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Doctor Paul Craig Roberts Calls Rand Paul A Neocon

Harsh Words from PCR re Rand Paul:

He is just another fool prostituting himself for the neoconservative warmongers and the military/security complex. If Rand Paul is the hope for America, then clearly there is no hope.


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I dont think Rand is a neo-con

but he's playing the game to get where he needs to be so that he can implement his fathers policies.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

lesser of two evils

The life blood of the establishment.

Me too.

Me too. Though I'd call Rand a Neo-Con-Artist. His ambition is having him play every possible angle, every trick in the book, to the point he cannot be trusted for even a single moment. And that puts him the same category as pretty much every other politician.

Except for Sergei Aksyonov, president of Crimea. THAT guy speaks straight, answers questions straight, and doesn't screw around. I'd take 537 Aksyonovs over the freak show in DC right now.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

"Can't stand Rand"

....that is my rallying cry. Nuff said.

Channeling Reagan....

Rand Paul has been making many references to Ronald Reagan in recent weeks because I believe he correctly senses that there is still a vast reservoir of legacy support among Republicans for Reagan that Paul can tap into. Reagan is best known for taking on and bringing down the Soviet Union without firing a shot. It makes sense at a time like this Rand Paul would respond to the Ukraine/Crimea crisis by criticizing Russia. I hope he comes to his senses and starts back tracking from this dangerous foreign policy posturing.

Ed Rombach

If you want to change things,

stop voting DEM or REP. They get 99% of the vote, everytime. I know it's hard, you have been mind-controlled, but give it a try.

If 5 or 10 percent don't vote for these parties. AND vote for some other 3rd party candidate, we will finally have the start of a voice.

Voting for Rand for President will ensure nothing will change.

"Doctor" Paul Craig Whatever-his-name-is

....would do well to be advised;
"If you can't say anything nice...don't say anything".
Most voters do NOT even know who-the-heck he is.
RAND PAUL...has "name recognition", and is arguably the most libertarian representative we have in government today.
He'll sure to garner more votes in the mainstream than Ron ever could.

Purists within this "Liberty-Movement" would do well to consider "Doctor" Roberts' past history (Pinochet, Chicago School of Economics).

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I don't like Paul Craig Roberts

I was very impressed by Dr. P C Roberts when I began reading his articles published at anti-war.com and counterpunch 06? Before Ron Paul was campaigning.. I just loved that PCR was a conservative republican who had been in Reagan's administration because no one knocked Bush down better than PCR. The liberal's were awed as well, Sheehan, code pink, Nader.. whatever anyone had to say bad about Bush, no one could beat PRC. He doesn't beat up Obama (Remionds me of the poster proud american first, slams republicans but you won't see anything about democrats).

I've read a lot of conspiracy in my life.. bought books and magazines as far as I can remember.. "The Illuminatus" Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.. awesome conspiracy, will get you.. it got me to the point I suddenly understood programming/ brainwashing.. as people want to be brainwashed.. same kinda urge like eating.. they choose what they eat/read... and this began to make anti-war appear as a program. It is not organic, it is very programmed, with conspiracy as entertainment, but people don't know it's entertainment, which is what PCR and Ron Paul are.

So what's going to be interesting is watching how Ron Paul responds, because I'm sure he is going to ignor this jab, all anti-war writers have to be perched to see what Ron Paul says about PCR attacking his son...if Ron says nothing (my guess, because when he's weak, he fades away) the hiys on Rand from the left and friends are going to heat up because people read about Rand.. writer need to write about what people are interested..

Finally people have told me that I try to divide the DP community posting about Israel.. I'm not dividing anything, just exploring what I learned.. yet the idea of divided DP seed was planted and I believe if there is a divide, it will be over Rand.

I like Rand, enjoy what he has to say.. wish I could go see him in Berkeley tomorrow.. anyways.. PCR IMO is writing about Rand because PCR is a hit artist, especially on conservative targets.. he gets paid for writing crap about conservatives.

This gets front page?


Who cares, none of this will

Who cares, none of this will be tamed by politics because politics is the enemy. If you vote in the system, you legitimize it. Voting is a fools proposition. I don't want to vote between which two people I want being my slavemaster; GIVE ME A VOTE FOR NO SLAVEMASTER AT ALL AND LET ME BE FREE!

Those of you who put faith in the system to fix the system are doing exactly what the slavemasters want you to do. Wake up!

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

Then don't vote and let others decide your fate...

This is our system. Do you have a SOLUTION? Do you have another way of doing it, that can be realized?

Just because someone takes 20 min. out of their day, one time every two to four years to check a name on a piece of paper, does not mean they are putting all their faith in the system.

I am a prepper. I am Messianic and put my faith in G-d. I will vote, probably for Rand, maybe someone better if someone comes along between now and then... It is not the 'only hope' by a long shot. But it is one possible way.

Or else try to kick-off the revolution if you think our system cannot ever work, or be fixed!

Doing nothing is certainly not the solution.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

There is only one solution- acceptance

The free shit army and their minions control the voting place. The elite allow this.

Smart men know when they are beat. You go ahead and vote. Voting is in fact- doing nothing.

Accept tyranny, Accept the NWO? Sorry, that isn't a solution...

I will go ahead and vote.
That single act alone is doing more than what you are claiming should be done.
I will never accept (or a better term is 'submit' to) tyranny!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Debbie's picture

From The Guardian article,

From The Guardian article, posted here http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/15/ron-paul-crimea... …When it was suggested his position was opposite to that of his son, Paul replied: “Neither he nor I have ever pretended our views are identical. He still has the most libertarian views in the Senate.”



will stand with Rand come 2016 ! I'd rather have my cup 95% full then settle for completely empty. If he took the position of his dad and only tried to appeal to us he wouldn't stand a chance in this day and time as we have all found out . I get what he's doing here...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Paul Craig Roberts, laying it bare

As he often does.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and I'll probably repeat it again from time to time -

Rand "Mitt Romney for President" Paul is poison, as are all the lying, scheming hucksters that hold power in this once republic, now the seedling of a NWO authoritarian regime.

I couldn't say it better myself so I'll just quote Paul Craig Roberts:

"If Rand Paul is the hope for America, then clearly there is no hope."

It's usually about this time the trusty "lesser of two evils" gag will get trotted out. It never gets old, it never gets tired. Election cycle after election cycle, decade after decade, the people line up and fall for it. The establishment rolls on. Bigger, stronger, deadlier. More and more beyond ever being reigned in again.

My advice is to opt out of the rigged game. I'm not saying give up on activism. I am saying any politician that is part and parcel of the establishment is by definition expressly opposed to the political ideals that I pursue. I have no intention of participating in my own ruination by continuing to support them. Lesser of two evils should really be a non starter by now. Unfortunately it is still the establishments go to tool for manipulation of the populace.

Dangerous schizophrenic game

Rand Paul is playing a very dangerous, schizophrenic game of grand-standing for political opportunistic purpose. He's entrenched in the upcoming elections. His father is not.

I'm trying to recall an interview his dad gave to Charlie Rose short while ago. In it, he stated his son & himself are for all practical purposes identical in their thinking & bigger philosophy. But they are radically different in their tactics.

Rand Paul is NOT a statesman or philosopher, he's a politician. His dad is exactly the reverse.

The rah-rah chest thumping editorials by Rand Paul are obviously frustrating & nonsensical. Especially the foreign policy empty talk contradicts reality of financial bankruptcy.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Paul Craig Roberts is an asshole

i struggle to make it through his interviews and totally quit watching them some time ago. his perpetual pessimism coupled with his arrogance and seething anger are a big turn off to me.

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

I agree

That's why the perpetually miserable Rand Haters love him so much. They are just like him.

Lew Rockwell

has published over a hundred libertarian articles by PCR. rockwell by the way is a close friend of ron and his family. he knew rand when he was in short pants. i'm sure he, PCR and many other great libertarian thinkers don't "hate" rand but they tell it like they see it. good lord man, you'd think this was american idol and not an intellectual revolution.


Just because they are willing to publish his articles, doesn't mean PCR is a libertarian. Why would you think that? Are you very young or something?

I've read PCR say many times that libertarians are radical and extreme. PCR is not a libertarian. He is a big believer in government. He's an Eisenhower Republican. I can't believe you are willing to defend this guy when you don't even know his politics. Sometimes, people of different ideologies happen to agree. Ron agreed with Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist) from time to time. What does that mean? Nothing!

You are making yourself look foolish.

oh lose the labels already

and quit trying to put everyone into little boxes. i know more than you think about PCR. oh no an Eisenhower republican! the man who warned us about the MIC! yes people of different ideologies agree on some things like NSA, like Syria. that's what it's all about. ron paul keeps trying to make that clear that we're all in this together and that parties are really irrelevant, but folks like yourself seem to have to have enemies to attack, even with folks who would agree with them on a lot of issues, and that i find foolish with a capital F.


You are the one who put a label on PCR...

"PCR and many other great libertarian thinkers"

I'm simply pointing out that he is not who you think he is.

I guess "neocon" is label you're comfortable with being thrown around then, huh? As long as it's directed at Rand, of course.

stop nit picking and lying

PCR if you want to get technical is an economist. he is independent and outspoken and known for no BS. he is anti statist, anti war, anti police state, pro snowden and pro ron paul. if you want to split hairs you could say he has a strong libertarian streak hence he is included at LRC and The Ron Paul Institute. however he is not afraid to critique libertarians either, something that certain ones cannot seem to tolerate.

i did not call rand a neocon. stop lying. and if you read closely you'll see that PCR did not exactly call him one either. rand has not become mad dog mccain, but his TIME piece and other statements make you wonder how far he will end up going in that direction. as i said in my other reply to you i think we've been around in circles enough on this non-issue. i don't always agree with PCR but i always enjoy his writing, as they obviously do at LRC, The Ron Paul Institute, Anti-War etc.

You're a Sad Person

PCR is absolutely a statist. For you to say otherwise is either to be outright ignorant or disingenuous. He absolutely called him a neocon and you by extension with your inane defense of it. Just like a liberal; you will lie with a straight face and call the other a liar.

He does not have a strong libertarian streak. He is a Keynesian. He despises the Austrian School. You don't even know the man's politics and yet you continue with childish arguments... Unbelievable. Anyone with a half a brain who reads this will know you're a fraud.

Once again, since you seem to be thick to understand... LR or RPI would publish an essay by Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. That doesn't mean anything yet you keep throwing it back into the conversation as if it means something.

You are either very young or a woman... Or both.

a person is not just one thing

sad, happy etc. this is basic rational thinking and you not getting that explains a lot.

Clint, is it possible for you to have an exchange without name calling, being offensive and condescending?

if you do a close reading PCR said Rand is a fool and prostituting himself for the warmongering neocons.

so only liberals lie? i see you've completely bought into the whole us against them idea (divide and conquer), something ron paul has railed against endlessly but still some boneheaded individuals must have their enemies (even within their own ranks! that's beyond sad, it's pathetic). publishing kucinich exactly makes my point. there is common ground, a concept that seems to go over your head or you just deny it's worthwhile. i'm pleased that the people at LRC and TRPI obviously disagree with you. with you the freedom movement would stay in one box and never expand. i'm thankful that the majority of liberty lovers i've met here do not think like you.

how do you explain away when PRC writes an article titled:
The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars
and a ton more anti-state articles?

i didn't say what his economic theories are. i simply said he was an economist, but since he's published at the ludwig von mises institute my guess is his ideas are a bit more complex and nuanced than you might think, although that wouldn't sit right with you since you've made it pretty clear you are an either/or thinker.

nice to see you've also exposed yourself as an ageist and a misogynist. no surprise there, it usually goes hand and hand with rigid black & white thinking and a lack of basic manners.

You are typical of people

You are typical of people today. You dish out insults and then pretend you didn't. You called me a liar. And I said you are sad in response. Funny how you find fault in everyone else but yourself.

PCR called him a neocon, get over it... you're wrong.

No, liberals aren't the only one's who lie. I'm saying you lie in the fashion of a liberal. Apparently that was over your head. It's amazing how you twist my words to suit your failing arguments.

Yes, common ground. That's what I've been saying. They may have common causes, but that does not make them of the same ideological persuasion, which is what you were arguing... but you have so turned the debate upside down, you don't even know what the debate was about in the first place. PCR is not a libertarian nor did he support Ron in '08. The too-little-too-late 'so-called' endorsement in '12 is a joke and quite frankly, insulting to Ron in the manner in which It was espoused.

"ageist and a misogynist"

I thought you didn't like labels. Like I said before... Hypocrite. I bet I'm right though.

I can do this all year if you like.

be my guest

"I can do this all year if you like."
that pretty much says it all. and what can you do? repeat yourself?
be my guest.

"You are typical of people today."
well you've bit off quite a few folks there. just you against the world, eh clint?

i said stop lying. if i called you a liar i'd be labeling your person hood.

no fault in myself?
that's funny. i can't get through a day without regretting something.

here's the quote. you're wrong. deal with it, rock 'n roll. although that doesn't mean he may actually call him that some other time.
"He is just another fool prostituting himself for the neoconservative warmongers and the military/security complex."


Yeah, that's calling him a neocon... or a neocon whore. I don't know which is worse?

"i can't get through a day without regretting something." Now that's the truest thing you've said thus far. I commend you. It's about time.

"i said stop lying. if i called you a liar i'd be labeling your person hood." I thought you weren't a fan of "nitpicking"... Geez. Try to be consistent.

"just you against the world, eh clint?" There is thing called the Liberty Movement which I'm a part of. We have made tremendous strides in the past 7 years. We actually have the son of Ron Paul as the front runner for the Republican Nomination. Why don't you join us? We're winning!

Ron Paul's message and movement grows stronger all the time

labeling and describing a behavior are different, it has nothing to do with nitpicking. i think you've read enough articles and posts here to know that people have different takes on the liberty movement and for you to claim otherwise is either naive, arrogant or both. had you said join us to spread the libertarian message of ron paul of personal freedom, a new foreign policy and change in economic policy i would have answered. i'm right there with you bro and have been now for a number of years.

Libertarian Investments
"Paul Craig Roberts writes frequently for LewRockwell.com. He has been really solid on foreign policy and civil liberties from a libertarian standpoint. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for his economics. He reminds me a bit of Pat Buchanan. He understands some economics, but he makes some fundamental errors that are critical and it ruins much of his analysis.

"In his latest article, Roberts writes about the latest unemployment numbers. He discusses the fact that the unemployment rate is vastly understated, particularly due to it being much lower because of people being discouraged and giving up on looking for work. So while I have my criticisms of some of the economics, there are some interesting statistics he points out."


Clint, the beginning of this exchange started when i dared to include PCR as a great libertarian thinker. his stand on foreign policy and civil liberties earn him that in my book and others agree with me (i checked with an old, dear libertarian friend who knows everybody and has been active with the party forever, and like ron paul is a man of great wisdom and humility. anyhow, i asked him if PCR could be considered a libertarian thinker of some stripe. he answered yes, and said that like me he was inspired by his civil liberties and foreign policy as was i'm sure ron paul, rockwell, justin raimondo and others. we are all agreed he is bad on economics and some globalization issues.
now back to the point of you not approving of me including him, and maybe if we each drew up lists we'd differ on others. i remember reason did a heros of libertarianism, and the comments and differences went on forever.
so i think we've covered the issue that started these series of posts. is there something else you'd like to discuss? you claimed you could post to me all year. is this something you claim or are genuinely interested in doing? if so, i propose we stick with one topic at a time, and both agree to keep it civil.