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NSA using facebook to hack your computer

assange warned about this years ago. i followed his advice and never joined.

"the NSA is burning down the internet"
-edward snowden


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Soon, the NSA threat analysis algorithms will determine that the biggest threat to national security is the NSA. The algorithms will automatically mobilize resources to maximize surveillance of the NSA, and the whole thing will get stuck in monstrous infinite loops of self-devouring obsession in which the watcher becomes the watched watching itself, while being watched by itself.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

yes.. good title you chose

for the latest Snowden/Greenwald revelation.. KUDOS!

I read the entire Greenwald piece on the Intercept site..
it was long and thorough..
but the takeaway was: Malware.. NSA installing MALWARE by the 'millions'... at least 'ready, willing and able'..

One 'program' called CAPTIVATEAUDIENCE if I remember right..
was available to install/infest their malware
and was capable of literally using your own
computer against yourself... listening/watching YOU!

Facebook is one of the primary carriers they use.
(like we didn't suspect right?)