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Slim Jim Help

I have finshed looking up Campaign Contributions across the board in my area. Only one person in my area has donated to anyone and that was for hillary. It tells me that quite a few people may not really be that interested in the whole political process where I live.

With that being said. My printer is shot and I'm broke as hell. Does anyone have Slim Jims that they can part with? I can gaurantee that I will get them out. I'll walk my happy ass off everyday after work and on the weekends. I just don't have $$$ to buy what I need to cover my area. I haven't seen a yard sign or one piece of literature in this area for anybody.

If it can't be done it can't be done and I understand. I will buy some when the $$$ comes in but I don't think my area needs to wait that long.

Thanks for your help.

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still laughing at myself...

I was reading threads on this site for some time before I figured out that the slim jims that people mentioned were info flyers for RP, not the oh-so-tasty meat treats available at finer truck stops everywhere. I couldn't figure out why people were handing out beef jerky to strangers to get them to look into Dr. Paul. What was the philosophical connection to the campaign? Why were people offering to ship boxes of these meat sticks to others across the country? Because of an apparent shortage of them in their locale? I never read about a Slim Jim shortage anywhere. It perplexed me to no end. Then suddenly, the forehead slapping realization came, like sunlight through the clouds. Doh!

The good Doc is truely an educator!

"The wise speak only of what they know."
J.R.R. Tolkien


That was the funniest thing I have EVER read on here.

I have some....Please Contact Me

tgandee@myhelio.com and I can ship them to you. I live in Northeastern Ohio so we could even meet up. I will be doing Call for Paul over the weekend, but I have plenty slim jims left over.


You can get all the slim jims you can use from RonPaulRecycling.com. These are free to people in states which have not yet held their Republican primary. I also invite those of you in past primary states to post your leftover supplies for others to use.

Note: We are no longer shipping to the March 4 primary states of Texas, Vermont, Ohio and Rhode Island as there is not time to get supplies there before their primaries.

Outside of the March 4 states, there are only 10 states left to hold their primaries. Let's funnel all of our reusable supplies to those states. Requests are coming in faster than we can fill them, but if everyone adds their unused supplies there should be enough for everyone.

Richard Church

Make a chip

Where are you located?

Where are you located?

Saltillo, MS

Saltillo, MS about 12 miles north of Tupelo, MS

Our Primaries are on March 11, 2008

Post your mailing address and I will send some stuff your way!

Post your mailing address and I will send some stuff your way!

Mailing address

I just sent you a private message with my mailing address. Thanks very much for the support....



RE: Ditto

I just sent you a private message with my mailing address. Thanks very much for the support....