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I have decided to pull the article on cannabis seed oil

However, despite those who nervously argue to claim otherwise, if cannabis seed oil ever gets fair and honest consideration, it will indeed become a choice fuel and eventually replace ground petroleum.

The reason why I'm pulling the article is that it has simply become a distraction. Arguing with people about inane details and other negative attacks is a waste of time. When the book comes out, all subjects will be completely referenced. This way, the trolls can go argue with statistics from government reports, contradictions from their own offices, and the peer reviewed studies by universities from around the world.

Currently, I'm researching other subjects. And since the day I posted this lone article on this forum it has become a terrible distraction.

The whole point of posting and sharing my research on this subject here was to expose the statistics and encourage other independent thinkers to study them on their own. It's already almost impossible to find ANY credible research on cannabis in this country that isn’t controlled by groups who have vested interests in denying its potential. When I complete the book, I will repost.

Good day to all and thanks to some of you for your kind words.

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Don't forget that you can eat

Don't forget that you can eat the seeds and make high quality textiles from the stalks. You can even make cement etc. BMW is putting hemp in their cars:


In 1938 Popular science even came out with an article stating hemp could cause an industrial revolution of new products in the US:


We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I have Federal Funds tied up

from VA benefits.

They give up to $500,000 for starting a new business and up to $250k for current business owners "in need."

Instead of imagining acres upon acres of land usage for hemp, imagine this:


In WA, the west side of the Cascades has about 300 days of rain. Imagine controlling the atmosphere by a simple stroke of your keyboard.


Thanks for this resourceful post, Thorosious. I've already found some tidbits I'd like to use in my proposal.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Some questions I've seen

I’ve seen a few questions and will try to address them by saying this:

The hemp plant with its deep roots greatly benefits the soil by moving nutrients from deeper ground and relocating them to the surface in the form of decaying leaves and other plant materials. Its uptake generally consists of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and calcium with returns of around ½ to ¾ of what was taken. A hemp crop generally holds moisture well because it is a dense crop that can reach 12-16 feet in height. (This obviously varies based on climate)

Aside from the studies mentioned in the paper, there are many studies from around the world that detail the botany and environmental issues and I would recommend searching for them. Save them for reference in the future if you can. (They tend to become elusive if they are the least bit positive) I believe most of the answers you seek are in the studies mentioned in the post. In the meantime, here are a few quick references where you can discover other information about soil details and more.

1). Chemical Ecology of Cannabis by David W. Pate which has 6 pages of scientific references.
2). Ecological benefits of hemp and flax cultivation and products By Stephan Piotrowski and Michael Carus
3). The TED case study: HEMP CASE gurukul.ucc.american.edu/ted/hemp.htm‎
4). The great book of Hemp by Rowan Robinson
In that book (The great Book of Hemp) there is a section (beginning on page 40) that talks about the history of George Schlichten and his invention; The Decorticator:
It mentions that a mill, owned by John D. Rockefeller saw the decorticator’s huge potential for the refining of hemp and offered to buy the exclusive rights to the invention for a higher price than Schlichten wanted. But Schlichten declined the offer. My question is why did he turn down a life of wealth only to die broke unless he knew it would be put on a shelf indefinitely? Who were Rockefeller’s friends and why such interest in the machine? DuPont, Hearst, Mellon, Anslinger, and about 20-30 other industrial titans of the day all had tremendous interest in making sure the cannabis plant was prohibited because their new version of the world ran on ground petroleum.
In response to the speculation on what I have read, I will say that I have a large collection of books, papers, university studies and more. (Including all of Pauls’ works) I agree that cannabis prohibition is a form of social control as well as a prime motivation. However, deeper research reveals that when it comes to the collusion between government and industry, our general culture is more motivated by money than social control without reward. Even bullies get tired and to keep up such unified attempts at social manipulation without wavering would be impossible if greed and money were not considered. There are absolutely thousands of profit based industries around the world heavily vested in the continuance of its class one drug status here in the U.S. From the private prisons who collect federal money against our debt all the way around to the little police equipment manufacturers who live off the drug war, there are millions of status quo jobs depending on its continued prohibition. It’s a win-win for all authoritative entities as well as the connected corporations. That leaves us – The People – all alone in this fight. I have to also mention that it is of significant importance to understand that after many years of research, I have most likely absorbed the finer points of these aspects in greater detail than can be mentioned in a short post focused on only one product possibility out of 50,000. As far as cannabis is concerned, I am fully aware of its history, botany, cultural and environmental impacts on all levels. The important thing is to spur more people into doing their own research. Thank you again for the kind words and good luck in your research.

The question is...

While I am 100% for the legalization of Hemp, and all cannabinoids for market uses, the question would be, is it practical (economic) in the sense of energy and cost inputs vs energy outputs?

For instance, one reason that oil is at the $100 dollar trading band (probably to stay unless we have a mass deflation) is that it takes more and more energy, and costs, to extract the harder to reach, shale and the like.

So... While hemp has a higher output ratio (energy return on investment, EROI), than say, ethanol (booo), is it more economical than, for instance, peanuts or algae when considering the inputs?

I have read a few conflicting studies on this subject, and would like to see the "Market" get a hold of it, and find out what happens;)




the chart to the right gives biodiesel a 1.3


Outstanding Article!

I knew many of the individual facts, but you put a whole new spin on the "why" of industrial banning of Hemp, and the criminalization of Cannabis in general. I knew it was a productive plant, but never had heard or seen the numbers on seed yield and seed oil production capabilities. Fantastic!

You can bet I'll be sharing this link!

When you finish the larger work, please let us know!

Can you back up one assertion?

I am interested in the assertion that growing hemp improves the soil. What nutrients does it pull from the soil, and what nutrients does it deliver to the soil? Mono-crops have the notorious reputation of depleting certain nutrients, requiring crop rotation (which would cut down hemp productivity) or fertilization (adding cost, or possibly using petroleum based fertilizers).

How much water is required for every gallon of hemp oil?

I understand it takes over 200+ gallons of fresh water for every gallon of corn based alcohol. Can hemp be grown on marginal land that can't be used for other crops? Once harvested how is the oil extracted, does it require any refinery process like the other bio-fuels?
Thanks for posting this, very interesting!

This is also

a consideration +1


The article mentions

that Hemp, due to its hardiness, does not require primary cropland (where you would be growing food). I have no idea, nor does the article say how the soil might be improved. If hemp is a nitrogen fixer, then that would forgo the need for nitrogen fertilization and would leave more nitrogen in the soil than before the cultivation. I have no idea if that is true.

Other plants that benefit the soil, like Alphalpha, have deep roots that seek out minerals deep below the surface soil and bring those minerals to the rest of the plant, at and above the surface. When harvested the root materials, which are turned into the ground contain a portion of those minerals that were pulled from below. This is another mechanism that Hemp might use in soil improvement. I have no idea if that is true, either.

As little is published about Hemp, I am unaware of what mechanisms or properties of the plant result in improvement.

See Phytoremediation.

A type of plant that basically pulls contaminates from the water, air, and soil, which include: heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil and its derivatives. Hemp grows quickly reaching full harvest in 180 days and produces a root ball extending 6 to 8 feet.

Hemp.com mentions it growing

Hemp.com mentions it growing best in the same conditions as corn. Not sure how quality/quantity would be effected in poor soil. Maybe something like terracing could be used on lesser ground to re-create ideal conditions.

How much grass do we grow in this country and what's the cost?

I was watching a science channel program about the inventions that changed the world, one was the lawn mower! The show said that 400 billion dollars a year was spend on lawn maintenance, fertilizers, mowers, weed killers, etc. I even rewound it so I could hear that number again, 400 billion! Unless the show was inaccurate that is huge.

If all the lawns were converted to hemp, imagine how productive that would be? How much fuel would that produce?

Good points



Hemp For Victory



"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath


This blew me away! Like a

This blew me away! Like a white paper that should transform a lap dog congress and a enslaved executive into supportive government entities. Get those old and entrenched controllers of the world out of the USA, and start hemp-ing the country today! As a side wealth, the cousin cannabis can watch out for our health. My gratitude for a eye-opening dissertation, definitely earned you doctorate in common sense!

This is worthy of front

This is worthy of front paging.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Excellant work


Wrong. Cannabis prohibition

Wrong. Cannabis prohibition has always been primarily about social control. Not that hemp wouldn't be a boon for the economy and the entire planet.

Free or drug free? America can't be both!

Wrong Again- It's About Money


The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Yeah, because that abstract

Yeah, because that abstract reasoning makes so much more sense. And they've already demonstrated how little they care about oil, and how oil has nothing to do with their social engineering plans.

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree

This was all about racist social engineering from the start, just as Ron Paul wrote about and explained in The Revolution: A Manifesto... The book that none of the newer people hear have ever read, apparently.

It really is a wonderful plant

My favorite part is the fact that we can stop deforestation just by growing hemp. Why kill hundred + year old trees when you can grow hemp each year and recrop each year.

It has a million and one uses obviously but everyone is just so scared about the children. Suggestion parents, if you don't want your kids to ingest something that is healthy like marijuana than just keep feeding them mcdonalds and gmo foods while tossing adhd meds down their throats.

The stupidity of this world just makes you want to laugh ( while smoking a bowl ).

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http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana


Great analysis! But the reasons for the war against cannabis go way beyond energy. Please understand; the divine herb can remedy all of our problems. Because if the NWO intends to use war, hunger, disease and slavery as the means to depopulate us and rule the Earth then cannabis is a solution that we can all embrace on an individual level with almost immediate results. It is something that we can do today.
Hemp seed: The most nutritious substance for the human body on Earth
Hemp fiber: You know the story
Hemp fuel: Same story
Hemp plastic: Durable, crafty and biodegradable and non-toxic
Cannabis Medicine: A documented cure for cancer
Cannabis Food: Medicinally effective, quantifiable and nutritious
Cannabis Fun : Experienced or not you know someone
Cannabis Mind: Depends on the soul
And the story goes on................................................
and on...............................................................
and on...............................................................

DUDE!!!! 5 Stars and a Bazillion Dollars to you!

You should post this on all the 'Greenie' websites and see what the world thinks of it.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Thanks. I plan to do that soon.

It will be very interesting to see what the reaction will be.

Hemp yields ~50 gallons per acre, but the point is made:

We ought not be stolen from to pay people to do nothing.

Whether they made biofuel or not, the market will dictate what happens with that idle land, and we'll all be better off for it.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


50 is relative only to current strains of common industrial hemp

According to a study published in the Notre Dame University journal, the American Midland Naturalist, A strain of the cannabis sativa known as wild hemp here in the USA is capable of producing roughly 8,500 pounds of seed per acre. (Alan Haney and Benjamin B. Kutscheid at the University of Indiana at Urbana, Department of Biology, call the study: An Ecological Study of Naturalized Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in East-Central Illinois). That amount of seed yields approximately 300 gallons of hemp seed oil per acre.

wow... you get xtra credit for this!!!

Awesome read... did you write/compose all this???
reads like a doctoral dissertation!
nice thx!!