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Senior reaching for cane in traffic stop is shot by cop

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I can tell you one thing from experience, before you unleash 9(nine) rounds on someone you make damn sure his actions pose a 'clear' and 'imminent' threat, to your life, or the life of someone else.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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That helped, and your right.

That helped, and your right.

traffic stops are the #1

traffic stops are the #1 killer of cops.
THey're trained to be on edge.
This was an honest mistake.

No it's not

Traffic accidents are the number one killer of police.
Failing to follow standard proceedure is second.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

If that is how they're trained, then it's crappy training

Making a 'mistake' with another person's life is inexcusable. There is NO ROOM for mistakes. The cop, or a private citizen, has be to absolutely certain, PROVABLY CERTAIN, of a threat to their life or they should not fire their weapon.

The defenses of this cop are a cop-out.

I will add that there is no reason why traffic stops should be so dangerous to cops. If they are stopping people because they violated a traffic law, fine. Stop them, cite them, and move on. But traffic stops today are dragnets for every conceivable violation...from parking tickets to overdue child support. Cops use traffic stops (legitimate as well as fabricated) as excuses to look for all other possible crimes and violations to nab the person for. Inevitably, they will uncover some unsavory characters who will take extreme measures to avoid being found out. If the traffic cops focused on traffic safety, then traffic stops WOULD NOT be the "#1 killer of cops."

I guarantee you that if grocery stores were required to do a data-base check on everyone buying food, then there would be a lot of dead checkout clerks, or clerks would be on-edge and shooting a lot of innocent shoppers because they felt 'threatened.'


"Entering into a dangerous situation & all"?? By the choice of which party? The old man did in no way, shape, or form instigated anything. That is irrational fear on the cops part because he "felt" like he "thought" it was a shotgun. He has no right to act upon emotion. Shoot first, think later. Sick and sad situation.

Excuse me, I meant dangerous

Excuse me, I meant dangerous situations. Which would form the context of mindset. And yes you are correct it is definitely an irrational fear. I was looking at the other side since I'm used to utilizing the anti tyranny-police mindset and it didn't seem to fit that category. But like you said, it's a sad situation...


I can't even watch crap like this, really?!?!!?!? THIS COUNTRY...

Body Armor

...might help drivers and passengers survive traffic stops by police.


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"You done what you had to do."

WTF? Is protocol to shoot if you see anything that can be mistaken for a gun?

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If it makes any difference

the full video shows the cop was truly upset. He knows he made a mistake.

Good heavens how terrible for him!

I hope the cop gets the best medical and psychiatric care available along with a generous paid leave and early retirement. And we'll pray that somehow God can heal this hurt in his soul. He might never look at the law enforcement profession the same way again the poor thing.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

No Doubt

He was upset no doubt. The difference is that if a non-leo citizen carrying a lawful firearm makes a mistake in a self-defense situation, they end up in prison. Cops frequently make this kind of mistake due to impulsive, Pavlovian stimulus-response training that inactivates thinking and builds paranoia and they get off easily even if they kill an innocent person (even a child). When building a tyrannical police state, one of the first messages that is communicated is that police and government agents are exempt from the law.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

Let Me Get This Straight

He shoots the man, he can tell he is wounded and he asks him if he is ok? This cop went full retard on that one. That poor man deserves justice and that cop should never be allowed to work in law enforcement again.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

he asked him if he was ok

he asked him if he was ok after the adrenaline kicked down and realized it was a cane and not a .22 rifle.

I always appreciate the educational value of these

episodes of stupidity.

I've learned not to assume the cop is of sane mind.
Or that he's capable of good judgement.
Or that he's not a criminal.

I'd rather be on my way than dealing with;
Red tape.
Time consuming, expensive litigation.
Injury or death.

My first level of response is to stay put, hands in view.
Interior lights on.
License & registration & ccw permit ready.
'Go Pro' type cams running.

Second level of response;
Refuse warrantless search.
Refuse giving any information other than license & registration & ccw permit.
Pray for my dog. She's almost, always with me.

he was 70 you asshole

and i could tell it was a cane from the grainy video. pigs theses days are just too trigger happy.

the old vet thought this was the America he grew up in and got out like he always used to to talk. my grandpa would have gotten out and done the same thing 20 years ago. hell 30 years ago my grandpa carried a shotgun and rifle in this truck on a rack mounted to the back window where everyone could see it.

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Gun Rakes... are they legal still?

I never owned a pickup without one, are they still legal?

Well aren't we the genius tonight!

He's 70 with a bullet wound in his gut.

Lucky he isn't dead.

Your grandpa could have gotten out and could have had the same thing done, Genius.

So what would you prefer an unwounded grandpa or a wounded grandpa with a 'sad story' to tell everybody?

Deputy heard crying after

Deputy heard crying after shooting man, 70, who was grabbing cane


And your point is?

So what? Did he shoot himself in the foot?

Did you see a point?

Did you hear a point being made?
There's no point!
I just cited an article.
No point.

Poor man is just trying to get his "legs"

so he can walk over and talk with the pig!

His wife has to see him get shot and thank the universe she wasn't hit by that f'in cop!

I am SICK of seeing this stuff and it almost makes you WANT to have a piece on you just in case a trigger happy moron pulls you over so YOU can live through the encounter.

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maybe they wouldnt draw so quick

if the law didn't rub their shoulders while the media prepares their thoughts.

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Any damn fool could tell just

Any damn fool could tell just by the super slow way the old man moved that he was old and feeble.
That cop should have his testicles cut off and be forced to eat them. Maybe he would be less aggressive with less testosterone in his bloodstream.

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Three Laws concerning LEOs

should be passed immediately:

1. Filming of ANY and ALL public officials while on duty should be an absolute right - never to be questioned.

2. All LEOs should have to take monthly drug tests (especially for Anabolic Steroids). I think a bunch of these thugs are on roids.

3. Any public official who breaks the law, including violating citizens rights should be held PERSONALLY accountable, include any monetary judgements.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

You could sum this up with

You could sum this up with one law:



LEO's should be held to the same standard of accountability as any other person (because they are, after all, people, at least until the drones are deployed).

Good thing the cop is a

Good thing the cop is a horrible shot.