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Pro-Life and the Ron Paul Stance

Ok, first off, my parents are HARD CORE Christians. And when I say hard core I mean they only vote for pro-life candidates. They're right now pledging their support to Huckabee. Of course, I started to talk to them about Ron Paul. Now, my parents actually do their research and I'd like to share with you the conversation I had last night with my Mom. As a side note, I am indifferent on the Pro-Life stance.

Me: So what do you think of Ron Paul?

Mom: Well, we researched his Pro-Life stance and found that he's really not Pro-Life, just wants to give control of it over to the states.

Me: Well, Mom, that's where it belongs.

Mom: Well, we'd like to see Roe vs. Wade overturned...and would like to see abortions illegal across the board.

Me: That's unlikely to happen. It's a matter between the Supreme Court, regardless. And Justices have a Life term. Its seems rather difficult to get a majority at this point since so few new judges are appointed. I'd hate to see you base your decision on something that the President has little, if no control over.

Mom: I understand that, but we stand by Huckabee.

Me: Well, Mom, just think...if the States get control over the decision of abortion and just one state makes it illegal...wouldn't that be saving thousands of babies' lives? And isn't that better than what we have now?

Mom: (Silence)

I think the light went on...keep on keeping on folks! If my parents can be convinced then anyone can!

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Some Arguments that Have worked for me

That was a very good argument you used.

You can also highlight the positive aspects of Ron Paul's abortion policy. I love this article (written by a pastor): http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin415.htm It shows how the other, supposedly pro-life candidates have done nothing useful to stop abortion, but Ron Paul has. Under the issues section of his website, RP also has a list of bills he has introduced on behalf of the unborn.

Another thing that Christian groups are telling their members, is that Ron Paul voted against a federal amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. They use this to suggest that Ron Paul condones gay marriage. I have found it useful to tell folks that Ron Paul says, God has already defined marriage, so why do we need the government to do it for us? I then tell them that if we give the government the power to define marriage the way we want it, we give them the power, 10 - 20 years from now, to define it in a way that we don't like. It is best for them to just stay out.

Btw, I am a Christian, too, and so are many of my friends, and I have found the above arguments persuasive.

Rocket Science

I'm totally pro-life and I'm supporting Ron Paul. I could not, in good conscience, vote for someone who is pro baby-murder. But then, I also could not vote for someone who wants to send our fully developed and grown up babies (using this word to make a point) to war for an unjust cause. Huckabee flaunts his Christian beliefs and that is why he appeals to a large number of people. It eases their consciences to think they could vote for someone who SAYS he's prolife, but Huck would be eaten by the dogs if he got in office. Remember how Bush promised us results on the pro-life issue? Nothing has changed, nor will it. If you keep doing the same thing over and over....you're going to get the same results. Ask your parents exactly what they think Huck would DO about abortion if he got in office. The truth is, he would be powerless.
Ron Paul makes sense in putting the power in the peoples' hands. Most people will eventually be repulsed by wholesale abortion, just as people finally realized that slavery was no way to treat a human being. The Supreme Court Justices aren't ever going to back down on upholding Roe v. Wade. This is another case of continuing to keep people dependant upon the government which enables people to act irresponsibly. It also continues to enable a HUGE industry with a lot of power to enfluence politicians. Returning to the Constitution demands responsibility, but it's not going to be a quick fix for the pro-life movement. It would be a beginning though.

They need to know this.....

HR 1094: Defining life as beginning at conception.
HR1095: To prevent use of Federal Funds for abortion.
HR300 : AKA:" We The People Act": would negate Roe vs. Wade by
REMOVING abortion issue and personal reproductive rights
from Federal Courts jurisdiction.

NOTE: Think of it this way, if "reproductive rights" can be decided at the federal level courts, some day we could have a decision like that of communist China's "One Child Policy." ...all other births are to be terminated, by force and coersion in many instances.

IMO, RP has the strongest, most consistent prolife stance .

parents upchuckhuck you impartial to PRO LIFE?

I pray for you people. you people dont have a shot!!!!! are you also impartial to liberty and pursuit of happiness which are RP 3 talking points?Wise up life is the first step ,so take it! Im not against a womens rights but when she had a consentual relationship that was her choice !ABORTION IS MURDER IS OUR BASIC FUNDAMENTAL CORNERSTONE LEARN IT LOVE IT. RevolTION via RP and RPG's (RON PAUL GORILLAS)
ALL BABIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM ,LIFE,LOVE, AND TO BE DEFENDED!what kind of RON PAUL PEOPLE DO WE HAVE TO ACCEPT IN THE MOVEMENT?murderers?idiots?should we not scramble our people to higher ground these people might be why our ship is not staying afloat as should be?I think we need to give freedom classes>this is basic stuff the right to life

They need to look at the Huck's ENTIRE package...

...after all, Al Gore used to be pro-life too.

Are they Christian CONSERVATIVES? That's the key. I mean, Jimmy Carter is a self-professing Christian; so what?

So if they are conservative, then they need to look at Huck's record to see if he really is a conservative, or the big government liberal that he really is.

Here's a couple of useful links:





Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)
Valrico (Hillsborough County), Florida

Re: They need to look...

My parents political and Christian views are really hard to define. But I guess if you had to they would be labeled "conservatives." But they're straight out the box, I'll vote for whatever candidate is on their Pro-Life sheet. In fact, a few years ago, my father was out of town and couldn't vote. He got called to work out of state at the last minute and handed me a pro-life flier and said, "Here, vote for any of these people."

I love my parents very much and respect them, but sometimes I just shake my head. It's this kind of thought which limits Dr. Paul's message. But hey, we can change it.

Laws against murder

Laws against murder are enforced at the local level, as are theft, etc.... Ron Paul is in favor of overturning Roe vs. Wade. That is what the Sanctity of Life Act would do and it wouldn't take a super majority and then ratification by the states. Ron Paul has supported the Human Life Amendment in the past, but it has never made its way out of congress because it needs a super majority. Without needing a super majority, the Sanctity of LIfe Act can't even get out of congress because all these so-called pro-life politicians are just talk. Ron Paul takes action.

I wrote this for people like you.

Roe v Wade and some Philosophy (Link is to another forum topic).

Re: I wrote this for people like you.

Great, great, great, stuff.

Thank you so much.

What about ending the war?

Isn't that pro-life? In addition to the loss of some great Americans, over 600,000 Iraqi civilians have died. What about the increase in the draft age to 42 for both men and women? If McCain or Huckabee (or Hillary) invades Iran, thousands of us will go to our deaths.



Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

You'd think Jane Roe

You'd think Jane Roe endorsing him would carry some weight. Besides the logic of his plan and his consistent voting record AND his funds to actually go the distance. But what do I know.....

Re: You'd think Jane Roe...

I did not realize that Jane Roe (Norma L. McCorvey) had endorsed Ron Paul. I will use this as additional fodder.

That Was Perfect

I say the same thing to people and it gets people thinking.

I am a Christian and pro-life and believe that is what will happen.

I also tell the pro-choice people that not every state will make abortion illegal.

Paul wants Roe v Wade overturned too

Your parents say they want it overturned. Overturning Roe v Wade doesn't make abortion illegal. It just makes control go to the states who have the option of making it illegal.

Good story

you might want to add that there are many laws already on the books in alot of states that this WOULD HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY....and then the LIGHT will REALLY COME ON.

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