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Polling in St. Louis

Just called my mom's house. Luckily, I answered the phone (she might have hung up!). Automated poll: Press 2 for Ron Paul. And then thank you. That was all.

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Huge Ron Paul Billboard on Northbound 170, STL

That's the second one I've seen in as many days.

I went to lunch with friend of the family. Sister R. said grace before lunch, asking for the end of the war and troops to come home. We started talking about the election and she asked, sort of rhetorically, who can we vote for. I told her about Ron Paul ending the war, pro-life, saving social security, etc. All I had with me were my No Tax on Tips business cards, so gave her one. She said she was going to tell all the sisters at the convent. I am mailing brochures this afternoon with instructions to make sure they ask for Republican ballots in the primary.