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Becoming a Precinct Leader

I'd love to be a precinct leader here in city. I am in Kentucky and the primary is pretty far off. (in May) I'd like to go ahead and get a head start on this and start campaigning for RP.

However, I missed my party change deadline and I'm still a democrat and I don't think I can even vote for RP myself. I will say that, from what I've seen, the state of Kentucky has been painted in Ron Paul. I havent seen one other candidates name other than Ron Paul on signs and bumper stickers. I am from Bowling Green, Ky and I recently went back there to visit and the whole town is Ron Paul country. That may be due to the fact that Rand Paul practices medicine in BG and the local universitys pledged support to Dr. Paul.

Will me being a registered democrat allow me to be a precinct leader in my town? I know thats a dumb question... Also, I want to start in 3rd week of Feb. Do you think that give me enough time to cover my precinct?

Thanks guys. RP '08!