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Crunch Time: Ares Armor just got illegally raided, AFTER a Fed. Judge's Injunction barring the ATF from doing so!

Clarion Call: Friends, Romans, countrymen, SHTF commeth...

Welcome to Amerika North Korea!

Ares Armor Raid 3/15/14

Published on Mar 15, 2014

EXCLUSIVE STILLS, Ares Armor SEARCH & SEIZURE in National City, Ca

Watch as ATF unit searches & seizes CUSTOMER INFORMATION and more. Notice the ATF PHOTOGRAPHING US, notice also the ATF agent standing ominously with ri[f]le staring us down as though we are a threat while they load items seized.

BREAKING: More Video of ATF Ares Armor Raid
By Robert Farago on March 15, 2014

ATF breaks into Ares Armor in National City our Constitution is under Attack!!!!

Published on Mar 15, 2014

This video was taken 3/15/14 @ around 1250 @ the National City Ares Armor location

Additional, more detailed footages:

BREAKING: Ares Armor Raided by ATF
By Dan Zimmerman on March 15, 2014

Ares Armor Raid National City, Ca


Despite being granted a restraining order, the ATF has apparently raided San Diego area firearms parts seller Ares Armor anyway. Ares sells 80% lowers which the ATF has classified as “firearms.” The ATF has been pressuring Ares to turn over their sales records or lose them in a raid. Given the threats, earlier this week Ares moved for and was granted a restraining order against such a raid. But the above YouTube video appears to show ATF agents rummaging through Ares, apparently confiscating inventory and, you’d have to assume, their computers and customers records. This video is the only evidence we’ve been able to find of a raid so far. Stay tuned. [h/t DrVino]

ATF cracking Ares Armor safe

Published on Mar 16, 2014

ATF taking a sledgehammer to Ares Armor safe. Notice they try to close the door to prevent us from seeing, but they didn't close it all the way. Thank techie god for zoom.

Mind you, all of that just occurred, right now right now, AFTER a lawful Federal Judge's injunction (I know, right??) BANNING the ATF from raiding Ares Armor was handed down, just days prior!

Gun Parts Manufacturer Files Restraining Order Against ATF

Published on Mar 14, 2014

Ares Armor, a California gun parts manufacturer, has filed a temporary restraining order against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for fears the federal agency could soon bust down its doors. The report also details Operation Fast And Furious


Apparently, the illiterate ATF terrorists thought the judge's injunction/ruling was just a mere 'suggestion:' they didn't do no-knock (let alone just ring the front doorbell), no siree, just to make a point: the terrorist primates broke the front door lock open, then the same murderous agency responsible for Waco and Fast & Furious, one that's also part of the same murderous terrorist regime that the we-love-to-spy-you-long-time-NSA is part of, decided all on their own, that they're soooooo full of moral autho-ri-teh now, that they thought it to be just another day at the Orwell park to break into a private property, and steal a private business' customer information! Yay!

Hm, wonder if there are any citizen groups going around SWAT raiding govt agencies... Oh right: Rules for thee, None for me! Yay!

Apparently Ares Armor FaceBook account is kaput, too (as per Mark-'my 'customers' are all a bunch of "dumb fcuks"'-Zuckerberg's new Bloompansyberg-acquiescent anti-gun policies, perhaps?) ; type it, and it just goes to FB homepage, not Ares' acct.: https://www.facebook.com/aresarmor

From a r3VOL gunnie:

The ATF will SWAT team Ares Armor customers so get ready!

Published on Mar 16, 2014

The ATF gang will be violating the 4th Amendment some more and murdering people !

Local News Coverage:

ATF attempts raid to gather customer names at local tactical store


Ares Armor is founded by Dimitrios Karras, a USMC combat vet & infowarrior whose store makes and carries several innovative tactical products to serve the ever besieged anti-gun Commufornian market:

Ares Armor - 2014 SHOT Show

Ares Armor
Published on Jan 21, 2014

Ares Armor, home to the 80% lower and known for tactical gear and build your own AR15's and AR10's. The SHOT Show Product Spotlight crew is at the Ares Armor booth to check out their latest products debuting at the 2014 SHOT Show. Find Ares Armor at booth #2927 on Level 1 of the Sands Convention Center - Las Vegas, Nevada.
Visit our website at https://aresarmor.com

Follow AresArmor: http://Twitter.com/AresArmor
Like AresArmor: http://Facebook.com/AresArmor

Ares Armor vs. ATF terrorists, a Timeline: http://aresarmor.com/store/NewsArticle/Temporary_Restraining...

Mr. Karras is determined to stay in Commufornia, to make a point:

CTA: City Threatens Tactical Store with Jail Time for AR-15 Sign

Published on Feb 23, 2014

"Take down the sign or go to jail. We do not approve of guns...or you." This is the unmistakable messages sent by progressives when they take over a city's government and freedom pays the price. Ares Armor is a small tactical store operating one of their stores in National City, CA, a suburb of San Diego. Nevermind that CEO Dimitri and his staff at Ares Armor are in complete compliance with all laws and ordinances.

That does not matter.

That's because guns are at the heart of this debate.

The City Council has taken offense to their presence there and is pulling out all the stops, perverting the legal system to destroy them. But Ares Armor stands unbowed and has paid $10,000 just in the appeals process just seeking justice.

Dimitri, a combat USMC infantry vet from both Iraq and Afghanistan, stands in defiance of this attack on both 1st and 2nd Amendments rights. And yet he faces an uphill and expensive battle with slim odds (note the so called "appeal" process he discusses)...

A follow up interview by Nut N'Fancy, after the injunction was successfully handed down, barring ATF from raiding Ares Armor:

ATF Raids Store for Gun Owner Names, Overrides Court Order

Published on Mar 14, 2014

Tactical supplier Ares Armor remains embattled from all sides it seems. It seems out of this world. Again they are facing "criminal charges" but this time from the ATF! Concurrently this small company is fighting their California city to maintain their sign advertising (watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzBkcUZnm-w).

David meets Goliath in a freedom battle.

The facts are examined honestly here. The ATF is seeking to confiscate their customer records and $300,000 worth of inventory from Ares.


In this TNP news report you'll see the answer really is not founded in rule of law. The fact is Dimitri Karras, CEO of Ares Armor, is a freedom maverick and sells things that offend political sensibilities of the progressive. Never mind they are completely LEGAL.

In question in this ATF scare is the 80% complete AR-15 lowers, particularly the polymer ones. ATF says showing the customer where to drill them out violated their classification of non-firearm (what?!). That may have basis and it may not. But again their approach is heavy handed designed to bring submission, resistance and discussion not welcomed. And at the heart of this approach is the ATF demand for customer records.

In reality this is yet ANOTHER confiscatory ploy for law abiding legitimate purchasers.

Many questions arise:

- What does ATF intend to do with that information?
- Why does it need it?
- How did Ares find out about it?
- How long can the injunction last?
- What legal foundation do they have to do this?
- Can Dimitri and staff really go to jail over this?
- Is this related to the attack by National City on Ares' sign out front (AR-15)?
- Is this a publicity stunt?
- Does the ATF charge have any validity?
- How can Ares Armor stand against this and how much does it cost them to do so?
- Is the legal/political process working to stop these Gestapo like tactics or are things too far gone for that?

The answers come in this hard hitting news piece as we interview Demtri and take a hard look at this case study for both small business and personal freedom and security in this country.

Court restrains ATF from seizing Ares Armor inventory and customer records

ATF accuses Ares Armor of illegal gun sales in response to restraining order

Contact is requested to these California legislators to protect Ares Armor and Dimitri Karras 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights and due process:

Email Darrell Issa: http://forms.house.gov/issa/webforms/contact.html
DARREL ISSA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darrellissa
Darrell Issa Twitter: https://twitter.com/darrellissa

Washington DC Office
· 2347 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
· Phone: 202-225-3906
Vista District Office
· 1800 Thibodo Road, #310 Vista, CA 92081
· Phone: 760-599-5000

Email ROCKY CHAVEZ: http://arc.asm.ca.gov/member/AD76/?p=email
Rocky Chávez Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/assemblymanrocky.chavez
Rocky Chávez Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsmRocky
District Office
1910 Palomar Point Way, Suite #106
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(P) 760-929-7998

Capitol Office
State Capitol Room 2170
Sacramento, CA 94249
(P) 916-319-2076

CA r3VOL, send in the reinforcements!


That said, really though... still think there's anything TO 'restore,' left??

Considering that the "Karras"-surname certainly is most likely to be a Greek one, nothing seems more fitting: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

Apropos of which, a recent Stewart Rhodes Interview: Get Ready!

The Gun Show Oath Keepers Interview

Published on Feb 3, 2014


Meanwhile... in the slightly more free-ish-er Tejas, people open carry protested into the heart of the ongoing SxSW festival...where even 'liberals' & a few 'trendies' love guns, too:

Armed Texans March To The Heart Of SxSW

Published on Mar 15, 2014

Over 100 activists carrying a variety of rifles marched into downtown Austin, Texas today to the heart of the SXSW music festival in order to educate festival goers on their Second Amendment rights.


A slight non-sequitur, but ever wonder how the REAL Ruskie Special Forces train?

With live rounds...ON more live bodies!

When a former 1st SFOD-D meets active Spetsnaz/FSB:

INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill

Published on Mar 15, 2014

You've never seen anything like this!!!

Then again, sometimes a 'Crazy Ivan' does indeed become a lethally Reckless Ivan, er... in this case: Crazy Sonny Puzikas

Statement from the Range Owner Regarding the Recent Accidental Shooting

Sonny Puzikas – Operator Level Downgraded
He should rename his site from Gospel Of Violence to Gospel Of Negligence:

Interview with Sonny Puzikas

James Yeager
Published on Feb 25, 2014


UPDATE 1: Copies of the Temporary Restraining Order
H/T: ThereIsNoSpoon

Later one: http://www.scribd.com/doc/212508154/Order-Clarifying-TRO-Are...

H/T: UAstudy


UPDATE 2: My fave USMC potty-mouthed infowarrioress on this insanity:

Ares Armor PT 1

Published on Mar 16, 2014

I see some of these agents are wearing wedding rings, so to the spouses of those agents, your husbands are... and you're... for staying with them.

Ares Armor PT 2...share far and wide

Published on Mar 16, 2014

208 N Freeman St, Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 650-2737


UPDATE 3: Dimitrios Karras responds to the illegal raid

This is Sparta! AMERICA! Karras, once a fighter, always a fighter! At least now, he's fighting for what is right, and not for the Empire.D

Ares Armor CEO After ATF Raid: We’ll Be Back In Biz Monday
By Robert Farago on March 16, 2014

(Picture, courtesy of Russ Carlson)

Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras posted an update on Facebook:

“The ATF did execute a search warrant against all of our buildings today. None of our employees have been detained or arrested. We will be open for business tomorrow. We will be back up and shipping out orders on Monday. We wholeheartedly believe that they are WRONG in their actions and we will be relentlessly pursuing remedy through the courts. Quote from an ATF Agent during the raid ‘searching is fun! paper work sucks.’ Maybe the ATF thinks the Constitution is part of that paper work that sucks… Despicable behavior on their part. This is just the beginning! Thank you all for the support!”

Yes, well, how many people will be ordering “untraceable” 80% AR-15 lowers from Ares now, given the ATF troll through Ares’ records? [h/t DrVino]


UPDATE 4: Dimitrios Karras, CEO of Ares Armor interviewed by Stewart Rhodes!

Stewart Rhodes interviews Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras

Published on Mar 18, 2014

Stewart Rhodes interviews Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras and Socal Oath Keeper John Oetken about the raid on Ares Armor

And, an insight from an AnCap attorney Rob "Tripp" Cameron, aka TheRealTrippleB @YT

Why Ares vs ATF Should Outrage America

Published on Mar 17, 2014

Every American should be outraged over the events transpiring between Ares Armor and the BATFE; even the anti-gun folks!

NO LEGAL ADVICE is intended in any way by the content of this video. Consult your local laws and local licensed attorney for any legal matters.
More Videos @: https://www.youtube.com/user/therealTrippleB

More Headlines @:

Laws Don't Stop ATF (Ares Armor Update)
March 16, 2014

You have a restraining order to stay action by a government agency. No action can be taken pending a court hearing on the merits of the agency's request for information from your legitimate business; a business that has in no way demonstrated illegal conduct that an officer could swear to under oath as a matter of affirmative fact before a judge to satisfy granting of a search warrant. That and 25 cents will buy you a gumball.

Undoubtedly the BATFE's lawyers will claim this B&E is legal under the "lawful criminal proceedings" clause added into the restraining order against the BATFE from Ares Armor. What good, however, are legal protections if government agencies have a blank check to circumvent all legal proceedings?


Further update from TTAG:

Ares Armor Update: The Skinny on EP Armory Polymer 80% Lower Receivers
By Nick Leghorn on March 17, 2014

Let’s look at the situation surrounding Ares Armor, EP Armory’s lowers, and why the ATF might be interested.

Ares Armor is a distributor of EP Armory’s polymer 80% lower receivers. The claim to fame for these models is that the lower receivers are two different colors — one color for the receiver itself, and a completely different color for the parts that need to be milled out to complete the gun. It’s the equivalent of a “paint by numbers” approach to firearms manufacturing, making the process nearly idiot-proof.

The problem is the definition of an “80% lower.” The appeal of the 80% lower receiver is that it is legally just a chunk of metal and not a firearm, so it skirts nearly all of the gun laws in the United States right up until the point where someone drills out all the required parts and assembles their own gun. In order to maintain that status, the lower needs to be like a block of marble in an artists’ studio: just raw material with the finished product still needing to be chiseled out. According to the ATF’s “once a gun always a gun” doctrine, the instant the lower is milled out and completed it’s officially a firearm and subject to all of the applicable laws. Even if you go back and fill in the relevant sections, it’s still a gun that you just manufactured and must be treated as such.

Previous TTAG update:

Search Warrant: Gun Stores “Helping” Build 80% Lowers Deemed Illegal

By Nick Leghorn on March 17, 2014

[UPDATE: 3/18 11:38 PM] I have just spoken with Dimitri at Ares Armor, and he has confirmed that the raid was over polymer lower receivers and their unique method of manufacturing and not related to build parties as speculated in this article. So while this article still describes an active ATF investigation related to 80% lowers, it appears to be unrelated to Ares Armor. The article has been updated to reflect this new information.

The Ares Armor case is interesting, but another investigation relating to 80% lower receivers involves some of the sketchiest gun stores I have ever heard of. Take a peek . . .

An 80% lower is, in a legal sense, just a hunk of metal. It’s not a complete firearm, so it isn’t treated like one. It’s no more a firearm than a block of marble is a work of art by Michelangelo. But it has enough of the rough dimensions of an AR-15 lower receiver that finishing the project and turning it into a functional gun is almost trivial — drill a couple of holes, mill a few locations, and presto, you have yourself a gun.


UPDATE 5: Ares Armor CEO on Alex Jones Show; ATF = Completely Insane: Actually, Once defined Shoestring as a "Machine Gun!" - No Joke!

Fascist-Style ATF Raids Ares Armor: Owner Speaks Out

Published on Mar 19, 2014

Alex welcomes to the broadcast Dimitri Karras and Lindy Diaz of Ares Armor, the firearms part retailer in San Diego that managed a crucial victory when it obtained a restraining order against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

ATF Threaten Gun Dealers After Going Public About Illegal Raid

Published on Mar 19, 2014

Alex continues with the owners of Ares Armor discussing their recent raid by the ATF despite a court order disallowing the illegal search. https://aresarmor.com/


Pardon me, I literally thought I saw as much govt insanity, tyranny, cruelty, and Kafka-land as they come, but even this was news to me...and shockingly surprising...though nothing should be, by now:

Why the ATF's Firearm Testing Procedures are Scientifically Invalid

After very aggressive action by JPFO and others, the BATFE decided to back down. This article has been re-formated Feb 2012. When pictures expand - note - there is an enlargement option icon lower right on most.

by Len Savage
Owner, Historical Arms LLC

With the amount of documentation now publicly available it has become obvious that there is a serious problem within the Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The technicians who work at FTB testify before the courts as "experts" on the technology of firearms. They may or may not have any real-world or industry experience. It is a fact that no technician at FTB has ever held a federal firearms license or ever designed a firearm. Unfortunately the problem runs even deeper than that. The recent public exposure of an incompetent FTB technician, Michael J. Cooney (U.S. v. Glover), which resulted in the dismissal with prejudice of a federal prosecution of an innocent citizen, raises troubling questions about the legal validity of past prosecutions in which Mr. Cooney testified, and possibly those of other FTB technicians.

Congress has given the ATF the task of "classifying" firearms - for instance, determining whether a firearm is a common, semi-automatic that fires one shot with each trigger pull or whether it is a machine gun, designed to fire multiple rounds on one trigger pull (full auto). Numerous gun owners and gun makers have been bankrupted or imprisoned because the ATF stated that their firearms were "illegal machine guns" rather than semi-autos. If the ATF's classifications were accurate, then this would just be a matter for lawyers and lawmakers. But there is ample evidence – and not only in the case of Mr. Cooney -- to indicate that the ATF's classifications are arbitrary and inaccurate. The ATF seemingly does not employ consistent testing criteria and standards.

Gun makers baffled by ATF criteria; Models OK’d on case-by-case basis

By Chuck Neubauer
The Washington Times
Monday, January 2, 2012

That process, known as “letter rulings,” results in various findings about what makes a weapon. Program critics, including the ATF’s former assistant director of criminal investigations, said one determination contended that a shoestring was a machine gun.

"When the rules are subjective and continue to change, we cannot expect these business owners to comply with moving target regulations. These inconsistent rulings from the bureau are confusing and result in a waste of time and resources," said Rep. Phil Gingrey (right), Georgia Republican. (Associated Press)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is in charge of determining whether a gun model is legal, but the agency won’t say much about its criteria.

Despite overseeing an industry that includes machine guns and other deadly weapons, ATF regulations for the manufacture of weapons are often unclear, leading to reliance on a secretive system by which firearms manufacturers can submit proposed weapons for testing and find out one at a time whether they comply with the law, critics say.

ATF Agent: Raiding Gun Store Was “Fun”
Armed goons took pleasure in forcibly seizing list of gun part owners

Paul Joseph Watson
March 18, 2014

A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent who was involved in the armed raid on a California gun parts and accessories store this past weekend described the raid as “fun,” according to Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras.

After Karras learned that the ATF wanted Ares’ customer list and inventory of composite “80% lower receivers” for AR-15 rifles, he obtained a temporary order which restrained the ATF from forcibly seizing the items.

However, after pressure from the Department of Justice, Judge Sammartino reversed the restraining order and armed ATF agents raided Ares Armor on Saturday, but not before interrogating customers outside the store.


The raid has also prompted a number of memes, which can be viewed below. [What's life without some gallows humor, eh?]


UPDATE 6: 'ATF-approved inspected AR Lower Parts Kit' for Sale, by Ares Armor! LOL!

Ares Armor Makes Lemonade With “BATFE Inspected Quality” LPKs
By Chris Dumm on March 19, 2014

"BATFE Inspected Quality"!! "Raid of 2014"!! - Image courtesy Ares Armor

The ATF’s jackbooted and illegal raid on Ares Armor has made headlines for days, but it doesn’t seem to have intimidated the National City, CA manufacturer one bit. Instead of bowing and scraping to the ATFE’s scofflaws with badges, they’re using the ATFE’s notoriety to help them move some of their (remaining) inventory.

Stock lower parts kits (LPKs) for AR rifles are as common as Ford F-150 trucks, but Ares is banking on the infamous raid to make their plane-Jane LPKs just a little more desirable.

Since the ATFE turned the Ares Armor offices upside down and ‘inspected’ everything in their illegal search for, well, something worth searching for, Ares is marketing these LPKs as ‘BATFE Inspected.’ And since Ares is being careful not to use the BATFE logo in their advertisements, there’s not a damned thing the jackbooted thugs can do about it. Which is awesome.


UPDATE 7: Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras on why stay in the anti-Gun Commufornia: "This is my home; I'm not leaving!"

Ares Armor CEO Tries to Reason with ATF over Customer Privacy; Raid Ensues

Published on Mar 19, 2014

"This isn't just a second amendment issue, it's not just a firearms issue. It's an issue of an overreaching government that wants to come into your kitchen, that wants to come into your living room, and just see what you're doing," says Dimitrios Karras, CEO of Ares Armor in Oceanside, Calif.

Last week, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided Ares Armor to confiscate 80 percent polymer receivers for AR-15s. These receivers are the lower part of the gun that contain the trigger operations when fully completed. The polymer version that the ATF is contesting is not completed and requires the purchasers to finish machining it. The ATF claimed that these are unlicensed firearms, but Karras says otherwise.

"It's an object that's in the shape of a receiver, but it hasn't been completed to a point that it would be considered a firearm," says Karras. "This was a nice way for them to get their arm inside of the business and grab the information that they are actually looking for. To think that this is over a piece of plastic is ludicrous."

Karras says the true reason for the ATF's piqued interest in his shop was his refusal to relinquish the list of customers who had purchased the polymer product. He sat down with Reason TV's Tracy Oppenheimer to discuss why he plans to continue fighting the ATF to maintain his customers' privacy and other Constitutional issues at stake.

"They have trampled on the entire Bill of Rights," Karras says.

About six minutes.

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Camera by Alex Manning and Zach Weissmueller.

Scroll down for downloadble versions and subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube Channel for notifications when new material goes live.

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That's not true.

The March 14, 2014 TRO (as posted above) restrains Ares Armor from removing anything from the property.

It "does not enjoin lawful criminal proceedings, including the application for or lawfully executed seizure of evidence and contraband pursuant to a search warrant issued by a sworn United States Magistrate Judge pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41..."


yeah? Who says it was a lawfully executed warrant??

Living in the 'real' world where Constitution doesn't mean a damn thing to the govt terrorists to which they all took an oath to uphold, defend/protect, all of this... at the end of the day, is moot; the govt terrorists simply don't care; their rather very well, thoroughly documented history teaches us as much.

Their goal is to push the citizenry to the brink, until the poked bear claws back, then it's problem/reaction/solution modus operandi into an even more visible policestate.

I'm gonna assume that everyone here knows and accepts for fact that the PRE-Constitutional natural universal human right of self-defense is immutable and unalienable among freedom lovers here at DailyPaul/r3VOLution, and even as written, the 2nd Amendment only guarantees what are already innate to us all as humans, and that if "shall not be infringed" were actually followed, NONE of this would even be an issue, be it 80% or 100% fully tapped/drilled/milled receiver.

As such, this entire case stemmed from ATF's BS 'ruling' on another company's 80% polymer receiver made by EP Armory. Their product's 'legal.' The ATF knows it.

If you're not a gun person, it maybe hard to understand, but basically the ATF terrorists' contention is that EP Armory lowers' 'slot/cavity' was 'pre-made' because it has a two-tone polymer that aids in letting the consumer know where to and how much to mill out:

Entire piece is a 'single piece' injection molded plastic; they're not two separately cast pre-made larger Lego block with a smaller Lego block that neatly fits inside and continues to move freely, in and out of the cavity after it's been 'cast'/molded, though it can seem that way to a non-gun person; you still have to 'mill/drill' out that portion, just like EVERY other 80% receiver:

Note the pale beige piece sticking out

The ATF morons are 'interpreting' this as an AR receiver 'cast' WITH trigger pack 'slot'/pin-holes and magwell 'milled' out, then 'filled' back-in: ie. they're accusing EP Armory's 80% polymer lower as having been made as a 'pre-drilled/pre-tapped/pre-milled/pre-slotted' fully 'functional' stripped AR-receiver, whereby its 'holes' are 'filled-back up,' AFTER it's already been 'cast' as separate components of a 'receiver.'

This whole thing is BS. Nothing more.

If you're truly truly interested, please listen/watch either of the two Nut N'Fancy videos of him interviewing Karras; this issue should be made plain and clear.

Here's Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras clarifying this: http://aresarmor.com/store/NewsArticle/Temporary_Restraining...

Time Line of Events: http://aresarmor.com/store/Ares-Armor-dispute-with-the-ATF

TO: Whom It May Concern

FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

SUBJ: Temporary Restraining Order Against BATFE

DATE: March 12, 2014

Sir or Ma’am,

Last week the BATFE Raided EP Armory based on a determination letter that had deemed the 80% Polymer product to be a firearm. The determination letter that the BATFE used to obtain warrants against EP Armory is based on incorrect information about the manufacturing process. The BATFE has been notified of their error and the incorrectness of their determination based on this error.

This week on Monday, March 10th the BATFE threatened to raid us even though they are fully aware that their determination letter is factually incorrect. They requested that we turn over a list of every customer that had purchased a polymer lower from us and turn over the remaining inventory that we have.

Our customer’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. I cannot in good moral conscience turn over a list of names to the BATFE just because they unduly threaten us with an unjust raid based on information they KNOW TO BE FALSE!

For the time we are SAFE! We were granted a Temporary Restraining Order against the BATFE on March 11th. The following is the declaration that I made during the process of obtaining this TRO:

Declaration of Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

In regards to the events surrounding Ares Armor’s interaction with EP Armory’s products and the threats made towards Ares Armor by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE.) The following declarations are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I, Dimitrios Karras, state:

1. During a meeting with the BATFE around the end of 2012 that was unrelated to EP Armory’s product, the Agent that was present very strongly requested that I turn over Ares Armor’s customer list. He intimidated me with the possibility of criminal charges if he was not satisfied. This was the first attempt the BATFE made to intimidate Ares Armor into turning over private customer information.

2. An 80% lower is an industry term for an unfinished receiver that is not considered to be a firearm.

3. EP Armory manufactures an 80% lower receiver made from polymer.

4. Ares Armor purchases and then resells many products one of which is the 80% Polymer Lowers that are made by EP Armory.

5. In the regular course of business I have seen many different 80% AR-15 receivers.

6. EP Armory’s product is no different than standard 80% receivers that are sold openly and that the BATFE has consistently determined to not be a firearm. EP Armory’s product is in compliance with previous BATFE Determinations and is not a firearm.

7. The BATFE has Raided EP Armory based on incorrect information about EP Armory’s manufacturing process. The determination letter written by the BATFE incorrectly classified the EP Armory product as a firearm based on faulty information. The BATFE was under the impression that EP Armory was making a firearm and then reverting back to the 80% stage by filling in the fire-control cavity. At no point during the manufacturing process by EP Armory is a weapon made and then reverted. The solid fire-control cavity is built first and the rest of the 80% casting is made around this “core” specifically so that their product at no time could be considered to be a firearm.

a. As can be seen in Exhibit 1-3. The BATFE has consistently determined that the machining operations that cannot be performed in order to not be considered a firearm are as follows:

1. Milling out of fire-control cavity.

2. Selector-lever hole drilled.

3. Cutting of trigger slot.

4. Drilling of trigger pin hole.

5. Drilling of hammer pin hole.

b. EP Armory’s product is consistent with the BATFE’s many previous determinations.
c. At no time during EP Armory’s manufacturing process are any of the aforementioned 5 operations in a state that could cause a reasonable person to believe that EP Armory’s product would be considered a firearm.

8. The BATFE has been appropriately informed of their mistake. However, even though they have no determination that is based on fact, they are knowingly using their fiction based determination to intimidate Ares Armor with threats in order to inappropriately gain access to information that is private and should be protected.

9. I received communication on or about 3/10/2014 from our legal counsel (Jason Davis) that the BATFE was in the process of obtaining a warrant against Ares Armor based on their incorrect determination of EP Armory’s Product. I was advised that the BATFE had offered to forego obtaining a warrant if Ares Armor was willing to:

a. Hand over all of EP Armory’s 80% Lowers.
b. Turn over Ares Armor customer’s private information to the BATFE.

In exchange for turning over our customer’s private information the BATFE said that they would not “raid” Ares Armor’s facilities and would not pursue “criminal” charges. This made me feel as if I was being extorted. I agreed to their terms in order to delay an impending and unjust raid against Ares Armor long enough to obtain legal protection under the law.

10. I have been unjustly threatened with raids and criminal charges in an attempt by the BATFE to obtain information that is private and protected. The BATFE has expressed interest in obtaining Ares Armor’s customer list in the past and is now attempting to strong-arm us with undue threats based on information they know to be incorrect.

11. I am now in constant fear for the safety of my employees, my customers and myself.

Executed March 10, 2014 Oceanside, CA

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dimitrios Karras


Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor


And, frankly, while it's nice to be able to nitpick legalese (assuming you're actually under the presumption that we actually have a fair, impartial, functional 'judicial' system), but frankly at this juncture, NO PART, NO ACTOR, NO AGENCY of this current entity occupying the geographical locale once known as the United States of America, is legitimate, in ANY sense of the word, since 1933.

And, more recently, it hasn't been 'legitimate' since Gore v. Bush whereby the SCOTUS arrogantly ruled that, that decision would only apply to that case, and that case alone, and the hell with legal precedence!

But, they truly 'crossed the Rubicon' when they passed the Patriot Act.

Well...actually, they truly, really, really went light years past the point of no return, when the current tyrant (with the aid, of the majority of the murderous gang of appeasers/colluders/enablers) of declared himself the arbiter of his citizen employer bosses' lives on his sole say so, via NDAA 2012 Section 1021/1022.

Are you actually under the impression that the same ATF that supplied Mex-cartels with guns to kill innocent Mexican citizenry, as well as those of our own, and literally got away with murder, and with Waco, whom obtained a 'warrant' from a moron statist fascist 'judge' whom equally okayed it based on false premises, regardless of a standing injunction...is gonna give a damn what 'legal' or lawful argument you and I or ARES Armor's Karras and his legal team make? Or that the same braindead moron anti-gun worship the oink oink statist Quisling Commufornia jurors who literally let the Kelly Thomas' killers go Scott-Free, is gonna side with what's right??


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Can you or do you

know anyone who could get a copy of the search warrant? If so, post the warrant. That should be interesting.

thanks. let me know when you find it. then

I can update this thread with your link, like last time, so we can debate the finer points of a 'legalese' signed off by a treasonous judge approving actions of an even more treasonous agency, as you can't have a 'legal' raid, without a lawful warrant ,o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

speaking of tyrannical behavior, the CEO of Ares Armor

stated in the above posted, most recent Nut N'Fancy interview, that what he discovered while on combat duty in Iraq and AfPak, was that the natives of those nations are MUCH MORE FREE than America and Americans!

And, speaking of North Korea, check out what Jim Rogers just said about it: Jim Rogers: Invest in NORTH Korea, When You are able to... in about 5 years, in which the Two Koreas may become One!

just WTF has my America become, that we are now regularly being compared to the more TV-attuned-PR versions of clear-cut 'tyrannies' overseas??

Not to mention, did y'all notice a long time ago, especially right after 9/11 that you almost never hear anyone going around saying the ye ol American mantra of everyday Joe Sixpack: "Well...of course, it's a free country!" -- when referring to America, anymore??!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul