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GOP in Crisis at CPAC 2014 - Interview with Ben Swann

By Abby Martin on March 12, 2014 in News



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The big L libertarians that Ben speaks of seem to

have the notion that the dumb down American masses (square peg) will somehow accept with open arms complete libertarian /anarchist ideologies (round hole) if they somehow just listen to the perfect candidate. These big L libertarians need to heed Ron Paul's analogy that educating the masses in this country about liberty & freedom is like trying to turn an aircraft carrier. Rand is heeding his father's advise.IMO

Ron Swanson

Wow she is smiling so hard at

Wow she is smiling so hard at 6:50
a little over exited i guess. Or maybe just right...

Awesome Ben Swann!!!

What a gifted speaker!
The three factions of the GOP was a good example.


Abby Martin = Multiple

Abby Martin = Multiple personality disorder.


how does it feel to side with the neocons and nytimes in bashing AM?

are you still butt hurt that she outed rand as an authoritarian jerk?

she's the anti-rachel maddow, and i'll take any of her personalities over corporate/admin shill maddow.

SteveMT's picture

Be careful when someone says "I'm with you, except for..."

That is reason for concern.

Kinda like

law enforcement officers who start out with, I'm all for the 2nd amendment, can I see an ID?

only if you demand

that everyone agrees with you on everything, like i've experienced here from a couple of folks. absolute, either/or thinking i find a reason for concern, or at least a huge turn off.

How does it feel to

be a psycho having a conversation with yourself on external speaker?

it depends

on the conversation.