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Gluten-free testimony!

I’m in the final stages of treatment for the “assumed” condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Regardless of all blood tests coming up negative for inflammatory or arthritic factors, all x-rays and MRI rendering no arthritic abnormalities, it has been pinned on my family history, rather let me say my family’s history of treatment under the watch of Big Medicine that has been the continued culprit that finds my treatment to the default of pharmaceuticals (which I will not take). The last few months I have been dealing with something I have been little able to define, but I have refused the traditional treatment of a condition that is unsure and uncertain. I have realized that it would be detrimental to my health if I were to comply with traditional remedies at this point and regardless of compliance, I have already subjected my body to enough shit in the past to be wary of allowing it again.

As of almost eight weeks ago, I chose to alter my diet in order to challenge the complications I had been experiencing over the last several months. I chose to subtract Gluten from my diet as I have read several reports/studies that have linked joint swelling/pain and many other issues to the diet of someone who is Non-Celiac Gluten-intolerant/sensitive. In the last four weeks my pain and feeling of swollen joints has reduced 80%-90% and the pain that does affect me almost always occurs in the fingers/hands in certain areas. My job requires me to type most of the day and the effects are normally felt as the night comes to an end, rather after I have ceased to use them under the same demand. I have a greater clarity of mind, a lesser strain and irritation of my eyes, not to mention lesser dryness, a greater sense of capacity for learning and a renewed sense of hope of all things.

My elbow is actually an old injury that caused a decent size portion of the cartilage between my upper and lower arm to erode/detach, leaving a void and invitation for the onset of fluid buildup and inflammation. Just yesterday I had what will be my final appointment for treatment and I would like to share what my Rheumatologist shared with me regarding Gluten and the effects of Gluten to those who are intolerant. I was going in primarily to get my elbow drained, which has been restricted to full motion and in pain since November 2013. It was enough for me that there was absolutely no fluid in my elbow (which meant no arthritic inflammation/factor) to send me into euphoria. The Rheumatologist basically told me to “stick with my dietary change” and gave even more fuel to me for doing so by what he told me next.

Without any specifics conveyed to me he told me that he had attended a conference two weeks ago. One of the key speakers was another Rheumatologist who had been for some time upon initial consultation with new patients directing them to immediately cut out Gluten from their diets. Let me say from experience this isn’t a necessarily easy thing to do. I have been Vegan for 3 years so I was possibly a little more determined and ready to make another drastic change in my diet. However, at 35 years of age I am willing and stubbornly so to take any natural measure over traditional medicine to remedy a condition I’ve dealt with since the age of five. Apparently this Rheumatologist has around 800 patients that have received this initial treatment option and due to the success and relief his patients are getting from this dietary change, he will be writing/publishing a book with regards to administration of a Gluten-free diet for those afflicted with [arthritic] conditions. I was floored!

I could tell my Rheumatologist was somewhat enlightened as to the possible efficacy of this remedy and the fact that I had been relieved of almost all arthritic effects since cutting Gluten out of my diet added even more fuel to stoke the fires of alternatives for those suffering from arthritis in general. I am CONVINCED that my remission is due to this dietary change. I do not know if such a remedy will help all suffering from arthritis, but I do know it is about to become much more discussed in the circles of Rheumatology. I would like to think that my self-administering of this remedy will serve to change the tenants of modern arthritic remedies and point out that there is so much we have yet to understand about our own bodies. I share this with you all in order to possibly help one other person.

Peace and Love always...

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I read Wheat Belly a couple

I read Wheat Belly a couple of years ago after hearing Bill O'Reilly mention it at the end of his show. I know, probably the only good thing to come out of me watching O'Reilly! Wow! Quitting gluten was hard, but what a difference it made! My knees used to kill me and had gotten so bad that sometimes I barely could get up stairs! I had gotten to where I functioned largely bending my knees only when absolutely necessary. Also, I had heartburn EVERY DAY! I had gotten to where I was eating Rollaids like candy (just like my brother who now takes the "purple pill"). Quitting gluten gave me massive improvements inside of a week! Immediately NO HEARTBURN and my knees feel 90% perfect! As it is today, I avoid most gluten, no bun with burgers, etc. NO bread, toast, etc., though I do have my occasional flour tortilla or biscuits and gravy, cookie. or occasional pizza. Tough to give it ALL up! I eat 2-3 pieces of fruit with breakfast instead of bread. Need to get the religion again! Also noticed an increase in my cognitive abilities and emotional stability! Really quite amazing!

About a year ago, my dad told me that my uncle had colon cancer, which is common in our family. Also, I remember my aunt has rheumatoid arthritis and has since she was young. I wonder if both of these conditions could be alleviated by cutting out gluten.

I've reserved a book called Grain Brain which I think I originally heard of on this site! Again, gotta get the religion! ;) I understand the main gist of the book to be that many degenerative diseases as we get older, even Alzheimer's, are caused by gluten and excessive carbs. It sounds compelling!

Time to get my act together and live to be 115! ;)

I too read Wheat Belly about a year ago, and then Grain Brain.

I started out by basically following the Atkins induction phase which was very low in carbs but also high in protein. I early on in the diet ate no sugar, wheat or other grains, nuts, or fruit. I just ate meat (mostly steaks and pork chops), a few green leafy vegetables, Atkin's shakes, and a little cheese. I also took numerous vitamin and mineral supplements.

I became more and more interested and read all I could plus watched related Utube videos. I concluded that a ketogenic diet which is 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs would be healthier for me, plus yield quicker weight loss. In the process of upping my fat intake I added in coconut oil, butter, cream, bacon, eggs, limited nuts, and the brain friendly supplements recommended in Grain Brain, but reduced my high meat intake to keep my protein levels at about 20%.

I avoided fats from seed oils with the exception of flax seed oil which has more omega 3 than omega 6. It seems fairly clear to me that there is no cause/effect connection between saturated fats, or mono-saturated fats and disease of any kind, but there is connection between excess omega 6 oil consumption and a number of diseases.

It looks to me that inadequate fat intake and excessive carb intake contribute significantly to the obesity problem and a host of metabolic and neurological diseases.

The result has been going from 240 lbs down to 170 with ease. I am more focused, more energetic, and some neurological symptoms I was developing have almost completely disappeared.

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Thank you for the testimony

I love to hear it.

I gave up wheat at the beginning of the year, then stumbled at the end of February, into now. I went out to breakfast an had some French toast. It was like crack, and started me on a two week bender. There is a little section in Wheat Belly titled something like, "I ate one cookie and I gained 30 pounds!"

It wasn't quite that bad for me, but I do notice the effects. For me the symptoms are bloating, brain fog and the flipping back on of the glucose switch, i.e. an insatiable desire to eat more and more.

BTW, I think I was the first one to mention Grain Brain on here. Here is a link to the book, so it will show up on the bookshelf, for others to see:


And Wheat Belly.


Thank you again and keep up the good work.

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What I wouldn't give for a

What I wouldn't give for a cookie! I started the gluten free diet about a month ago. So far so good but there are times when I find myself pacing my kitchen back and forth repeating the phrase "I just want a cookie!" " why can't I just have a cookie?". It is like crack.

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Gluten free cookies!

Trader Joes makes some excellent - and I mean excellent gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

If there is no TJ's in your neck of the woods, Amazon has a decent selection, though I can't say I've ever tried any:


And while I've never tried, it I have a feeling that this is good!

Not that I want to get you started on these kinds of snacks! But every once in a while, for a treat...

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Eat a tsp of coconut oil.

Eat a tsp of coconut oil. That might help.

also, a handful of

RAW walnuts takes edge off of craves..





I don't think I would like

I don't think I would like the texture.

I've started cooking with

I've started cooking with coconut oil. Also, I rub some on my husbands head to see if it will help with hair loss.


One of my favorite is made with two eggs whites and almond paste sugar.. makes a nice crispy almond cookie.. but meringues are pretty easy to make.. you can add chocolate chips, nuts, candied fruit or ginger... coconut.. flavorings.. lemon

I will try that!

I will try that!

How long have you been a vegan? or a vegatarian?

(you mention 3 years, but I suspect you have been a vegetarian, for longer)??

I've actually been Vegan

for 34 months (wrong on the time), but a year or more prior I had converted to Vegetarianism.

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On a side note, yet no less

On a side note, yet no less important, the last time I had a severe flare-up of this “supposed” rheumatic arthritis was in 2006. I was off work for over a month with severe swelling in both knees, which both had to be drained on three separate occasions before subsiding. Looking back I believe this to have been a toxic inflammatory event as I was heavily eating any number of gluten-comprised foods and was still heavy into eating meats/dairy. My whole life I have questioned the “diagnosis” given by numerous doctors and it hasn’t been until the last few years that I’ve begun to realize that these “diagnoses”, as even from the mouths of such doctors themselves, is utter and speculative nonsense. I have made the choice to no longer be the victim I’ve witnessed in those I know or love. Instead, my choice is clear: no pharmaceuticals/medications, scrutinize everything I’m told and refuse to be a victim for my own negligence and lack of research. I can confidently say that medicine WILL change with regard to this issue and it definitely will not be the last change it will see.

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2.5 years GF for me

I had (mostly) quit eating wheat a little over ten years ago, and noticed my knee pain disappeared. A rash on my face also went away. While reading a book called "Healthier without wheat" I discovered that rash was probably related to Celiac disease, and quit all gluten. Before that I'd mostly quit wheat but was eating spelt and rye on a fairly regular basis.

I wish I'd have quit the gluten years ago, but better late than never. It's not always easy, but definitely worth it. My eyesight has improved, especially my night vision. A rash I had on the back of my arms since I was in my teens went away. My hair is no longer thinning, and is much thicker. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new-found health!

Thank you for sharing

this with us, I have a friend who could use this information. Wonderful to get some good news for a change, thanks.

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Just found this guy last

Just found this guy last night. I haven't watched this one in particular but I fell asleep to an amazing talk on another video I was listening to, and it was so good, it gave me confidence that no matter what I click of his, its going to be good. So I typed arthritis and came up with this.

Any way one of the lesser things I heard is that the disease doesn't exist (insert malady Here) it is the body's response to toxic circumstances). I saw how many videos he had on his channel and how specific he is and looked at the comments.

I was impressed enough to do a search on his channel through his topics to find this. Even thought you are winning your battle, I have good faith he will take your assumed arthritic condition and explain what the doctors are doing and what is really going on in some fashion

You may want to bookmark him since he explains in so much detail, gives confirmation, and deep understanding from a medical perspective. You can either search his videos or even pass it along as activism. I heard him say that he finds that doctors watch his material and figure things out.


Ive been Pain free

2ish years now, since going to the paleo diet. I had the same BS autoimmune disorders only they called it "reactive arthritis" or "CRPS" "RSD" ect... spent years in bed with debilitating pain(also well over a year combined inpatient for pain control in hospitals), not eating gluten helped a lot, getting rid of grain and processed chemical food entirely and now pains gone all together (except when i slip and oh god, such an immediate horrible red burning puffy disaster!).

Also great decision on not taking the meds. One of the arthritis drugs is called Humira an injection of hardcore immuno suppressants. That shit gave me shingles in my EYE! and then the best part is the shingles migrated to MY BRAIN! then i had VIRAL MENINGITIS FOR 6 WEEKS, i spend a solid month in a pressurized hospital room, blinded and in agony. YAY BIG PHARMA!


holy cow

There should be a big speech on risks for a shot like that. "This here will take that immune system that has been tailored for you to survive right here in this world at this time in history and mostly shut it off." No wonder my mother-in-law who has rheumatoid arthritis gets the worst version of every bug that's going around - she does what her doctor says!

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I can't imagine the pain. I

I can't imagine the pain. I had shingles along my hip which was bad enough. I'm assuming that you fully recovered... I hope.

Thanks for the concern

pain is pretty nightmarish. Ive recovered more or less its been 6 or so years but swollen brain for so long kinda messed up my nerves things didn't feel right like sensation of touch for many years. So hard lessen to learn that the cure is actually worse than the disease. (and it didn't even cure anything!)


I have come to firmly believe...

and have been my own witness of experience in natural remedies concerning Arthritis. If the Medical Establishment refuses to acknowledge such strides in remission and repair then they are laying the foundation for their own demise. Sometimes you must jump off the cliff in order to live.

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I'm currently reading Wheat

I'm currently reading Wheat Belly and just today I read the section where cutting out wheat has helped many people that are suffering from arthritis! The author includes a personal story in which one of his patients had a dramatic turnaround from his arthritis after cutting out wheat.

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Also recommending "Wheat Belly"

One thing the book taught me was that wheat's genetics have changed significantly since the wheat our grandparents ate. It has been bred to be "dwarf wheat", growing 2-4 feet instead of 4-6 feet, and threshed more than once per growing season so they get more yield, even though the plants are shorter.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Keep the testimonies coming....

I have never been so alive and close to tears at hearing the responses...this really is something that medicine needs to address. Love to you all.

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Give up grains!

Inflammation from grains, especially wheat, is a disease promoter. Give up grains AND sugar for one month and you will be amazed how wonderful you will feel!!!

Plus, we could put Obamacare and big pharma out of business!