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Rudy made a deal!

I'd say AG under a McCain administration.

Nothing in politics happens by accident!

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Oh man

Rudy as AG would be worse than either MCcain or Mitt as President. No one to guard against the government taking our rights in the name of security. He would actually be the one out front welcoming us to RFID chips.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey


why would he become AG when his partner is already the AG?

Point is Rudy made a deal

At this point it doesn't matter what the deal was. Maybe VP then.

Clinton/Obama vs. McCain/Ghouli

How about Cheney/Satan ... now that's a ticket!

Romney's the odd man out

He's not the Washington insider McCain is, and that makes him the odd man out. They'll bring in all the contenders on McCain's side except Romney, who'll be pretty pissed off when he discovers that the GOP hacks are working to bury him, just like Ron Paul. There will be job opportunities offered for Huck, and Rudy in exchange for their endorsements, but that doesn't surprise us. What will surprise them, is that the Democrats will steamroll a McCain/Anybody ticket.

alan laney

I don't think that will surprise them

I think McCain knows it and is playing the game as he has been instructed. This is a - get Hillary in - game.

What does AG mean?


Attorney General

Attorney General I believe

attorney general


I Think

Attorney General :)

The GOP Will Pressure Huckabee to Drop Out

They're probably agonizing over which of Romney and McCain stands the best chance in November, and clearly not having much fun.

Of course, we know that won't work to get Ron Paul to quit. We can look for more attacks on donors, smear tactics and casting doubt. Be prepared, 'cause they have to try and stop donations.

The good news is that many of the PACs and other donors have probably already written maximum checks for each of the "front-runners" and it will be harder to get money. They'll have to decide whether they want to debate and they'll need someone to debate against.

Things could turn in our favor very quickly if we're ready and keep up our support.


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Romney won't back out

He has a huge ego and wants to be president. This thing, IMHO, will come down to Clinton/McCain. Obama and Romney will be used to keep the impression of a tight race. Rudy made the first deal. That's huge. It mean, IMHO, that this thing could go either way. The Military Industrial Complex has its man. It depends where we are with the dollar and if we need to take out Iran to protect the dollar as the reserve currency. The Queen Hillary play is also very real. Both are socialists.

This thing need to spill out on the street if RP has any chance. That I believe is what he is calling for. This whole primary thing is just a ploy by the CFR controlled media and means very little in terms of what the real deal is. Fact is, we need feet on the street to get the deligates. The influence has to be at that level. The establishment was not planning on the fact that Paul knows how the game is played and the supports will give it a good run. Hell, why do you think they are so afraid!

This has been rigged all the way!

I don't believe the "GOP" as they call it has any intention to let McCain win anything. He's just a little puppet for Hillary to beat up. They all want her to win. That I believe is their goal. McCain is just a big scarecrow so people get so scared they'll go for Hillary. This is true for CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, so on.

Write this down: Hillary is what the neocons want! I's been decided by our lords and you know they'll have it their way. Let's see what they own:

1. The media
2. Congress
3. The White House
4. The Supreme
5. Diebold and others.

Do you still believe we have real elections here? Well, you better think again! You are all postponing the inevitable! But guess what?

Bush has got it covered also! If we try anything by force we WILL BE considered home terrorists and you know what they already have planned for these guys, right? It's already been approved by our lord's Congress.

There's nothing left for us but to think we live in some kind of freedom! How long will it be for you to stop dreaming???


"You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more."

MORPHEUS -- You Make Good Sense

Of course you did in the MATRIX also ;-)

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Vote RON PAUL 2008

I Second That...

Said the same thing to my wife last night - heaven help us!

Look to see the Ghoul on the stage with McCain during his speeches from now on.

Very scary watching this play out

That means McCain is the man. Rudy has been sitting back waiting to get the job he wants. Maybe even the job he was promised. The whole Charlie Crist endorsement right before Florida. Why doesn't someone tell Romney that the whole thing is rigged. Might save him a few bucks from here on out.

All very interesting!