would work for me. Rands detractors on the Paul are simply not realists.

Ron Paul has made it totally

Ron Paul has made it totally clear he would not run a father/son ticket. He even called it "wierd". There is something unseemly about it, to me. It is too entwined or something.

Yes, lets have another Raegun

Rand, is not Ron don't conflate the two. Ron is Ron and just like Rand said MANY times, "I'm not my father".

Considering his education one would assume he isn't talking about looks, but about philosophy, and I don't think Rand is a liar. I think he is saying exactly what he means.

Translation - My father is extreme and not power hungry. I'm going to use what he has built with his language, and make a life for myself. These people are delusional and they need to work with the system in order to defeat it....

Hell I'll admit it, I donated to him, and I tried my hardest to promote him, and yes I'm fucking pissed about it, and ashamed. (I have extensive history at RPFs to prove this)Becuase when I told my FAMILY he was the NEXT RON PAUL -- well I looked like a fucking idiot. When you also look at the fact my family actually hated Ron Paul and only like him becuase he was not fake. They absolutely despise him now becuase they think he is causing he son to do this in order for power.


I notice.

Anytime I talk negatively about Grand Paul I get downvoted immediately. Surprise, surprise, no philosophy no argument. Rand did this to himself not me. I worked my ass off promoting him just too turn around and here from fucking romney supporters... "see told you he's not his dad, he wanted Romney". It used to make me want to crack their skulls.

Rand did that NOT ME. I didn't tell the world my love for the biggest crook of them all Mitch Mcconnell RAND DID. So please grow up.

Rand is not Ron and the more you try to push him on people the more people will begin to just not want to associate with the last name paul because the new generation is NOT the same as the last.

Rand calculated this all, with benton I'm sure.

Remember this? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/11/mitch-mcconnell-ran...

Keep in mind all of his supporters including myself, no longer could maintain the "meaninglessness of endorsements" argument. Now I can say rand has actually fund raised for this pos'.

Thank Goodness Rand is NOT Ron

2007/08 there was a tremendous amount of pressure to join the GOP. I couldn't. Family and friends did and gave me a really hard time about not loving Ron Paul enough to actually help him. I had a Meet-up, hung and made banners, it's a long list.. I refused to join the GOP. Ron lost.. Obama won (Duh).

I joined the GOP in 2011 when Ron announced his second run. I KNEW he was not going to run Indy or Libertarian..I've been both, never belonged to a major party, never voted for any candidate that won. My house, inside and out, car and clothing were Ron Paul saturated. I would do anything for Ron to win, so it made me sick, but I joined the GOP. Boy was that not what I thought it was.

Anyways.. I was selected as a national delegate for Ron and CA lost to Romney.. I had to get a committee seat to be a delegate.. I paid a lot of money to be a delegate.. I worked as a district team leader for four counties, and my county, which is a rural county, placed third in the state getting votes for Ron.. so I'm very positive about my experience in general, but I have issues.. like being on a committee you openly support the nominee.

None of this was easy.. and I got a lot of help on DP.. and I got a lot of misinformation on DP.. so it's been interesting.. none the less. about Rand's Romney endorsement.

Note I did not say Rand's endorsement FOR Romney because Rand wasn't for Romney. The GOP machine we have today has some problems, such as this needing to openly support the nominee when you have an office (and enemies who have power, that want to hurt you, and they wanted to hurt Rand, because rand is a rising star and his father a setting star). Most know what Rand did was business. It's the sucky part about politics.

Those of us in the GOP don't have an issue wioth it because we were in the same rotton boat.. and none of us, and that includes rand, would be in the GOP as we all are if not for Ron.

To me, those who hold a grudge on Rand for the Romney endorsement don't understand the rules and they don't. Most don't know parlementary law, which the constitution is based.. so people don't know how politics works.. Rand does, and for that grateful to the paul family for being on the ball.


Yes, the Randi-CON did

what was "best for the "party", best for Rombama, and best for himself. To hell with liberty, his dad, and the folks who supported his dad. He's a statist shill for the zionists and CANNOT be trusted. He joined the Dark Side.

He did, yes.

But you watch your mouth when talking about his father. He raised Rand under liberty and sure as hell isn't going to tell him what to do.

Ron HAS NEVER used us, Rand has -- and used his dad.

So please consider the forum your on. I take people bashing Ron deadly serious. He is literally the grandfather I wish I always had. He has never even so much as said something mean about other people and I would just appreciate it if you would at least recognize the facts and maybe re approach this.


did I post anything disrespecting Ron Paul??!

Didn't Ron Paul endorse Ted Cruz?

Gee wiz, I wonder what Fox News would ask Rand Paul during the presidential debates (assuming he runs) had he not endorsed Romney. "Sir, you didn't endorse Romney, you're not a team player, why should the GOP nominate you?"

I remember this being the knee jerk reaction during the election

So how did you feel when Rand and Jesse used the end of RP's campaign to basically revitalize the republican base at the expense of our ethical complaints and philosophy.

Because the argument that they (republicans) will call us back on not supporting candidates is now to be obviously false. It's like asking for acceptance form your abuser. It's almost masochistic, thinking we'll ever be accepted. For instance Rand could of absolutely crushed mcconnell and we all know it. But instead what he did was lift him up brush him off, and replace his 18 year old intern he cried about for weeks. (literally google it)

We are stuck with the question..

Which is the lessor of two evils? An evil guy or Rand a man that endorsed evil (Romney). We are all expected to trust that he did not really endorse Romney and that he was playing the politics game.

What people on the outside will see is a flip flopper. That is how the media will portry him. He is against the NDAA but he is for a candidate that is for it. Rand gave his detractors this ammo.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Fact is, both men are evil.

But which one is related to the icon of liberty and which one used that against the very people he was supposedly "going to free".

People give Rand way too much credit. All his dad did was say no, how hard is it too follow up to that. Afterall that is what brought us here. But of course RP folks are the smartest so I'm sure that RP was just a one off and Rand has it all in the bag.

After he wins a dream election in a dream world, he will stop acting. LOL

How many times are we going to be fooled by this. Reminds me of the "secret delegate" strategy all over again.

Come 2016 the media will make rand into hitler incarnate. Thinking otherwise is literally yelling at the clouds in the midst of all the evidence.

What really pisses me off, is what better time to "come out" than when the country is begging for it.

he quotes edward snowden

and yet thinks he should do a few years jail time.

Great video

I love it when people show Rand's actions. Those who have payed attention rightfully remember his deplorable actions. I would rather support someone like Ron who didn't compromise his principles constantly. I have yet to donate to Rand for this reason. I always chipped in on Ron's fundraising. I don't care if a true liberty candidate is a long shot, I don't see how constantly selling out is going to be the way.
Ron's message and longstanding courage still is inspiring and teaching many people. Who can really get behind someone who, as you can see in the video, is very inconsistent at best?
To those who say he is just playing the game for now, I still don't trust him. As crazy as it is, we still know there are others behind the scenes who hold no office. If he became president, others would not allow him to stop serving their needs. Even in that position, it would be difficult for him to spread libertarian and constitutional concepts if he has been a sell out.
As Rand says himself, we should not vote for the lesser of two evils.



Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Must

Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Must Take Strong Action Against Putin’s Aggression http://time.com/17648/sen-rand-paul-u-s-must-take-strong-act...

Economic sanctions and visa bans should be imposed and enforced without delay. I would urge our European allies to leverage their considerable weight with Russia and take the lead on imposing these penalties. I would do everything in my power to aggressively market and export America’s vast natural gas resources to Europe. ................... I would support immediate construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

RP R3VOLution

Great Video!

I'll be sure to show everyone!

The question is, can people take their blinders off to look at it?

He's a Flipp Flopper just like Romney. I see why he endorsed him.

You've got my up vote!

Says the professional politician......

You ever play chess?

me thinks

checkers is more his game.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

trying to belittle

anyone who doesn't agree with you looks to be your MO.
that actually says a lot.

If you take a quip

as belittlement I understand why you don't quite get politics.

You also seem to have a penchant for following me around and trying down every one of my posts. I think that says quite a lot about your character.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

oh heaven

forbid we visit two of the same threads. you don't really think i'm following you around? perhaps you'd care to prove that? no, i didn't think so.

yes, everyone who disagrees with you is too dumb to play chess, or understand politics or has a shady character. i see that i'm not alone. you seem to have a penchant for being disagreeable with more than just me. wonder why that is? you MUST be right eh?

i have news for you verrater. the world doesn't revolve around you and your opinions.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Why did you tag this as a DP Original, jawa?

Haven't we had this conversation before?


He's the man.

I can't even listen to this.

Ever hear of political theory?
My wife told me she had a course in college where they talked about campaigning vs governing.
Whatever they promise turns out to be the opposite of what they do.

Sounds pretty familiar to me.

President Pinocchio had a platform many conservatives and libertarians could have voted for if they couldn't research his background.

Anything that was pro liberty and pro small government and anti debt was a lie in the end.

SteveMT's picture

Political expediency always leaves a clear trail to exploit.

I wish that the apolitical purity of Ron Paul had made a bigger impression on Rand. Had Rand maintained Ron Paul's way of apolitical purity, perhaps Rand would still be as far as he is now politically, or perhaps not. He certainly would not have the political baggage of this hit piece to try and justify had he not endorsed Romney (and also now McConnell). It remains to be seen whether Rand's maneuvering will amount to tangible gain.

Both of these political endorsements are like black eyes for Rand and his defending continued aid to Israel is like a punch to the gut or lower. They will be looked upon as the biggest mistakes in Rand's political career, IMO. None of them are the stuff that generate the necessary enthusiasm to create political movements. If you want to start a political movement, then it's best to start with uncompromising idealism.

How would you run as a candidate?

Personally I would run as anything that got me the votes and elected. Then I would do whatever I felt was right. I have an idea of one day running for mayor. I would make millions of wonderful promises, say all of the wonderful phrases, kiss all of the babies, shake all of the hands...I would play the game. But once I won, I would act based off of my principles. If I were to get enough councilmen on my side, I would shut the municipality down, sell everything it owns, and put it into infrastructure. One day I will do it...and it will be soo fun.

Then you are

exacly like the crooks and thugs running us now.

SteveMT's picture

How would the people know who to vote for?

You are saying: Do whatever it takes to get elected. Then do whatever you want later.

That is what we have now, a bunch of lying politicians. In addition, these elected people all swear to follow and uphold the Constitution. That's lies upon lies.

Aren't we all here because of Ron Paul, someone who did just the opposite of what you say you would do?