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Teacher by Sylvia Ashton-Warner,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
I started a life in private Ed in 1971
Taught school...
Became and administrator...
And owned my own private school by 1976.

Sylvia Aston-Warner gave me a tool that allowed me to take the worst students and nurture them into high performance people.
If you're truly interested in finding the Holy Grail of powerful education, search out Sylvia Ashton Warner.

Teacher, by Sylvia Ashton-Warner

"That is why I say that this book, however unprofessional or unacademic it may seem, is a book of fundamental significance.
Without exaggeration it may be said that the author has discovered a way of saving humanity from self-destruction. We should not ignore her method because it is so unassuming, so unpretentious. Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children."

--Herbert Read

"What a dangerous activity reading is; teaching is. All this plastering on of foreign stuff. Why plaster on at all when there's so much inside already. So much locked in?
If only I could get it out and use it as working material.
And not draw it out either. If I had a light enough touch it would just come out under its own volcanic power.
And psychic power, I read in bed this morning, is greater than any other power in the world.
What an exciting and frightening business it would be: even that which squeezes through now is amazing enough. In the safety of the world behind my eyes, where the inspector shade cannot see,
I picture the infant room as one widening crater, loud with
the sound of erupting creativity.
Every subject somehow in a creative vent. What wonderful design of movement and mood! Whet lovely behavior of silk sack clouds!
An organic design. A growing living changing design. The normal and healthful design. Unsentimental and merciless and shockingly beautiful."
- Spinster

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From a comment on Amazon:

She knew that what she had been trained to do in a college teacher-training program wasn't working, so she really looked to see what the children cared about, and invented ways to teach them based upon their deep interests and respecting their culture, different from her own.

How much does this approach deviate from public schooling in the US (especially with the Common Core curriculum being promoted to day).

I homeschooled my kids and did similarly to this teacher - I taught my kids relative to their learning styles and personalities.


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I used this with my own three

I used this with my own three kids inside of my own private school and was offered an honorary M Ed. because of the results we accomplished with kids.
I had famous writers, health care professionals and child development experts driving out of their way to bring their kids to our school.

This approach to any educational process lights the fire for all further learning in an individual.