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Go to www.jsmineset.com very revealing, they are trying to spin it. BIS reveals total worldwide derivative exposure of $516 TRILLION. This is greater than the sum of the worldwide GDP!!!

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And that's only what they admit.

There's a whole lot more off the books.

Ticking time bomb


This ponzi scheme created by investment bankers will threaten the entire financial system

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

notional value is not what is at risk.

For example you (anyone) can buy 1,000,000 dollars of US T.Bills for delivery in March of 2008 and only put up 1,500 in cash. The million is not going to disappear. The price might fluctuate but that is why you are required to keep the 1,500 in the account.

Notional value is one million, what you have at risk is $1,500. You can see how this can be taken out of context.

How about owning 5million of 2 year treasury and short 5 million of the 5 year? Total Notional value is 10million but almost with out risk as rates will fluctuate together up or down. Risk is the yeild curve that might change with time.

Be careful of inflammatory media reports that have a bias, in this one Jimiset it hawks gold.