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Ron Paul: Crimea Has Right to Join Russia, Obama's Sanctions 'Criminal'

Former congressman says the U.S. should embrace self-determination.
Former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, believes Crimeans have a right to transfer sovereignty over their peninsula to Russia and says sanctions imposed Thursday by President Barack Obama against Ukrainian and Russian officials are “criminal.”


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the 5 sites I read

1) said the chinese gov owns it
1) said a chinese billionaire through his investment firm owns it (Hutchison Whampoa)
2) say the Panama gov owns it
1) says the panama gov with the US own it,When the Panamanian gov wanted to expand,they had to get permission from the US to do so

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Nakita Khrushchev

gave the Crimea to Ukraine in the 1950's WITHOUT (I repeat WITHOUT) the people's consent. He was trying to 'Russianize' Ukraine. Now the people have a chance to secede from Ukraine and be repatriated to their homeland. In four days they will have a referendum and if they go for it, then you are against this? RP says that we have a right to secede so you are saying that it's wrong for them to want the same thing? Think about it REAL hard Granger.

All things considered, yes.

We all know what it's like for leaders to do what they want without the people's consent, eh?

Let me ask, What if Mexico moved to take back Texas to bring the people back to the homeland. You for this?

Will you gladly become Mexican or will you leave?

Where do all those people who are not thinking the homeland was so great go?

What happens to US agreements with Europe? Ok if it goes to Russia, US don't need trade?

I've heard the escede my entire life. First in Hawai'i where white kids get beat up every friday for ruining Hawai'i. I had a chef, Hawai'ian, and I assumed he was for the seccession. When discussing it withhim he said that Hawai'i was going to come under some government control, possibly France or Japan, so when looking at it like that, Hawai'i was very fortunate to come into America as a state, and it's been good for Hawai'i. I think he's right.

I think it would completely suck for Mexico to take Texas and I think Putin needs to focus on Russia, more than arming people for wars.

If Texas had a referendum and decided as a people to join Mexico

...HELL YES!! (But they never would, so it's a pretty bad example)

You're seriously arguing in favor of the un-elected, neo-nazi regime that we helped with the coup on?? How very...un-Ron-Paul-like of you.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Hell yes?

So the fact that Mexicans have been coming to the USA for work legally and illegally for decades means nothing to you.. Hell yes? Because you want to join the people who migrate north for labor?

Right, they never would.. no wonder why.. but you're Hell Yes!.

Was Bush elected? Was Obama elected? Was Ron Paul elected? WTF? Neo-nazi? ... hmmmmmm Israel has nothing to do with this..

As far as "we helping".. it's true the US has developed industry in other nations.. how many coca cola plants are there really? And "we" make deals, and either we honor those deals or we let them go.

Why would we let them go? Because globalization is not happening? What is Putin doing? It's more of this loberal loopy "oh I know putin is a power driver muderer who knpows he has a shot at taking American and IK investments and controlling them because there is so much "anti-war" AKA progressive sympathizers.

As for Ron Paul.. I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100 from the beginning. I have learned a lot from Ron Paul, but I still don't agree with Ron Paul, just things are different now.. I used to agree with his foreign policy and now I think Ron Paul's foreign Policy is a "tide pool".. Reminds me of watching Ron Paul at the GOP debates.. seemed like we waited forever (I watched the debates on DP) for Dr Paul to speak, and most the time he would fight.. I was thinking, TELL THEM RON and he didn't. Why not? I don't know. He did have a few good moments, like taking on Rudy.. but no I don't agree with Ron Paul 100%, I'm not a Paulbot, don't want to be.. I am a Randian. Met Ron, never met Rand.. probably never will meet Rand.

You're not a Paulbot?

Well how fitting that you use derogatory terms coined by neocons, exposing the shill you are.
Seriously, get off this forum; you have no place here. You are a neocon through-and-through. Go post on Breitbart.com or something.

Sorry you know nothing of history, but Crimea has been a part of RUSSIA for hundreds of years. Hence why it's mostly RUSSIAN's who live there.

We were absolutely behind the coup. Russia knows this.
Russia is protecting it's interests, and the Russian people in Crimea.

If you're on the side of this direct manipulating of other countries, I'll say it again; you have no place here.

".....go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." Samuel Adams


"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Nope, I'm not a paulbot

As for being a shill, I have paid to be here, Nystrom nort anyone has paid me to be here, and I'm not interestyed in being paid to be here on DP.

As for you telling me what to do. Not going to happen.

Rest yourself in peace. You can crouch down and feed Ron Paul's handout all you like.. I never agreed with him 100% and I never will.

Better yet, take your own advice.


I hear this I hear that, about this granger. I live and and spent most of my life in Hawaii,WAT? you can't handle sista? Don't like Kill HAOLE day? It's like this Sista, the KINGDOM OF HAWAII was STOLEN from the People, and it has nothing to do with color, Haole means Foreigner it don't matter what color or race you are..............I think people make to much about you,I could care less if I ever see you post again.



Texas had a referendum to secede from the U.S. and rejoin Mexico that would be the people's choice. If the citizens of Texas were waiving the Mexican flag and cheering the Mexican Army, that would be their right (though that isn't the case).
And don't forget...the Colonies seceded from Great Britain and some people didn't like it then either. You can't please everyone.

The business of the Crimea is THEIR business. As far as treaties between the U.S. and Ukraine (or any other treaties) we should have heeded George Washington's warnings about entanglement. It's none of our business. This is Ron Paul's point.

Matter of fact

Reading this wiki, I'd say you were wrong, or the information you are basing your opinion is wrong. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia%E2%80%93Ukraine_relations

Who said creating a referandum?

Did the Ukraine create a referandum? No. This action, by what I'm reading, is AHEAD of any referandum.

As for Texans waving Mexican flags, that would be their right, but it is not their right to destroy American business in the meantime.

I don't always agree with Ron Paul, and I think he makes a valid point on non-interventionism, However, when America is already there doing business, which is important to the economies of the EU and US interests, protected by UN/NATO (which I am NO fan), then the US has an obligation to secure those interests, and arms should be the last resort, however, if Putin (and the democratic majority for Russia) deciode to TAKE US/EU interests, than the EU/US/NATO should step up to STOP the takeover.

Assad may help Putin destroy Syria for Russia's stake, which the US has no investments, but the EU and US have commercial stakes are that important for their economies to protect, Russia and the democratic majority..

How about this.. China has been buying up CA. Last year China bought the ports out of Sacramento. Chinese immigration, mostly to CA was 3 million, and many are moving to the localtions where China is investing. If the majority of Chinese democratically vote and make a referandum to return the ports to the "homeland" China.. would the US say, "Well that's CA, let them deal with it?"

I think Rand's plan is well thought out and much more practicla than Ron's.