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'Legalize It' lol

Went to the 'Stop The Lies - Legalize' Facebook page and posted, "Decriminalize, not legalize."

The post was gone in less than five minutes.


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What happens when you 'legalize' non right infringing behavior?

You have simply placed the behavior under the authority of the Gov't. You have made the practice (owning, selling, possessing) a privilege. You have lost another Right as specified under the 9th Amendment.

One can infringe upon another by forcing them to smoke it or ingest it, or perhaps stealing it, but the use cannot be said to be criminal.

Non-Right infringing behavior cannot be criminal, how can it?

I can't stand the term 'legal', it means under Gov't Authority. It places Gov't above those who give it power. Which is ridiculous.

We need a Ninth Amendment Center to remind Americans of the THOUSANDS of Rights our Gov't ignores.

The term 'decriminalize' is confusing in this context

It has been used to refer to places that have reduced penalties for Marijuana possession. Ohio is considered 'decriminalized' but possession of less than 100g is a minor misdemeanor.


Being a Cali grower for so long I see a difference between the

two. Yes you can get fined if it is decriminalized BUT if it is simply legalized ( states legalize for medical reasons and not decriminalize ) and you are without a card you will be held and arrested for a felony or worse depending on the amount on hand.

My personal opinion doesn't exactly matter as it is just words BUT having a set amount decriminalized allows you to get a fine versus real deal jail time like what happens to those in so called med friendly states who decided to NOT get a card.

I had the legal right to grow over 90 plants and have 5 pounds on me at any one time. That is a decent amount but if I were to get caught with that without that $100 med card I would be doing some serious jail time as well as if a set amount was decriminalized.

I like the term decriminalized better than legalized because it brings it closer to be treated like any other plant out there. No matter what though if you pee dirty for a job you get fired no matter the term and if you get in an accident and they test you and find herb in your system ( it can stay for a month even if you weren't high while driving )you will get in trouble with or without a card as well as whether it was legalized or decriminalized.

I am just sick of people who really think marijuana is some evil drug even though many who hate it pop pills on a daily basis and actually addicted to them. Herb I can smoke it all day every day and then stop and be totally fine, try and do that as a cig smoker or pill popper.

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"De-criminalize" or "legalize"... doesn't matter, just words...

Not worth arguing about.

What DOES matter, is the EXACT written wording of any law or proposed law that would "legalize" or "decriminalize" the recreational use, production, sale, transportation, etc., of cannabis.


The proposed law should NEVER say, for example; "Marijuana/Cannabis is hereby legalized".

Nor should it say; "Marijuana is hereby decriminalized".

That leaves the terms open to all kinds of interpretation.

In CT, less than 1/2 ounce is "de-criminalized", yet you still get a $100 fine and people are STILL getting arrested and jailed DESPITE the law, don't ask me how...

In Uruguay, they allegedly "legalized" marijuana. Except they didn't. They legalized a specific method by which an individual citizen can purchase a limited amount of marijuana from a specially government licensed producer. THAT PROCESS is what was legalized!

An example of a good marijuana legalization/de-criminalization law would be worded something like; "All laws prohibiting the use, production, cultivation, transportation, distribution, sale (etc.), of all marijuana/cannabis plants, strains, and products are herby repealed."

Or.. "The use, production, cultivation, transportation, distribution, sale (etc.), of all marijuana/cannabis plant and marijuana/cannabis products is hereby declared lawful and legal, and any laws prohibiting the use, cultivation, transportation, distribution, sale, are hereby declared null and void."

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

What do you mean?

I don't understand your question...

"Include the state"?

But I read the article and what the author is putting out makes no sense. He is literally defining the term "legalization" as necessarily including 'taxation'. He then claims 'decriminalization' simply removes criminal penalties. He is only demonstrating his ignorance of the legal system. As I said, in the state of CT, possession of less than 1/2 ounce has been 'decriminalized'. Yet it remains a 'violation'. So there are still penalties under the law. And that CT law is written so poorly that people are still getting arrested for small amounts based on technicalities.

As I said, what ACTUALLY MATTERS, is the written law itself, which will determines whether the Po-Po, in their mind, can assault you, kidnap you and rob you or not.

Please, don't even bother with the divisive stuff that guy was pushing. 'Decriminalization' or 'legalization' laws, in actual reality, often include taxation, and all kinds of other stipulations. The label doesn't matter, only the substance of the law. All that matters is the proposed written law, that's what should be concentrated on.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I mean

the opposite of criminalize.

The state should have no more to say about it than if it was a rose bush.

Mr. Grossman,
Why was my post @ ‎'Stop the Lies, Legalize' deleted, as well as your responses to me?

Do I run 'Stop the lies, Legalize'? No...

I have no idea how or why your posts on another site were deleted.

Like it or not, the 'state' can send goons to arrest you based upon the words they write down on pieces of paper, called "laws".

That is what the entire "legalize/decriminalize" marijuana movement is about. Getting those laws changed/omitted.

It is quite obvious that I agree with you that the state has no constitutional basis or legitimate reason for restricting the use of cannabis by any individual.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

My bad

I should've noted the question as rhetorical.