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Can somebody explain?

Hi everyone.
Can somebody explain to me why so few people are voting? What is happening to America? Do people even realize what a wonderful opportunity they have to be able to choose their president?
I am from country where the people have no say in it so I was so proud to vote yesterday (ofcourse for Ron Paul) and be part of making a change.
I keep hearing the politicans say that US is the best and strongest country in the world but sadly I know that it isn't a true these days anymore. The taxes, rising cost of living, bad job market.....it's no different than Europe. And schools are even worst.
I went thru alot to become a US citizen and to give my daughter better life, opportunities and freedom. I am thousands of miles away from my family and my friends and now I'm starting to wonder why. What happened to the America that everyone used to dream about?
Why people don't care?
Why American Idol is more important than American President?

Thank you all for giving me at least some hope.

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Voter turnout for the

Voter turnout for the caucuses this year is way above average. Especially among the college-aged.

So True

I believe people are lazy and do not care. I hear people say their vote will not make a difference. It is sad.