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About dwalters

My name is Derrel Walters. I was born in Oklahoma - the son of a construction worker and a stay at home mom - in June of 1981. We moved around a lot. I grew up half in Texas and the other half in the Cherokee Nation. It is no wonder I ended up a neo-conservative. Fortunately, I discovered Ron Paul during the 2012 campaign - later better than never.

I was the kid that took everything apart. Always curious about how things worked and interested in learning something new and useful, much of my life, I have lived inside of my mind. Now past thirty, I'm still not shy to take apart broken technology. I repaired my old Playstation 3 on more than one occasion - more interested in the repair than playing games. I have always believed that I can fix anything.

Following in the footsteps of my father - who is still my best friend in the world - as soon as I turned eighteen (the summer before my senior year in high school), I began working in the dirt excavation business. By the time I turned twenty, I was a proficient and versatile operator of heavy equipment (a finished blade hand - for those in the business) and at the top of my crew. Convinced that my career would be stationary for years to come - until I was promoted to superintendent - I decided to attend college.

(As many older folks remember what they were doing when they heard the news of the Kennedy assassination, when I first learned of planes flying into the Towers on 9/11/2001, I was sitting in a company truck on a construction site preparing to begin a new project constructing a building pad. That job site is an indelible impression on my mind.)

In 2002, I moved back to Oklahoma to pursue my education. I attended a community college at first - earning my AA in business administration. During that time I worked at a boys' home, in a door factory (repairing doors with Bondo and/or operating a forklift), and for a business installing residential Dish Network satellite systems. I remained a neo-con.

The next logical step was to attain my bachelor's degree. Living fifty miles from the university I attended, my undergraduate experience didn't include much partying with my fellow students. I taught the kids in the Education Department on how to put together their online portfolios and tutored the students in the Chemistry Department on chemical theory in order to earn money. I enjoyed both. As the top chemistry student at the university, I was convinced by a $10K scholarship to change my major purely to chemistry. I attained my bachelor's degree in chemistry and minored in mathematics. I remained a neo-con.

Next - and still my current station in life - I began graduate school at the University of Arkansas (having been convinced by professors that this is what a person of my caliber an aptitude should pursue next). During my graduate studies - beginning in 2008 - I've met, including but not limited to, people from China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Argentina, Columbia, Nepal, and the list goes on. Discussing the opinions of my colleagues, I began to question my worldview.

Then came Ron Paul. Having had my head in the books since 2002, Ron's 2008 campaign came and went without notice. I had just started graduate school, and politics were a heavily neglected pass-time. During graduate school, I had learned about the rest of humanity (It does exist outside of the United States). Then, in 2011/2012, everything came together. The world was fucked. It became apparent that my previous held beliefs were nearly completely bullshit. I was no longer a neo-con.

Since that time I have struggled with my position. I quit graduate school after my fourth year because I recognized there were more important problems to solve other than those in the scientific community. After taking a year off, I returned. It depresses me that my pay is stolen from the taxpayers. I wish I could promote liberty full-time rather than attaining a degree that will only serve to impress others. I do not value today's degrees. In my opinion, experience is superior to, likely, forgotten teachings from the classroom.

So, here I am, formally introducing myself to the DailyPaul after writing approximately 300 articles on this site.

I have become consumed with liberty. My mind keeps me convinced that no other problem is worth more of my attention than our current predicament. Most of my other endeavors have become unproductive because of it. I wish I could promote liberty full-time (My resume is impressive and I'm willing to share it with you - email me at dwalters@uark.edu). Liberty is my passion.

I've come to learn, the State is not great. (Surprise... surprise)

I'm Derrel Walters - an individual. That's all I know how to be.


P.S. I've used marijuana since I was thirteen years old. And soon, I'm expected to finish my Ph.D. - which I likely won't use (since most research is funded by the State). The demonization of cannabis is despicable. Those motivated can achieve whatever they wish - despite their use of nature's medications (which have been part of life for thousands of years). By the way, I quit smoking cigarettes at age 29 (after 17 years). That shit will kill you.

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you are in Arkansas? and you like to fix stuff?

I am in Hot Springs.

we should talk.



I'm in Fayetteville

A little bit of a drive, but feel free send me an email (in the post). I'd be happy to make a drive.

Nice to meet you mr.D.


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.