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Tell all your friends to watch the debate tonight. on CNN. 9 pm.

I get the sense that alot of us are excited about the debate tonight - Whether you feel optimistic or pessimistic, I think we all realize that this could be a major turning point... The debate, Maine, anniversary bomb, Super Tuesday, delegates, etc...

Hopefully Carol put our Good Doctor to bed early and got him a good breakfast. Hopefully he experiences the fervent love of his family, friends, and fans. Hopefully his mind will be well rested and ready to go for the debate tonight. I'd like to see him destroy that troll, McCain.

I urge you - that each of us should tell as many people as possible to watch the debate tonight on CNN, 9pm. It will be exponential exposure for Dr. Paul - You could talk about how great his ideas are, or how much the old-media ignores him - both are true.

Just point people to the debate, and let it happen.

I'm watching it w/ my parents - and telling all my facebook friends to watch it, and also emailing/messaging/telling whoever's around.


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CNN is censoring

They don't even show Dr Paul in the debate ad.

He Knows How to Pace Himself

I'm sure the others can't have gotten much sleep. Stayed up late to talk on TV, flew to California, maybe sleep on the plane.

We'll give Ron Paul a hearty welcome here in Southern California and make sure he's fired up. The others will have to face the press.


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Thanks S. California.

Thanks for supporting our Good Doctor.

I agree, this is the most important debate so far.

I hope Paul pisses off Mccain and watch Mccain's head explode.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi