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Ok, Dr. Paul is going to be on the debate tonight, but are any of us demanding equal time? We need to FLOOD CNN, and The LA Times with emails and comments on both of their sites demanding that we will not stand for anything less than equal time. It is awesome that Dr. Paul will be at the debate showcasing what an amazing man he is. But if CNN treats him like a second class candidate at the debate, it just further cements it into people's minds that he isn't as important as the other candidates. We all know that isn't the case, but the mindless viewers tuning in DO NOT!!! WE NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!! We CANNOT allow CNN to be unfair or biased towards Dr. Paul tonight. Send emails stating that unless Dr. Paul recieves equal time, the boycott of CNN and The LA Times will be 100 times worse than the boycott of FOX news. We will organize a nationwide effort to undermine CNN and it's viewers, and The LA Times and thier readers. RONPAUL2008!!!

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Mindless viewers is right!

I just watched last night as millions of mindless Floridians cast their vote for tax, and spend, and "feel your pain" candidates that will only lead this Nation further down the path of mediocrity. But that's sure what they did. Ron will be in a great venue tonight, the Ronald Reagan building. I hope he capitalizes on this big time. Screw the announcers, when he gets the mic, mop up some airtime.

alan laney