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The GOP Race: My Grandfather, The Patriot

by Matt Pyeatt

With interesting surprises in the last 24 hours, we have seen the Republican field for the nominee of president whittled down even further with the departure of Rudy Giuliani after his disappointing finish in Florida. While I cannot say that I was thrilled about my grandfather’s results, this was not our battle to win nor was it the battleground to fight.

The battleground for victory begins tonight, January 30, 2008, in Simi Valley, California at the CNN/Politico debate that will, once again, be held at the Ronald Reagan Library. We will truly begin to see that the only logical candidate for conservative Republicans who believe in limited government and freedom is my grandfather, Ron Paul.

We are looking ahead to the debate tonight, Maine’s caucus process this weekend, and the upcoming excitement that surrounds Super Tuesday. I was thrilled to see that more and more ads have been purchased and my grandfather is continuing to travel around this nation to spread his message that is so very simple: liberty.

I know that the Ron Paul Nation has been frustrated with the main stream media and the lack of attention and national exposure that would seem certain for a candidate who has raised such a tremendous amount of money and continues his effort to win his party’s nomination. However, the problem with the media is not a new one. In fact, Thomas Jefferson, himself, very succinctly summed up the problem with media even in his day. “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper,” he said.

Isn’t it convenient that we have raised so much money and we are able to continue providing those advertisements for people all over the country?

It is very important that we continue this message and this campaign. Our government today acts in a cloud of mystery and fails to realize that it is the role of our national government to be transparent, open, and honest with all of America. This, too, has been addressed by our founding fathers. “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them,” Patrick Henry so eloquently warned.

This election is just now heating up and we can now get to business in selecting the best candidate who will represent the party that has historically been known for its advocacy of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and a humble foreign policy.

While my grandfather has been able to raise a tremendous amount of money over the last several months, we cannot give up. Now, more than ever, it is important that you give whatever you can to carry this cause on through Super Tuesday and into the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Ron Paul in St. Paul” How fitting is that?

To those who worry about my grandfather and his health, he is doing fine. He is in great spirits and is excited about being able to fight this battle and be the messenger for liberty and freedom.

We were also very glad to have him home for a while last weekend before he headed out to Maine. My son, his great-grandson, turned one year old and we were thrilled that my grandfather’s schedule allowed him to be on hand for the festivities.

My grandfather and all the people of his campaign have done such a wonderful job in organizing this plan of attack that has worked so well to keep him in the race. One thing my grandfather taught me is to never give up and work hard until the job is done. He is now fighting hard until the job is done and we have restored a mindset to the American people and the Republican Party that the government does not own our lives!

Keep up the good fight and continue to donate when you can. A wonderful opportunity to do so would be for my grandparents’ 51st wedding anniversary on Febrary 1st. That would truly be a wonderful gift!

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I would like nothing better

I would like nothing better than to see Ron Paul trounce the other deceitful and self-centered candidates in the Republican Primaries. Unfortunately, polls strongly indicate otherwise. Nevertheless, Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign has set afire the passion in millions of Americans to fight for real change—and this fire will not be easily extinguished. Even though Ron Paul may lose the presidential election, I will explain a revolutionary political strategy that enables us to carry out his legacy. This strategy outlined below, which I call PowerVote, would enable Ron Paul supporters to appropriate control of congress so that we can end the War in Iraq and refocus the United States on its Constitution.

Matt, call me out on this if you wish, but I think your grandfather would really like this idea if he doesn't take presidency.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how PowerVote works.

1. A holding account is created specifically for a political cause, for example, ending the War in Iraq. Americans like you and I will make donations to this account…with the guarantee that everyone will receive a full refund.

2. While donations accumulate, the money in this account will be targeted at congress. That is, each member of congress, one at a time, will be given the ultimatum to vote in favor of ending the War in Iraq or face a very wealthy challenger in the next election—that is, the money in the holding account would be donated to the future challenger. If you are about to question the legality of this, bear with me and I will explain in Steps 4 and 5 how this is to be done.

3. Most incumbents will not want to face a well-funded challenger in the next election and, one-by-one, will comply with the demand of PowerVote. The underlying theme is that this one collection of donations can be used to “herd” members of congress to our cause—just as a single lion sets a herd of zebra running. Hence, the “congressional herd” will vote to end the war and we will get a full refund of our donation.

4. However, in the rare event that a member of congress does not comply with PowerVote, each donor will receive an email with a link to a temporary bank account containing a refund of his or her donation. PayPal would be a good medium because it has a service whereby money can be sent to anyone with an email address.

5. The email sent to the donor will contain a short message to the following effect: “John Doe, member of the House, failed to vote in favor of ending the war in Iraq. However, the future challenger Jane Q asserts that she will vote in favor of ending this war, if elected. In order to further your cause, it is advised that you transfer your donation from your PayPal account to the campaign of Jane Q.” There will then be a link to Jane Q’s campaign site and, within seconds, this donation can be made. Every now and then a lion takes down a zebra…and the herd’s fear only escalates.

Providence College '08

Providence College '08

No help from campaign in huge local election

I was very pleased when I discovered Ron Paul and his message of liberty. It inspired me so much that I decided to run for Republican Committeeman in Chicago's most populated ward with over 70,000 voters. I braved the cold in November and December to accumulate over 300 signatures to be placed on the ballot. At the end of each day I would go and research more about Ron Paul. The message was exactly how I and many others were feeling about leadership and government.

As I began to participate more such as the Ron Paul Chicago field office opening and donating on money bomb days I felt a part of the campaign. However, whenever I would call and ask for help by identifying those voters in my zip codes to let them know a fellow Ron Paul Republican would be on the ballot, not one campaign official would help. I wanted to call and encourage each of the Ron Paul voters in my area but I have no way to know who they are and nobody seems willing to take responsibility to help me help Ron Paul.

I realize this election from the RP perspective is about Ron Paul. The reality is, though, that we need to be able to reach out the the right people and also place other candidates in positions that will make a difference. I have encouraged as many of my friends, family, and neighbors to vote for the Ron Paul message and Ron Paul as a candidate. I wish the campaign wasn't so closed minded when it comes to helping out local candidates that see eye to eye with Ron Paul. Truly, it's a lost opportunity. I believe the whole point was to spread a particular message and have it grow, but everyone is so afraid of doing something wrong that nobody will help.

If I win the election it will certainly be no thanks to the Ron Paul campaign staff. All I needed to do was contact those individuals in my Ward zip codes that will be fervently voting for RP and let them know they have a local conservative RP Republican to vote for as well. In addition, if I win the election, there are over 50 posts vacant as Judges of Election in my ward. Additionally, I will need to appoint the President of the ward and the executive director of the State of Illinois largest voting ward in the heart of Chicago's magnificent mile. Those people could have been RP supporters, but I'll never know who they are since the campaign will not help after repeated requests for help.

Truly this situation big opportunity misses. Good Luck to your Grandfather.

In Liberty!

In Liberty!

blonduxo's picture

Are you a precinct leader ?

Or do you belong to Meetup? Are you an organizer? If so you would have acess to all of the information that you say that you need. I have attended several of my local RP meetup events and the organizer had the info available and it can also be downloaded. Call your local meetup orqanizer and they can help you to help yourself and RP. It is so easy. If you were all that involved I do not know how you could fail to know this.
There is also another website that lists and seeks support for people like yourself. It was listed here in the DP about 3-4 weeks ago when RP was in NH. Post a question in the Forum section I am sure someone can help you find the link.

I am a precint leader!

I have the downloads for my precinct and all the voter vault data that is needed. The point I was trying to deliver is that I wanted to identify the RP supporters in the zip codes for my ward. Without this information the RP supporters will be voting for Romney and MCCain supporters. I have called all the HQ's in the state and no person will take responsibility for helping me help them. So the easy part you are referring to is incorrect. The HQ's will not release the specific RP supporter lists in my area to alert them there is a RP Committeeman candidate on the ballot. Everyone is too afraid of some kind of conspiracy. This is absolutely nuts.

In Liberty!

In Liberty!

What Constitutes ELECTION FRAUD/THEFT & Who Must Address The Mat

I am hearing about a semi-secret "brilliant" plan to win the Republican nomination at the convention in Sept. Only people with nearly no political experience would put any hope in such nonsense. Party nominations are won in the primaries. That is where the failure of this campaign has taken place.

Why would I expect that the Ron Paul Campaign would fight for the votes of "party regulars" at the convention when it has failed to vigilantly fight for the votes cast by avid Ron Paul supporters in either the straw polls or primaries?

The denial of the proved existence of vote fraud has, probably more than anything else, derailed this campaign from achieving the goal for which most volunteers have been working . IT IS NOT SATISFACTORY THAT THE CAMPAIGN ONLY BE ABOUT "BUILDING THE MOVEMENT." Cowardice in the present will lead to cowardice in the future, and cowardice will produce failure.

The campaign and, I am sorry to say, Dr. Paul have failed the one test that would have established that it and he are serious about upholding the Constitution, the issue of ELECTION FRAUD/THEFT.

In the 10 minute video below made by Jim Condit, Jr., building on the work of Mark Adams in South Carolina, the indisputable Constitutional basis for defining and addressing this singularly most important issue is clearly articulated. The Iowa Straw Poll early on and more recently, the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries were HUGE, MAJOR tests from the support base standpoint, of Dr. Paul's actual resolve to defend the Constitution. How do you think I or any other supporter should judge the outcome of that test?


Victory cannot be achieved when our heads are buried in the sand.

Dean Taffel,
Asst. Organizer, Palm Beach County, FL
President, The Constitution Committee of the United States

Why campaign when rigged machines steal our votes anyway?


from G. Edward Griffin

I would like to address the issue of election fraud and the Ron Paul campaign. In 2004, I produced the first documentary DVD on this topic, called Invisible Ballots. As President of Freedom Force International and Founder of The Coalition for Visible Ballots, I have been a vocal opponent of electronic voting machines and a champion of 100% paper ballots as the only realistic means to insure honest elections; so I come to this topic with a fair amount of familiarity and momentum.

The electronic voting machines being used in America today, not only are capable of being hacked, but are designed to be hacked. The elitists who now dominate the media and the two major political parties have a highly practical strategy for building what they fondly describe as the New World Order. It is to encourage the masses to believe that, through the process of elections, they are, somehow, determining their own political destiny. This is, however, a grand illusion carefully enhanced by reality-TV debates, massive advertising campaigns, and TV talking-heads “explaining” what is supposedly different about the candidates. It makes no difference that all of them (with the current exception of Ron Paul) are in basic agreement on foreign policy, fiscal policy, sovereignty issues, and anything else that materially affects the elimination of the United States and the building of a New World Order. These similarities are seldom mentioned, leaving the impression that candidates, somehow, offer a meaningful choice. People never vote on principle because principles are not discussed; and they seldom vote for the candidate they like but against the candidate they hate, supposedly voting for the lesser of two evils. They are putty in the hands of political spin masters.

This much is obvious to anyone who steps back from the fireworks and circus music and observes the show in its entirety – and especially to those who look at its long history in which elections have swung from one Party to the other over many years without missing a step in the long march toward the New World Order. To such an observer, it becomes clear that the use of electronic voting machines, designed to alter vote counts on command, and without any paper trail to confirm their accuracy, is merely the final step in controlling the masses while, at the same time, keeping them content with the illusion that they are determining their own political destiny. Until electronic vote machines are smashed with sledge hammers and thrown onto the junk pile where they belong, Americans will never determine their own political destiny; and the upcoming election is no exception.

Why, then, would anyone want to vote or, more to the point, why would anyone want to join in a campaign to elect their favorite candidate or support their favorite issue? This is a hard question that I had to face a long time ago. I came to the conclusion that participating in political campaigns was still a good idea for two reasons:

1. Winning an election, as important as that may be, is merely part of a larger strategy to recapture our freedom and restore national sovereignty. This cannot be done by putting one man into office, even the White House. A man like Ron Paul, if elected, would be surrounded by collectivist enemies in Congress, in the bureaucracy, in the Pentagon, in the CIA, in the Judiciary, and in the corporate media (to name just a few power centers) who would throw every conceivable roadblock in his way. Ultimate victory will come only after inroads have been made into all of these sectors, and that cannot happen in a four-year election cycle. It will take, not a campaign, but a movement that looks beyond politics and far beyond the next election. With that longer strategic view, the problem of rigged voting machines in the coming election, as important as it is, is secondary to being able to build a movement to bridge into the future.

2. Most people cannot sustain a high interest in political or ideological issues for very long. They do not have the stamina for long-term volunteer work and ongoing monetary sacrifice. They can sustain these things for a few months or even a year so long as there is a known end date, such as Election Day, but they are not up to the long haul that requires commitment year in and year out. However, election seasons are excellent times to identify newly awakened activists, some of whom will remain with us even after the polls close. In other words, participating in the election process is the best way to build a long-term freedom movement, a process that would be impossible if we dropped out and stayed home, grumbling and glowering over vote fraud.

None of this means that we should ignore vote fraud or pretend it doesn’t exist. We have come to the point where everyone, from candidates to precinct captains to lone supporters should proclaim to the rooftops that the voting system is broken and needs fixing now. Not only is this an urgent practical issue, the public now has been sufficiently sensitized to it by news reports and video documentaries (such as Hacking Democracy. and Invisible Ballots.) that this finally has become a mainstream issue. Now is the time to make vote fraud a major – if not the major – campaign issue. We can be sure that none of the controlled candidates will be talking about it, so here is a clear shot for Ron Paul and other candidates of like mind to grab the spotlight and win wide support that completely cuts across partisan lines. It is a hot issue, and it would be shame not to run with it.

Excellent Points. The more

Excellent Points. The more I've pondered all the corruption in the government, the more I learn. I'm thinking the whole 2000 election fiasco in Florida with the hanging chads was just a set up to convince the public that we need the electronic machines. Anybody have any input on this or info to back it up?

We're Witnessing an Illusion, Not an "Election"

Please awaken your grandfather to the truth: He's just being used by the Bilderbergs/CIA to create the illusion that an "election is happening" as long as he fails to speak out publicly about the issue of election fraud.

All we're seeing here is a real life version of the Truman Show.
We're not witnessing an actual election, Matt, computer programmers are deciding a predetermined "outcome here" not "voters". Why the hell did your grandfather issue a public statement after the New Hampshire primary stating "No Fraud" had occurred??? Why hasn't he filed injunctions to invalidate the fraudulent NH and SC Primaries?
Why is he tolerating this Black Box Rigged BS???
Here are video about the Black Box Issue:

You may not like what I am saying here, but it IS the truth. The only chance we have is if your Grandfather openly speaks out about Election Fraud and about the National Clean Elections Lawsuit which needs to be discussed on National TV immediately!!!

I don't want to see dietary supplements be banned so drugs which has not worked for 100 years. Your grandfather is in "We Become Silent" which you can see here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=451097355502728465
This Google Video is the issue I am talking about.

Until I became aware that we're not actually seeing a genuine election being played out, I was a very staunch supporter of your Grandfather's and was active in 4 Meetup groups, however your Grandfather abandoned his Oath when he made that statement that "No Fraud" occurred in NH.
He abandoned it again by not filing an injunction there or in SC. How the hell can he be accepting of a Primary that was run in total violation of the SC Constitution which forbids the counting of ballots in secret? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REfVcc-4Zrk

Finally this will happen if your grandfather isn't the president:

Please show this to your Grandfather.

Chris Anas

We're Witnessing an ILLUSION, Not an "ELECTION"


Please AWAKEN your grandfather to the TRUTH: He's just being USED by the Bilderbergs/CIA to create the ILLUSION that an "ELECTION IS HAPPENING" as long as he fails to speak out publicly about the issue of ELECTION FRAUD.

All we're seeing here is a real life version of the TRUMAN SHOW.

We're not witnessing an actual ELECTION, Matt, computer programmers are deciding a predetermined "outcome here" not "voters". Why the hell did your grandfather issue a public statement after the New Hampshire primary stating "No Fraud" had occurred??? Why hasn't he filed INJUNCTIONS to invalidate the fraudulent NH and SC Primaries?

Why is he TOLERATING this Black Box Rigged BS???

See this alert that I sent to my email distribution list last night:

You may not like what I am saying here, but it IS the truth. The only chance we have is if your Grandfather openly speaks out about Election Fraud and about the National Clean Elections Lawsuit which needs to be discussed on National TV immediately!!!

I welcome a dialogue with you on this, and I am not an enemy of your Grandfather's. He and I have worked together on legislation to defend consumer access to dietary supplements and we're in a documentary film together titled "We Become Silent" which you can see here http://www.welltv.com

Until I became aware that we're not actually seeing a genuine election being played out, I was a very staunch supporter of your Grandfather's and was active in 4 Meetup groups, however your Grandfather abandoned his Oath when he made that statement that "No Fraud" occurred in NH.

He abandoned it again by not filing an injunction there or in SC. How the hell can he be accepting of a Primary that was run in total violation of the SC Constitution which forbids the counting of ballots in secret? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REfVcc-4Zrk

Please show this to your Grandfather. I welcome a dialogue with him or with you. Please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W

John Hammell
Point Roberts WA

John Hammell



Strengths and obstacles - what do all of you think?

We all understand that Dr Paul has the winning message (if it gets heard).

Our Greatest STRENGTHS

1. The Messenger - Dr Ron Paul's courage
2. The Message
3. The Money
4. The Masses - strong supporters like you
5. The Media of the new age (Internet)

Our real OBSTACLES are not primarily the other candidates, they are:

1. Old Media censorship
2. Voter apathy (don't care) (turned off by politics of other candidates)
3. Voter ignorance (don't know) (Dr Paul's message)
4. Attacks - Smears, distortions, lies, political maneuvers
5. Diebold? (had to put that one in for our CT friends : )

The goal is to fight/solve the obstacles and use/enhance our strengths.
Add ideas of how to accomplish this to the Comments or Topics ***********************

Let's also check ourselves.

It could be that we have some problems ourselves. Could it be that we've been brainwashed that people don't care and they are ignorant?
How do we know? Is it because old media told us?

Come to think, it's funny. If I look back and analyze carefully, the most people whom I have talked to do care and they have some knowledge of Ron Paul. But, I do sometime think that no one cares. And, when I think so, I end up not talking to new people about Ron Paul. So, I think I'm doing that to myself.

I'm not going to fall for the old media propaganda. It's not true that people don't care. It's not true that people are ignorant. I'm going to talk to new people about Ron Paul tomorrow!!!

NEVER GIVE UP! In fact, HE IS WINNING! He has beaten so many candidates already!

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Never Give up im with You!

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

Ron Paul - A Game Of Inches


The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

I talked to a receptionist at work about Ron Paul today.

I've written off her from the get go that she wasn't the type of person who would be interested. I was so wrong. She asked me about the debate last night and she said Ron Paul made so much more sense than anybody else.

A woman who was working at a lunch place came to me and asked about Ron Paul. She took my order and at that time, she actually didnt' give me a very good impression. I didn't think she was very nice. So, when she came to my table when I was eating, I didn't know what it was about. She asked me if the Ron Paul mobile parked outside was mine. She said, she's a big fun.

I was talking to a lady who works for a company next to ours about Ron Paul. A guy who works with her walked by, so I gave him a Ron Paul DVD. I didn't expect much. I ran into him again an hour or two later and he said, he agreed with 90% of what Ron Paul said.

So, yeah, I have met many Ron Paul supporters. I have many more success stories. Yet, it's so easy to think that people don't care. Let's not fall for that trap. I think it's very important to be open minded.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Just heard an RP commercial

Just heard an RP commercial on AM radio. Could to hear the message on the airwaves. I could tell from the beginning it was one of his adds. Good job everyone. Donate more.

it is time to walk off the stage at half way

Just walk off the stage shaking his head in disgust. Then give a press conference with big posters SHOWING the outrageous media blackout by fox in the nevada coverage, the NYT front page article where he wasnt listed as a candidate, same for LA times. It will make an impresison on people. Playing by the rules is NOT working and no longer possible they have made it clear they will not have a fair fight.

erhm, LOL - HELL NO!

rofl @ this idea. Worst I've heard in a long time.

So.. you want the MEDIA to cover the MEDIA BLACKOUT? lmfao.

And you want Ron Paul to walk off stage? - thats defeat to me. Sorrry but f--k that.

Don't you think thats exactly what the media want.. They'd END the blackout, and SHOW THAT FOR THE REST OF THE FKEN CAMPAIGN..

It'd be like a Howard Dean scream.. GOD people, use your BRAINS.

thanks to YOU!!!

Champions of constitutional canvasing, join us!



Good stuff

I can really relate to this, especially if dr paul was my grandfather


Thank you.

Thanks to you, your entire extended family, and of course, most importantly, Dr. Ron Paul, we are able to reignite the flames of liberty and freedom.

Our prayers are with the Doctor's health, his sound mind, and his overall well being, as well as Mrs. Carol Paul.

We will never stop fighting for the American Republic, and the United States Constitution.

Thank you.

Attack Mode!

I truly believe it's time for Dr. Paul to take off the gloves and go into an attack mode against his opponents, including the media. Tell the American people exactly what is going on, in no uncertain terms. Attack these 'Talking Bobbleheads" on their past records and how they are pandering to the people for their votes. Stress even more than before, how close this country is to imploding morally, militarily, politically and financially! These debates are not doing it. What we need more of is "Fireside Chats" where Dr. Paul can get some air time for a change on TV, maybe an "Infomercial" if its not too cost prohibitive. I think it might be wise to drop a few well known names along the way as to who might be the Vice President ( like Napolitano, Lou Dobbs, even Kucinich ). What do I know. I have to let off some steam after each debate. Thanks!

We are all family now Matt.

Happy Birthday to your son.

Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

rock on!

Maine Maine Maine!! Then on to the big day! Then on, and on, and on, until we're done with this fight. PRESS ON!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Thanks for the Post

Just as you quoted Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, 200 years from now people will be quoting Ron Paul. Even if he doesn't win, people will know that today was a critical point in history where the country had a final chance to change course from its path of self-destruction. They will realize that he had foresight - and that it was the lack of foresight in the general public and the corruption in the media/government that was the obstacle to his success (if he doesn't win). You, Sir, are a descendent of one of the greatest in history.

Some advice for your grandfather

I've been a moderate republican all my life and let me tell you that if your grandfather really wants to win some states over, he's going to have to start attacking his opponents on their past policies.

Specifically their liberal fiscal spending and taxes.

The country is now focused on the economy and not the war. So focus on the economy vs. his liberal counterparts.

Thompson is out. The time to get conservatives on Ron's side is NOW. When there are only 4 left.

Also, why is your grandfather only up in Maine for a day or two? That's not what I call campaigning through a state. That's what I call a quick visit. McCain is where he is because he basically lived in New Hampshire.
Then WON New Hampshire. Ron needs to WIN any state to keep hope alive imo. If I were him, I'd be living in Maine for the next few days if he really wants to win it.

Amen, Damn the torpedoes...

Full Speed Ahead!

I didn't scour my checkbook of $2300 for Kent Snyder & the gang to pussyfoot around.

Go get em.

Gotta bludgeon those sociopathic warmongers with their own words and LIES.

And hit 'em hard.

Working on a new "CommonSense" flyer that does just that... hopefully it won't be too late to make difference.

In the meantime... CommonSense 2.0 Get it, Use it, Share it!


After learning what your grandfather stands for I became compelled to be part of the solution. I donated to Dr. Pauls' campaign using 50% of the money I had saved for Christmas Presents for my daughter. I sincerely believe that was an investment in her future. With that being said, I would appreciate your ear. I have for months been saying to the guys at rprradio.com (on air and chat room) that Dr. Pauls campaign people should use a similar style of gaining recognition as Perot. 30 minute infomercials... Everyone that heard my thought agreed 100%. It is the only way to get his name and our message to the masses. IF YOU READ THIS AND AGREE, PLEASE POST A REPLY WITH THE WORDS "INFOMERCIAL PLEASE"

There is a BETTER WAY!

I really hate to see my donations end up in the hands of old media especially News Corp.

I just don't think ads using old media are all that effective. I assume that it costs a lot to do infomercial.
This is NOT a Ron Paul way.

Here we have a candidate who is going to cut wasteful government spending. Why not cut wasteful spending of paying for TV and Radio ads right now?

It really does not make any sense. We have a candidate who is a strict fiscal conservative, who is going to cut wasteful government spending and who got more money than he originally asked for, and yet he is now asking for more money. I mean what’s going on here? I think he has lost his way to a certain extent.

I want Ron Paul and the official campaign to focus much more on "the ground war", that is: PRECINCT WORK using grassroots supporters and DVD’s. I’m not happy that my donations are going to old media. We don’t need old media. But, I’m happy that the official campaign seems to be focusing more on precinct work lately. We can do this without old media. Why not do it in a new way all the way! DVD’s can be more informative than infomercial and they won’t go away. (And don’t copy right protect the DVD’s!)

If Ron Paul announces that he will stop relying on old media and he will rely on Ron Paul foot soldiers to deliver his message, I think he will get 10 times more supports and $10 million donations in no time. Let’s do it guys!

In any case, I’m going to donate on Feb 1st.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

DVD's are great -- and I've burned HUNDREDS

and distributed them all around...

Even wrote up DETAILS on how to do it at 50 cents each ...and in a really nice package to boot.

But my county has 90,000 plus residents -- 30,000 households. Nearly all of then LATENT Ron Paul supportes... Can't afford to spend even 50 cents on each house...

So we came up with the CommonSense flyers as a way of trying our absolute best to reach every single household with something that WAKES them up and gets them out to vote. (Our state is an OPEN Primary with same day voter registration, so unless someone is a convicted felon currently ON probation, they really have no F'ing excuse.)

Anyway, we can get these things printed for literally pennies per flyer.

Only thing that is more difficult is getting them INTO people's hands... we need more manpower!

Great Job!!!

I think TV and radio ads are over rated and over priced.
They are not totally ineffective. It'd probably make me feel good if I see or hear, but they are an ineffective way to convince voters and they are too expensive. If you are running a campaign, I'd think it's very attempting to spend money on these, but wasteful spending nonetheless.

Hope the campaign has courage and brain to cut these and focus on strategy that has more value like what you are doing.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Operative word PROFESSIONAL


One explaining the problems and solutions.

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

I feel a kinship with you

RP reminds me of my grandfather. An honest man who instilled in me to always be honest and to fight for myself and the truth about all things. In some ways maybe he's America's grandfather/founding father. I truly believe in him and hope to tell him as much tonight after the debate.

My only hero throughout my life has been my grandfather. Not a quarterback. Not
an actor. Not some wannabe pop culture figure. Along comes Ron Paul. He has shown to me that he has all the values to garner that distinction.... to stand beside my grandfather as.....my American Hero.

See ya at the convention.

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

Hey, did you all see the

quote on the front page of latimes.com from "andre" about the unfair lack of reporting on Ron Paul? I am surprised to see that on the front page. Take a look!

That's me!

that's me. every little helps.

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.

Michael, ask him to do this tonight

Bring the positions to the kitchen table level.

By that I mean explain in family-around-the-kitchen-table-eating-dinner-and-paying-the-bills terms what his positions mean to John and Jane Q Public, their 3.2 kids and 2.3 pets, and how he and only he in the White House will make their lives better, their wallets fatter, their homes and families and thoughts secure, and their future brighter. Not ivory-tower, academia-nut stuff, but "Repealing the income tax will give you an immediate 20% pay raise" and "Bringing home the troops will save $X and we can use that savings to fix our roads and bridges and shore up Social Security for retirees and still pay down the debt."

That and he needs to call out and destroy McCain. Not so much Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee's gone soon anyway (see the Copeland scandal emerging today) and Romney isn't going anywhere on sheer money.

One last thing: he needs to call out the moderators on stupid questions and take control of his time and simply work his own message directly to the people, not the moderators.

Go for the jugular and kick a$$!

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

Date Wrong

"The battleground for victory begins tonight, January 20, 2008"

It's the 30th of January.

Getting it all out in the open

I wish we could add to the dialog , the "why", the media and the other candidates believe Dr. Paul to be "Fringe" , etc...

Perhaps it would be in a response to a question by the moderator. We all know that those guys like to ask questions worded to denigrate our man Ron Paul.
They ask questions like "blah blah blah being a fringe candidate , how do you feel about such and such?

For once i would like for Dr. Paul to run down all the list of issues and state his position and ask the panel and other candidates if that makes him fringe. i.e.
the American people want out of Iraq and Afghanistan.... I will do this ... does that make me fringe?
The American people want a better economy ... I will do that... does that make me fringe?

Continuing with all the things that really are reflective of what the American people want , so that whoever is listening can really feel connected to and know that Ron Paul is connected to them on the issues. At the same time outing those asking the questions. Would they respond to Dr. Paul with the American people would like to stay in conflict with the world or The American people dont care about the economy that much etc...

Normally the dialog that we hear from Dr. Paul is "this is how i feel and live and believe would be best for the country, and those who agree with me will follow and vote for me. I think we should turn it around and say the American people want this and this is what i will do to accomplish it. That minor modification takes the rhetoric and gives it to the public to own and i think it would be very effective.

In a way its kind of like asking someone to do something and then thanking them in advance for doing it.

We love your grandfather

We pray almost every morning for him as a family. We give what we can to the campaign. We have 'vote for Ron Paul' shoe polished on our van.
We have put signs up here in Mississippi.
I have been praying for him all throughout the day today and will continue too until the victory has come.

He is truly a man after Yahweh's heart.

He is smiled on from heaven.

May my FATHER bless you and your entire family with the RICHES OF THE KINGDOM.


Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

He has the hand of GOD upon him!

We have all adopted him as our grandfather.
Here is another one that fought the IRS and WON and love's
Grandfather Paul www.truthattack.org another great fighter!


I just donated and plan to do it again on Friday. I have never felt so excited about the future. Go Ron!!!

I emailed Anderson Cooper twice

Asking him to give Ron Paul equal time

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Please ask your grandfather to change the fundraising photo!

I have talked to many people now that all agree the new photo of Dr. Paul "going for the gold" is NOT flattering. He looks much older than he normally looks. He really doesn't look well in that photo. Please get him to change it ASAP. New people going to the site might be turned off just because he looks so sickly in that picture.

There are plenty of good pictures of him. Take a new one if you have to! Just change that picture!

I will definitely be donating Feb 1st. Let's spread the word!!

photoshopwiz's picture

Ron Paul is a beautiful man...

...it is as if someone hateful was trying to sabotage him and sink the campaign with that unflattering image they have now. I would seriously question the motives of the person responsible for choosing it. What are they thinking, in God's name? It absolutely makes me *wince*

There are plenty of flattering images like the one under the masthead of the dailypaul, the professionally one just previous with the cashometer, this b&w beauty...www.wwrpd.org/

And change the sad-faced one on the Issues page to www.wwrpd.org/ ...or a smiling Ron! People want optimism, not doom and gloom.

Thanks for listening! I adore your gutsy grandfather and we all want the absolute best for him!

Exactly what I was thinking

When I saw the image. Why that photo? Who did this? (Fire them immediately)

Happy, positive, optimistic pictures please!

The best photos of him

Are with kids. There was a great one in FL that they should use.

Me Thinks...

It should read,Working for the gold.But that's just me....
Dr. Paul in 2008

Good Quotes

It always amazes me to read old quotes like the ones above by Jefferson and Henry and realize that the people of the past were facing the same problems we face today. It is an old game. The forefathers won that game and I think Ron Paul is every bit as wise as they were. His philosophy will win eventually.

Register as Republican and Vote for Ron Paul


Your Grandfather...If he has the opportunity to ask a question to a candidate have him ask this one...I BEG YOU to CONSIDER IT.

"My question is for Senator McCain and I would like all of the people watching this to participate by looking up Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution."

"Senator McCain, in order to become President of the United States you MUST take an oath of office to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. In Article 1 Section 8 there are about 24 specific powers designated to Congress. Article 1 Section 9 details the the powers that Congress CANNOT perform."

"If you were President, Senator McCain, can you inform everyone watching what powers you would 1. Reliquish from the Presidency because those powers were taken in Violation of the Constitution...and 2. Can you describe the powers you would have removed from Congress using the Supreme Court and give those powers back to the states? If you can only mention a couple of those powers in each category that would be great!"

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Yours in Health and Freedom

Thanks, to the

Ron Paul family for sharing Dr. Paul with the American people. Your sacrifices are many and we appreciate it.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.