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Scientists Find Evidence of Massive Water Reserve Near Earth’s Center

"A rare mineral discovery suggests a reservoir that could hold as much water as all the earth’s oceans combined."

Scientists announced Wednesday the discovery of a rare mineral never before found on earth that hints at the existence of an enormous water reservoir trapped deep in the earth’s mantle.

The findings published in the journal Nature suggest there may be more water than is in all the world’s oceans trapped in the “transition zone” between the upper and lower layers of the earth’s mantle, AFP reports. Here Here

Massive, Trapped Water Deposits Deep within the Earth.
Whodathunk? (MIT Dr. Walter Brown that's who)
Hydroplates would change everything we 'know' about the geo-physical world.

Plate tectonics: Subduction doesn't happen a streamed Jan 2013 discussion
A Comprehensive index of Anomalies Contrasting Hydroplate over Plate Tectonics

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As a geologist

These article are pretty bad. " there is a mineral that indicates a huge water source deep in the mantle" evidence please... What mineral? How does it indicate this? How can you make assumptions about where it is when we haven't even drilled to the mantle yet?! We aren't even positive what it's composed of!

Secondly, as a geologist (many other I know share this opinion) water isn't running out soon. Drill deep enough and you almost always find it. It is likely to get more expensive sure but I doubt we will ever have a water problem.

I 2nd that, as a geologist

It wouldn't really make sense to have water at the extreme depths mentioned and would be near impossible to extract. Even if such water does exist it's probably a brine that also exist at shallower depths. Not to mention brine is often up to 10x saltier than ocean saltwater. It would make more sense just to clean saltwater than to drill and produce this, then have to clean it and dispose of the contaminants that are leftover.

still interesting none the less

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Here's the source

"Hydrous mantle transition zone indicated by ringwoodite included within diamond"

I'd be very interested in hearing an informed explanation of what it actually means!

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poor title

it disrespects the space made available

allright, allright!!!

geeeezzzzzz.. lol
ok.. let's see here...
600km (BBC article) is almost 373 miles deep..
so gimme a 'correct' title. :)

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400 km from the surface is nowhere near Earth's center

Something large, dense, & close enough to the center like that otherwise would alter how the core is modeled as a magnet. ... Not that its present models are very accurate at long term predictions presently.

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I knew that.. lol when I posted... I simply cut and pasted the article headline... it says a LOT about how clueless our media is who simply parrot or 'ad lib' when they post 'news' to the public. I guess I'd be guilty of the same. :(
I think we've all gotten used to it and only by DIGGING/DIALOGING can we find the 'real' facts... about anything.
Thanks for posting... I wish I could take my 'eraser' and rub out the above 'subduction zone' though. (heh-heh)
Plate tectonics: Subduction doesn't happen

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Lol. Indeed.

Lol. Indeed.

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much better.

This is why

all fretting about exhaustion of resources, such as the peak oil hysteria, is woefully premature. The whole universe is made of nothing but natural resources. Saying that we will run out of natural resources is like saying that we will run out of the universe. When one resource runs out, we will just figure out how to replace its functions with another available resource.

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We do run out of things

Tell your theory to the millions of people who have died due to lack of food.

Right now we are short on many things, and we cannot yet access universal resources.

In order to maximize corporate profits, things such as oil and food are barely manufactured enough to keep prices sky-high. Artificially decrease supply just enough so the demand is constant.

you misunderstand, brother

I am not saying there are no shortages. Of course supplies are limited. What I mean is that if one resource for a certain function or need is used up, another resource will take its place. Take the example of peak oil. There are many types of fossil fuels available and I don't see us running out any time soon. Another example is peak phosphorus. If we run out of mineral sources of phosphorus, industry will mobilize to start recycling manure or harvesting phosphorus from the ocean (where it is all ending up right now anyway).

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Yeah I understand you Ed

It's the mismanagement of our resources actually which drives me up the wall lol.

For instance, the Fukushima Daichi plant in Japan was commissioned in 1971.

Sadly, this plant is newer than any we have in the continental United States.

Doesn't necessarily mean I am for regulation, but our infrastructure is very vulnerable.

Industry leader TEPCO's disaster response has been underwhelming to say the least. The Russians were far more organized in Chernobyl, which is why Fukishima has surpassed it as far as nuclear disasters are concerned.


I like that!

Hopefully Dasani/Coke will construct a giant straw

To suck out our water and then sell it to us.

All kidding aside, that is an interesting find, thanks for sharing it!

Oh there won't be any need for that

after they have meddled with our DNA far enough to patent us as their products to begin with ;)

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Don't forget Nestle..


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No Joke

I was thinking along the exact same lines. What I was really wondering though was "how does that natural resource become someone's property?" I'm sure corporations would love to claim this water but how would the apportionment of that resource happen? Maybe it's based on the absurd rule that people who own land literally own the rights from the center of the earth outward to the sky.


Have you heard about homesteading? This is essentially the process where the first user of a land or resource becomes its owner. Land or resources can then be sold or passed down like any other property. But one cannot simply "stake a claim" to massive swaths of land. The owner must have mixed his labor with the land, transformed it in some productive way, to claim ownership.

I recorded a podcast on this subject last week with Timothy Terrell, hope you'll check it out, we cover all sorts of topics regarding natural resource and environmental issues.


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Not sure I buy that concept

It feels a little too random to me. The way I see it, there really is no "natural law" around this other than "the strongest gets to do what they want". However, I think humans generally like the idea of not having to fight to survive so we prefer laws to apportion stuff out. So then the question is "what laws should we have regarding this". And that is just going to be a matter of each person's opinion.

Might is right

Has become lobby, bribery, collusion & manipulate on the international corporate scale.

Oh, and throw in NSA spying if it benefits 'aligned' corporations.

Expanding Earth Theory

Here is another interesting theory about our Earth. It actually seems more plausible than the "Plate Tectonics" theory in which land masses move around on the same plane.


Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

This seems more logical than Plate Tectonics

where all the continents move and twist around. Maybe the earth is expanding because of the heat generated at the core or another anomaly happening there. At one time they thought the earths core was molten, then was cooling, now its clear there is heat being generated. Where is the energy coming from that's causing the heat? Is there a fission or a fusion reaction going on at the core? Could there be a micro black hole at the very center?

Mars also appears to be expanding as evidenced by the stretch areas that are devoid of meteor impacts

Sorry but I don't buy it.

The first thing I notice is that, as the size of the earth grows and the continents separate the oceans appear as if the added mass is water. Two thirds of the earths surface is covered by water. Water would not displace the continents, as the video shows, but would flood them. So the continents, in his scenario, would in no way appear to have correlating coasts but instead just flood lines.

I've thought about that

I've thought about that myself before. I believe it. With debris that comes from space, erosion of mountains and the flow of lava which comes out of the earth more than plate subversion does it seems very plausible. Which brings another few questions with it like when will the earth run out of magma to push out of its center and if that starts to happen what will happen to the earth? I wonder if it's even a possibility to be able to try and reach that water. This is the second time(?) that a massive chamber of water has been found like this.

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I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

"Anyway, let me know what you guys think"

Well... his/the premise is: the Earth is getting larger... growing.
I guess my first question would be: How? Where's this 'extra' mass coming from? You can 'redistribute' mass but how do you 'grow' it?
You can 'fiddle' with matter and energy.. components of mass but that doesn't change the conservation of mass principle.

We are bombarded by metorites all the time.

We don't see meteor hits that often but we are always having mass added to our planet by interstellar dust, meteorites and solar particles.

Correct me if I am wrong because I am no expert. But if I am right it could be tons per year. Has anyone else studied this?

Even common observation tells us that every "shooting star" you see is leaving, at least, particles in our atmosphere.

I hope I'm not out of line since I didn't watch the video, I'm just offering an answer to your question as to how we obtain more mass.

Is our gov gonna tap it and try to sell it to China?


Considering the depth.

I don't think we'll get 1/100th of the way to it. Secondly the amount of energy it would take would make it economically unsound. Personally I think we need to start investing in desalination and start on the ocean. I think it's a drop in the bucket compared to ruining all the lakes and streams on land by damming them up.