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My Letter to Phil Valentine

Here's a letter I sent to Phil Valentine, a syndicated "conservative" talk show host. He's been ridiculing Paul supporters lately. Feel free to send him your own thoughts at: phil@philvalentine.com

I have tried very hard to keep an open mind regarding your show. I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in no way expect everyone to agree with me on every issue, however, your ridicule of Ron Paul supporters and blatent ommision of Ron Paul from your discussions of the primaries and "serious" candidates is disturbing. If you honestly look at Ron Paul's positions, he is the only true conservative in the race that supports the Constitutional principles on which our country was founded. To ridicule and marginalize the people in this country who passionately support Ron Paul is to ridicule and marginalize the Constitution, liberty, and the Founding Fathers. Of course people are passionate about Ron Paul! Why wouldn't we be? He has offered the nourishment of freedom to a nation in despair..... to a nation of people who have been lied to, robbed, and stripped of our rights. We've been desparate for someone to have the courage to speak the truth, and now we have Ron Paul.
Ron Paul doesn't poll well in the national polls because he's not included in them. You are well aware of the media bias against Dr. Paul, and have made some effort in the past to at least mention that it was unacceptable (especially the FOX debacle), but lately it seems that something has changed. You speak passionately about our loss of freedoms, liberal Republican candidates, the problem of more and more government, the dangers of entitlement programs, personal responsibility, etc, and how we need a new party to represent these ideas, yet ignore the obvious! I find it hard to believe that you don't see that almost everything you espouse to believe in is represented in the message of Ron Paul.
I understand that you strongly disagree with his foriegn policy. That is your right, even though I personally believe that Dr. Paul is correct and that you have been manipulated by the media spin doctors as badly as any other neocon. If you can look past that issue, however, and realize that the gravest danger to Americans is from our own government, Ron Paul might make more sense to you. The move towards Marxist thought, the push for a North American Union, and the out of control expansion of power of the exectuive branch are MUCH more dangerous to the average American than terrorists. If we loose American lives to terrorists, it will be because we are either somewhere we don't need to be, and/or we are not protecting our borders here at home. We're already loosing American lives in this farce of a war, and I don't think that anyone feels any safer today than we did before we went over there. If American lives have to be lost, I would rather loose them protecting OUR borders and fighting for our individual liberties here at home. Just imagine how secure we could be if we had the bulk of our military force protecting OUR borders! What is irrational about that? With our troops spread all over the world we're a sitting duck, and what's worse, the department of homeland security seems to be more concerned about keeping tabs on Americans than the "terrorists"!
The campaign of Ron Paul is a fight for our human spirit, for the very thing that motivates us to sacrifice, work hard, to excel..... rational self interest. Anyone who believes that our individual rights should be sacrificed at the alter or someone else's "need" is the mortal enemy of freedom. The campain of Ron Paul is a great big "NO" to those who want to dissolve our individual rights, national soverngity, and make us work half the year to fund wars and programs we didn't ask for and which will ultimately cause more harm than good. A man is not free if he HAS to pay almost half his income to the government every year or risk imprisonment, or confiscation of property. This is feudalism, not freedom!
When you omit appropriate discussion Ron Paul's campaign from your show, ridicule the passion of his followers, and aid the mainstream media in suppressing the message of freedom and the Consitiution, you are, by default, supporting the idea that it's ok for us to live in a society where we pay up "or else". You are saying that those who dissent and fight for their very freedom and the right to their own life and property are flakes, crazy, or out of touch with our "modern" age..... that it is somehow wrong to try to preserve the remnant of what was once the greatest country on earth.
As hard as I've tried to keep from believing it, you have placed yourself firmly in the camp of those seeking to censor the only message of freedom available to the American people. I will no longer listen to or support Supertalk 99.7, your show, or ABC News. If you are not for us, you are against us. One day, when America collapses, what a few of us are fighting for will make a lot more sense.

Dr. William D. Holladay

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