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Day 43 Malaysian plane mystery: US military base on Diego Garcia atoll IS involved

Does anyone else smell a rat close by? This incident is beginning to stink of American involvement. Nothing like it has ever occurred in aviation history. Cell phone calls not able to be traced; no radar tracings; transponders turned off; no wreckage spotted; and a large plane with 239 people aboard vanishes without a trace. Enter the secret military base at the Diego Garcia atoll, which has a huge runway and is four hours flying time from Malaysia. Only government personal with a high security clearance work there; clearly visible are over a dozen B-52 aircraft on the 2014 satellite Google Map. With the tens of billions of dollars needed to build and maintain this facility, Diego Garcia must have its own dedicated satellite surveillance system that would show any aircraft, ships, or submarines getting even remotely close to this facility. However, the level of sophistication of its radar is classified and unverifiable. With the plane now missing for 43 days (1,000+ hours), the 'thinkables' have become unlikely and so the 'unthinkables' have become possibilities.

This is pure speculation NO LONGER, or so it would seem! Maldives island residents reported sighting of 'low flying jet' on the morning of the plane's disappearance that was finally reported on twelve days after the fact. The pilot of the missing plane had a home flight simulator, which was been reported twelve days later to contain the landing simulation program of the Diego Garcia runway along with four other runway approaches in the region. Whether any, all, or none of this information is true is still a matter of conjecture. What remains a fact is that not a trace of the Malaysian 777-200ER has been found. At his daily news briefing on 3-18-14, WH spokesperson Jay Carney has denied any involvement of the Diego Garcia facility with the disappearance of flight MH370.

Did Missing Flight MH370 Land In The Maldives Or Diego Garcia
Maldives island residents report sighting of 'low flying jet'
Mar 18, 2014 - 02:55
Residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll have reported seeing a "low flying jumbo jet" on the morning of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
Cops find five Indian Ocean practice runways in MH370 pilot’s simulator
March 18, 2014

“The simulation programmes are based on runways at the Male International Airport in Maldives, an airport owned by the United States (Diego Garcia), and three other runways in India and Sri Lanka, all have runway lengths of 1,000 metres.

“We are not discounting the possibility that the plane landed on a runway that might not be heavily monitored, in addition to the theories that the plane landed on sea, in the hills, or in an open space,” the source was quoted as saying.
MH370: Pentagon has "indications" that the missing plane may be in the Indian Ocean
March 14, 2014

An official from the United States (US) revealed “indications” that Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 which went missing since March 8, may have crashed into an area where the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea merge and are sending the USS Kidd to the area to begin searching, reported ABC news.

The official, however told ABC News that they needed 24 hours before the ship could be deployed to the area.

US military base Diego Garcia [has an huge runway] is located at the Indian Ocean.
See Google map/story at link:
Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia?

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I want to know what cargo

this plane was carrying. China is being awfully quiet. It seems China wanted to divert attention from the west with their satellite image and later with the seismic report.

Last night on Fox they claimed the cargo was

lithium ion batteries stating it was illegal in the US to transport them on passenger planes. Who knows.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

They know

I have no doubt the US knows where the plane is. I am even suspecting they may use the plane for a major false flag event somewhere, esp. when you start seeing "Iran" coming up as the possible location where the plane may have went.

Interesting article on Diego Garcia

In mid-September 2002 it was reported that the US had requested permission to build special shelters for four to six B-2 bombers at Diego Garcia. The portable climate-controlled shelters take about a month to erect. According to American Spaceframe Fabricators, the contractor that designed and constructed the B-2 Shelter System, two shelters had been constructed by late November and two additional structures would not be completed until June 2003 due to lack of existing concrete foundation.


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

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B-2s, SR-71s, battleships, Nuclear subs & carriers, all on Diego

What an unbelievable multi-billion dollar complex and all top secret! How long did it take to build this base in the middle of the ocean? Who even knew such a place existed irrespective of whether or not the base has any involvement with the missing plane. Amazing. Our tax dollars at work.

That's a great documentary. I first saw it here a few years ago

And DG was important for the Iraq and Afghani lies!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

The plane was taken in

The plane was taken in mid-air by extraterrestrials.

Lol you know people are thinking it.

Yeah, people are thinking it

Yeah, people are thinking it given the absolute dearth of verifiable information and conflicting reports... None of the currently available information eliminates the ET hypothesis. Do I think the ET hypothesis should be the primary focus? No, but the possibility certainly shouldn't be flippantly dismissed. Show me the airplane or parts of it. Show me the passengers or parts of them. Show us SOMETHING concrete instead of conjecture to prove a natural answer to this disappearance.

Without concrete and verifiable proof, we can probably expect a largely fabricated fairy tale which would be expected IF an unnatural cause was responsible for the jet's disappearance.

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Malaysian Prime Minister: plane was deliberately diverted

Missing Malaysian Airlines plane was deliberately diverted, says Malaysian PM
Sat Mar 15 2014 2:00 (video here)

"This is pure speculation."

"This is pure speculation." Okay so why post then? It could also be aliens, but that is pure speculation. Or maybe the seas monster swallowed it, but again just pure speculation..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Good point

These sound more like clowns with this nonsense. I've got some speculation, maybe the second gunman on the grassy knoll came back and stole the plane after secretly destroyed building 7

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

thank you (More_Liberty) a.k.a. Bill Kristol for your insight

You & your buddy (Brian Middleton) a.k.a. MSM loveslave
really need to stay away from the fluoride.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

MSM love slave? I don't

MSM love slave? I don't even own a TV.... You know when someone loses their argument and credibility? When they begin to personally attack the other person.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

yes Brian, you know alot about that don't you?

There is an old saying and you would do well to pay heed

"The devil always tells on himself"

So, you are innocent when you personally attack SteveMT by couching your sarcasm/judgement behind the words "pure speculation" "sea monsters" & "aliens" ?

Basically you were calling SteveMT a tinfoil whack-a-lack...that is exactly what your sanitized phrase of "pure speculation" meant...

Judge yourself first before coming here and judging others.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

You need to learn the

You need to learn the difference between making fun of someone personally and the nature of the topic they are talking about. I was poking fun of the conversation because the irony was they admitted it was pure speculation...

Stop with the "basically" that is just your own conclusion..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

yes!...the irony

The irony is that you couldn't see that I was poking fun at the *conversation narrative* you & More_Liberty choose to listen to... pundits like Kristol and and the whole system of MSM (and newsflash--you don't need a TV to be a loveslave of MSM).

Anyone who has the audacity to question the narrative of the U.S. gov't. & its MSM & actually search out the truth for themselves are labeled conspiracy theorists and whackos and are marginalized with phrases such as *pure speculation*.

I stand by my original conclusion...

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

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Realistic speculation vs. outlandish speculation.

There is a high probability that the plane landed somewhere, but where is the question? I am not asking people to believe any of those wild theories that you mention.

I thought it was convenient

I thought it was convenient for the CIA that this news story took off, just as the story about the CIA spying on Congress was just starting to gain momentum. Damn they sure are lucky there at the CIA.

So if the Russians invade Ukraine

Maybe they will be struck by a 911 type terrorist attack from Kyrgyzstan in retaliation.

Keep in mind the Tsarnayov brothers were from Kyrgyzstan, and there were counter terror operations run by the US out of the country.

You sure the brothers were

You sure the brothers were from there? I thought they were from Chechnya?

I spent 3 months at the Bishkek Capital city airport in 2004 w/the USAF. The female security guards would have sex on a cot with you in the old abandoned terminal building for $10. I never did that, but that was the word on the street. Also the airport had marijuana growing wild, or maybe I should say hemp because it was all budless male plants.

I also have a military coin from Diego Garcia that a friend gave me.

There is a significant Chechen community

In Kyrgyzstan. They were ethnic chechens born in Kyrgystan.


Oh ok, that explains that.

Oh ok, that explains that.

N.R.O. knows . . . N.A.S.A knows ... N.S.A. knows

... this is a massive inhuman "distraction" playing out as long as possible . .

Q. What is the magician's other hand doing ?

SteveMT's picture

NASA = Never A Straight Answer

A distraction, I hope, as long as the people aboard were not "metaphysically challenged." Where did they go?

deacon's picture


covertly attacking Venezuela,as they did other nations who have gold/silver/oil ect ect, and no controlled bank?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Hey, I was only kidd(ing)

Gee, never thought My conspiracy would be taken seriously. True it would be difficult to hide a plane landing at D.G. from all the military on-board, but not impossible. Communication flow can be controlled and would need to be if this was actually happening but trust me, if this were true then the US would never allow anyone to claim the plane flew in the direction of D.G.

I do think it was a Hijack attempt and those that did it knew just enough to turn off the communications and basic flying skills.

They flew as long as the fuel allowed them and it was either ditched somewhere in the Indian ocean or they attempted to crash land in Northern Indonesia.

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You nailed that point, SirRic. CNN says plane headed north......

....or south, BUT NOT WEST! What a coincidence. With a due west heading, the plane would run right smack into Diego Garcia. The top secret base didn't even get mentioned in this report. Watch this CNN video. Wow, you are dead right. By their eliminating the westerly heading by their dispensing of this (mis)information, the possibility that the plane DID land at DG just increased!


I Thought The Same Thing

...several days ago. Everyone on the island would have to be aware of it though - AND keep it secret. I doubt it.

SteveMT's picture

Are they denying it? Security personnel can keep secrets.

The plane didn't crash. It was diverted. It had to have landed somewhere within its 7,700 mile range. All commercial airports have been eliminated. What's left?
Places like the this. Anything except a space shuttle could be landed here: