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Question on rules for canvassing polling sites???

I have been thinking about passing out slimjims at the polling site next Tuesday (here in AZ).

I want to make sure I am following the rules. I've heard you have to stay 75 ft back. Back from where? Is it from the entrance of the building? From the parking lot?

Anybody know?

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I was putting up signs yesterday & @ one polling place security

walked over while I was prepping a sign and said, "You done crossed the line." I said "What?" He said, "You done crossed the line. You can't post any signs here." I said, "I'm not, I'm just getting them ready." He said, "Let me show you where the line is." and walked me over to where there is a painted line on the asphalt. Then he said, "You've got to be on the other side of that line." I said, "That's OK, I'm going to post them out on the road anyway."

So, I say go for it wherever you want to stand. If you're in the wrong place, they'll be sure to let you know.

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Did You Look at the Rules?

You could always look in the rules, I found this online and looks to be what you need:


in Texas

it is 100' from the door to the polling place. I would imagine it is the same in AZ.