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Yes You Can Get Out Of Obamacare!

They didn't want to advertise it, but ObamaCare is now essentially "optional" if you received a cancellation notice in the mail and can prove it.


And here is the form you fill out to get out of this mess:


From the document: "You received a notice saying that your current health insurance plan is being cancelled, and you consider the other plans available unaffordable."

UPDATE and caveat: It appears that if one pursues this avenue to escape from the ObamaCare mandate, one will be shoved into a "Catastrophic Care Plan", which might actually be worse than the plan you lost! Buyer beware!

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And that doesn't make sense.

If you can't afford insurance then you can get it completely or partly subsidized by the government to eliminate the "hardship". So most of the "hardships" don't compute since if you are in such financial straits it is subsidized.

And what does domestic abuse or the recent death of a family member have to do with anything? Or what does it matter if you lost insurance and find the replacement "unaffordable" and how is that different than if you just find insurance unaffordable period.

I'm just saying that none of this makes sense and I fear it is just salve for future precedence or something.

Kinda like the fine/tax for not complying. It starts at $95 or 1% which ever is higher. It goes up each year afterwards. If you pay the fine at first then you set a precedence, so in subsequent years when the fine is ridiculously high then you are stuck because you have already legitimized the fine by paying it in the first place.

Exactly. This is an "easy

Exactly. This is an "easy out" for anyone taking advantage of this new loophole, which will remain hush-hush to the general public, because once the wider public finds out, they might demand the same option.

This change makes "political

This change makes "political sense" (I know, it's an oxymoron). It's a blatant attempt to escape political responsibility for the "if you like your plan you can keep it" fiasco.