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Sandy Hook Shocker: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre

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I don't know...

...about this vid. What I do know is that I have never heard of an incident in America where children died in someone else's custody and that party did not get sued. If someone can explain to me how this many parents feel that their children recieved adequate protection, but died anyway, then maybe... just maybe I can start to contemplate some of this other stuff. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that no parents place any blame on the school.

I guess I'm not alone


This was explained shortly after the incident. There was (of course) a discussion on Daily Paul.

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You look dumb when you post

You look dumb when you post this garbage. Do you know how massive the scope would have to be to have a false flag like this? Do you not understand how many people would have to be involved and what the odds were that they could all keep that a secret other than some sketchy pic date data that means nothing? I work on a thin client from home and my date and time are 7 days off and it has simply never been fixed by corporate, so there's no smoking gun here.

That's not to say there's no conspiracies, there certainly are, but this isn't one of them. If I didn't know better I would say the gov pays their trolls to stir these conspiracies online to create massive background noise that hides the real conspiracies.

If you believe no one was ever shot at Sandy Hook, PM me for a great deal on a NY bridge.

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If you work on a thin client and your time is off by more than a

few minutes, then you're not using certificates. This is a vulnerability and a risk. Which seems surprising; my understanding is that they gave you a thin client (instead of a real machine) to reduce security risks!

I voted you down, for personal insults. Please see http://dailypaul.com/guide; you have violated #5, and possibly #7.

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"Do you not understand how

"Do you not understand how many people would have to be involved and what the odds were that they could all keep that a secret...?"

911 was a much bigger operation, much more complex, and people still don't know what the hell really happened on that day.

How do major operations stay secret?

It's called compartmentalization.

For example, just think of the Manhattan Project. The mission to build the world's first nuclear bomb was compartmentalized. Most people involved had no idea what they were involved in, and the operation was spread out over the country with each component of the operation performing a specific task.

Tonawanda, New York and Linde Air Corporation's specific task was to refine uranium.


Unknown to our community, in complete secrecy, U.S. Army General Leslie Groves was frantically pushing Linde / Union Carbide to increase it’s efforts of refining uranium for the atomic bomb Manhatten Project.

Huge amounts of uranium ore were under darkness shipped into Tonawanda’s Linde Air facility.

----------- Full article linked above.

If our government can keep 911 and the Manhattan Project a secret, Sandy Hook is small beans in comparison.

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But wouldn't one of the basic principles of compartmentalization be that if you're going to stage a mass murder, you don't give the Associated Press photos of future events before those events happen? It just makes no sense.

Plus, one of the photos is of a prayer vigil which local news reported did actually happen, after the shootings. So what's the theory? They staged a fake prayer vigil two years before the fake shootings at a mock-up of that Methodist church, and took photos of it, then there was a real prayer vigil after the shootings at the actual Methodist church, but they used the fake photos from two years prior? Or the shooting was fake and the prayer vigils afterward didn't happen either, and there was also a conspiracy to get stories about non-existent vigils into the papers?

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You are right about the compartmentalization.

Another example of this are the Apollo moon landings. All of the NASA evidence has been debunked by Jarrah White and others. It never happened.

Jay Weidner a

huge follower of Stanley Kubrick, believes Kubrick created the photos for the moon landing. They had to make the Russians believe they were ahead of them in the space war. Looks like now the Russians won out, since we no longer have a space program. When you don't owe any debt to the Rothschild Bankster Cabal, your able to continue to spend money on these projects. Ever read about the Russians hypersonic Sunburn missle systems? The Ruskys are advertising them at Mach 2, but military intel believes they go between 7000-9000 mph, which we can't stop. They say we are far behind on these technologies, due to wasting money on the 'war on terror' or 'world conquest for the Banksters', instead of focusing on our National Defense.

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Not only speed w/the Sunburn, but maneuverability.

Pretty devastating weapon against anything within 100 miles.

Getting back to the moon, Weidner's documentary showed that "front screen projection" was used to film all of moon sequences and that technique was perfected by Kubrick in 2001: a space odyssey. The film came out one year before Apollo 11. Once you understand the trick and what was done, all of the moon footage becomes a bad joke.

I'm glad that I'm not alone about this moon hoax conspiracy theory. You've been here longer than me. Jarrah's videos are awesome, too. The lunar tracks that simply disappear especially.

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Why only 2,220 views since it was posted on 1/5/14?

This info shouldn't be one of the best kept secrets on the web. It should have gone viral when it was posted. It's not too late to get it out now.

Shared of FB

But what if I tell you that we have evidence of pre-dated Sandy Hook photos from none other than the venerable Associated Press? And that we’re not talking about one or two, but LOTS of photos? Nor is this about photos predated by a few days, but by MONTHS and YEARS?

Would you still say, “Pfft. It’s just a computer glitch”?

Are you ready?

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IDK man

That whole deal felt so far fetched,and an out and out lie from the get go
It appeared to me as more of a play,completely rehearsed,with pictures
added from a fire drill

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.