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Gluten-free testimony!

I’m in the final stages of treatment for the “assumed” condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Regardless of all blood tests coming up negative for inflammatory or arthritic factors, all x-rays and MRI rendering no arthritic abnormalities, it has been pinned on my family history, rather let me say my family’s history of treatment under the watch of Big Medicine that has been the continued culprit that finds my treatment to the default of pharmaceuticals (which I will not take). The last few months I have been dealing with something I have been little able to define, but I have refused the traditional treatment of a condition that is unsure and uncertain. I have realized that it would be detrimental to my health if I were to comply with traditional remedies at this point and regardless of compliance, I have already subjected my body to enough shit in the past to be wary of allowing it again.

As of almost eight weeks ago, I chose to alter my diet in order to challenge the complications I had been experiencing over the last several months. I chose to subtract Gluten from my diet as I have read several reports/studies that have linked joint swelling/pain and many other issues to the diet of someone who is Non-Celiac Gluten-intolerant/sensitive. In the last four weeks my pain and feeling of swollen joints has reduced 80%-90% and the pain that does affect me almost always occurs in the fingers/hands in certain areas. My job requires me to type most of the day and the effects are normally felt as the night comes to an end, rather after I have ceased to use them under the same demand. I have a greater clarity of mind, a lesser strain and irritation of my eyes, not to mention lesser dryness, a greater sense of capacity for learning and a renewed sense of hope of all things.

My elbow is actually an old injury that caused a decent size portion of the cartilage between my upper and lower arm to erode/detach, leaving a void and invitation for the onset of fluid buildup and inflammation. Just yesterday I had what will be my final appointment for treatment and I would like to share what my Rheumatologist shared with me regarding Gluten and the effects of Gluten to those who are intolerant. I was going in primarily to get my elbow drained, which has been restricted to full motion and in pain since November 2013. It was enough for me that there was absolutely no fluid in my elbow (which meant no arthritic inflammation/factor) to send me into euphoria. The Rheumatologist basically told me to “stick with my dietary change” and gave even more fuel to me for doing so by what he told me next.

Without any specifics conveyed to me he told me that he had attended a conference two weeks ago. One of the key speakers was another Rheumatologist who had been for some time upon initial consultation with new patients directing them to immediately cut out Gluten from their diets. Let me say from experience this isn’t a necessarily easy thing to do. I have been Vegan for 3 years so I was possibly a little more determined and ready to make another drastic change in my diet. However, at 35 years of age I am willing and stubbornly so to take any natural measure over traditional medicine to remedy a condition I’ve dealt with since the age of five. Apparently this Rheumatologist has around 800 patients that have received this initial treatment option and due to the success and relief his patients are getting from this dietary change, he will be writing/publishing a book with regards to administration of a Gluten-free diet for those afflicted with [arthritic] conditions. I was floored!

I could tell my Rheumatologist was somewhat enlightened as to the possible efficacy of this remedy and the fact that I had been relieved of almost all arthritic effects since cutting Gluten out of my diet added even more fuel to stoke the fires of alternatives for those suffering from arthritis in general. I am CONVINCED that my remission is due to this dietary change. I do not know if such a remedy will help all suffering from arthritis, but I do know it is about to become much more discussed in the circles of Rheumatology. I would like to think that my self-administering of this remedy will serve to change the tenants of modern arthritic remedies and point out that there is so much we have yet to understand about our own bodies. I share this with you all in order to possibly help one other person.

Peace and Love always...

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Now I know

Congratulations and thank you The Pen.

After a few months of a

After a few months of a coworker suggesting it, I finally read Wheat Belly myself. I am only half way through it and it is fascinating.

I started reading it just over a month ago, and began cutting gluten almost immediately. While I am not completely gluten free (i sneak in a slice of toast occasionally) I have not had a larger portion of gluten in my diet in about a month. After the first week I noticed that I have more energy, I sleep better and don't get tired throughout the day. That alone sold me.

But I have also noticed I am eating less. Not much, and I still crave snacks throughout the day, but I am not eating constantly as I was before. I am hoping this continues to improve over time. And while I cant say I have any real weight loss yet, I am noticing my stomach is starting to slim down.

A few years back I was going to doctors constantly because of chest and arm pains on my left side. I was told (with no certainty since every doctor thought differently) I had inflammation and fluid buildup on my left side that caused my chest pains and the inflammation along with an old shoulder injury could be causing the numbness in my arm. I was also tested and told I had early onset arthritis in my left wrist. Both issues I was hoping cutting gluten would help with. Over the past week or so I have noticed the pain is lessening. Of course I have been using a deep blue essential oils rub, so that could be contributing.

Regardless the gluten free diet has been improving my alertness and overall energy level. I plan to continue doing it and see what else changes and I have been telling everyone I talk to about it and suggesting they read the book and try it for them self.

I'd encourage you to

get rid of the last traces. I was almost gluten-free for a long time just because my health was so poor, I couldn't see room for many wheat products when I had so much nutrient-dense food to try. But I didn't have the lion's share of my health improvement until it was all out of my diet.

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And even better, go completely grain free. You'll be surprised by how much better it can get. Try it for 30 days and see what you think. It's doubtful you'll ever go back.

Yes, I did that, too

and had more improvement. Then I went dairy free and had even more improvement. But gluten-free really is the 80 percent pay-off for 20% of the effort. It's an easier sell.

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the Paleo diet is the cure and prevention for acne

Yeah, dairy is a big issue for many people as well.

Interestingly, the Paleo diet (no grains, legumes or dairy) is the cure and prevention for adolescent and adult acne.


I had a similar experience

I went gluten-free to clear the brain fog, but five days later, my joint pain disappeared and only then did I look up the joint pain connection. I'd really thought I was winding down in my mid-30's, which wasn't that unexpected due to family history. The pain was just that widespread as to be exhausting. And my doctor had talked about doing surgery to open my nose back up, but I'd resolved to be a mouth breather because I was afraid of complications (another expected thing due to family history). Lo and behold, gluten-free opened my nose up...I could be here all day listing everything I thought was my dumb luck that turned out to be gluten. I'm back in the game now.

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The Pen, that is great

to hear. I too have been suffering in pain since last planting season. I have been to the chiropractor and it helped some but never what I was looking for. The good news is that since Michael introduced us to the Wheat Belly book I decided to try it.

While I am trying to remove wheat from my diet as much as possible, whatever I am doing seems to be working. In some instances I use Gluten Free replacements. Thus far I have lost 10 pounds and my back is much better. I feel my mind is more free and energy has steadily increased. I now walk at least a mile each evening and look forward to a new planting season with less pain.

I am glad to hear this is working for you as I so enjoy your writings.


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I too...

will be reading Wheat Belly soon...it was recommended by an acquaintance. Glad to hear this post brought some light to your day...fight on!

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