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Yes You Can Get Out Of Obamacare!

They didn't want to advertise it, but ObamaCare is now essentially "optional" if you received a cancellation notice in the mail and can prove it.

And here is the form you fill out to get out of this mess:

From the document: "You received a notice saying that your current health insurance plan is being cancelled, and you consider the other plans available unaffordable."

UPDATE and caveat: It appears that if one pursues this avenue to escape from the ObamaCare mandate, one will be shoved into a "Catastrophic Care Plan", which might actually be worse than the plan you lost! Buyer beware!

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Why opt out?

Now that it's in, at least for the time being, you might as well get in if you qualify and take advantage of the subsidies.

I assume this has to be done every year.

I didn't see any time limit on the exemptions but I doubt it is a one time thing. But I see no reason you can't just be late on a utility every year so you can get a shut off notice and claim exemption #3.

I still think this smells. Like a trap to set a precedence of compliance.

This category of exemption has to be approved ahead of time so you can include your "Exemption Certificate Number" on your return. But it does say, "You may apply for certain other categories of exemptions when you file your federal income tax return."

Does anyone have the low down on what these other exemptions are?

A caveat to using this

A caveat to using this "opt-out" that I have discovered... it appears one would only be eligible for "catastrophic coverage", so a person cannot actually keep their old plan.

This may change a person's decision to go this route.

There are alternatives:

Liberty HealthShare
TOLL FREE: (855) 585-4237

A nice alternative for

A nice alternative for Christians, but no so much for atheists and agnostics, right?

Anyone can join.

You don't have to be a "Christian". It does help if you believe in libertarian principles, however.


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Thank you for posting.

Thank you for posting.

A useful thread.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You can also opt out with a utilities "shut-off" notice.

I have already got mine.


Could you elaborate on this?

Could you elaborate on this?

It's right there

I am curious how many here

I am curious how many here actually received a cancellation notice from their health care provider?

Sadly, here's how most folks will escape Obamacare

Yeah, but I'm still screwed

The plans I wanted are no longer available. Now what?

I only want major medical - high deductible. My plan and others like it are no longer available.

While I may be able to get "out" of Obamacare, I can't get away from it.

Yes, unfortunately in order

Yes, unfortunately in order to comply with the ObamaCare monstrosity huge swaths of plan options were dropped. Health Savings Accounts were one option that made a lot of sense for those who were savers and had funds available for this option. Now gone.

How are HSA's gone? My

How are HSA's gone?

My company is still supporting one in NYS... I like it a lot.

Really? They were

Really? They were unceremoniously dropped in California...unless I've been duped by my heath insurance provider into thinking I had no options in that area.

What if

you don't have health insurance and you don't want it.

How do you get out of that?

Join an indian tribe

Join an indian tribe

Southern Agrarian

In your case, I believe the

In your case, I believe the tax penalty will apply. If I can find some kind of loophole, I'll post it, but I think you're out of luck for now.

Exemption or not

I still ain't paying into a system I don't trust, want or need.

If their is not a suitable exemption choice when the time comes, I will either write "Exempt by the 1st Amendment to the constitution." or I will quit filing all together.

This thread specifically

This thread specifically applies to the millions (including myself) who received a cancellation notice.

That's not what the guy just asked.


He posted a statement, or

He posted a statement, or position. Not a question. :)

Not that it matters but

"How do you get out of that?" is a question dude. I was answering/commenting on his question.

Why are you so defensive?

The fact is that it makes no sense to the tax code and it will be short lived at best or the mandate will collapse all together.

Like I said below, I am hoping for the whole thing to collapse under its own weight but until then I still will not comply.

You responded to my response

You responded to my response to this original post: "I still ain't paying into a system I don't trust, want or need.

If their is not a suitable exemption choice when the time comes, I will either write "Exempt by the 1st Amendment to the constitution." or I will quit filing all together."

This was my response: "In your case, I believe the tax penalty will apply. If I can find some kind of loophole, I'll post it, but I think you're out of luck for now."

In other words, you posted your comment in the wrong place or did not realize I had responded to the question. Thanks anyway.

Wow man.

You are some confused. "He" posted "What If". I posted "Exemption or not." You posted "This thread specifically". I posted "That's not what "the guy" asked: Then you said "He" (meaning third person) posted a statement" I said no "He" asked a question.

I am the one who made the statement of not submitting. "He" asked a question. I did not respond to your response to "HIS" question. I responded to "him" and you responded to me.

I'm guessing you are viewing

I'm guessing you are viewing the thread by highest vote or some other sort order, so in that case, you'd be viewing posts out of their actual order.


Every response is in a smaller box than the one being responded to. It is easy to see the sequence. Number of views or votes doesn't compute.

It's not like it's that important. I think we both know who we were responding to now. I forgive you.


One thing I have found about our system

It may be corrupt but it is consistent when it comes to tax collection. Although the tax code is difficult it always makes "sense" in the end.

This makes no sense at all. Basically it says if you had insurance and lost it then you don't have to get it but if you didn't have it in the first place then you do have to get it under penalty.

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Either they will "fix" this error and you will lose your exemption or Obamacare WILL crumble under its own bureaucratic weight.

I hope for the latter. Of course.

Makes sense?

There's a *lot* about the tax code that doesn't make sense to me.

This exemption is broader than you're describing though. Basically if you can make a case that getting the coverage would be a "hardship" in any way, you can be exempt. Look at the page that lists the fourteen categories. Some are ways you can prove "hardship" with documentation, which makes it easy for them to screen those applications. But #14 is just "You experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance" and documentation is only needed "if possible."

So if you didn't have insurance, and have some kind of hardship that you can explain in the box provided, you can get the exemption. Presumably "do not want" isn't going to be viewed as a hardship, and I think putting something flippant or untrue there would be unwise. But otherwise it appears to be just a matter of coming up with something that would fall under the general category of "hardship," and for which no documentation is possible.