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The problem with libertarians - alternative version (also for fun!)

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I didn't know there was a functional difference

between ancaps and voluntaryists, except some people prefer the sound of one or the other?

Personally I use either depending on how I think my audience will receive the word, or just plain anarchist.

I still like the meme.

The Question Is....

By persuading him to jump, if he actually does jump, has the libertarian committed a crime?

Well it depends on your definition of crime

I think crime means against the law. In that case it would depend on what the law is. In the US someone might charge him with a hate crime or some anti bullying law.

I think it would be wrong.

Under free law it would probably not be illegal. You wouldn't have enough people willing to pay for enforcement of non violent crime against adults to make it a viable enterprise.

Lets assume some peace provider is considering offering the service of punishing people that verbally abused you which abuse resulted in you committing suicide. It would likely be VERY expensive because it would not be a universally agreed principle that this is wrong, so punishment would be much more likely to meet armed resistance from the 'perpetrator' or their provider if it was a different firm. Also they would lose customers who disagreed with the possibilty of being so punished. So this service would be expensive, if offerred at all. Would you purchase this coverage?