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All this airplane talk in the state controlled media...

Tell me your theory. What's up?

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"They" keep drumming into

our heads that we are being watching, monitored, listened to 24/7.

I have a heard time believing over 200 people are lost without any idea by the watchers where they might be. Not to mention a highly sophisticated aircraft...not buying it.

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Noticed the same thing

I was having lunch yesterday afternoon at a bar, and not only was the story playing on some of the TVs, but I heard the topic come up at least once at every table. Part of me is guessing it is just a mild distraction from Russia blatantly disregarding demands of the western world. I also suspect some further 'security measures' will be implemented at airports, and TSA will get a boost in funding.

You can bet on that!

It is coming.

Remember the movie Wag the Dog?


Like Duane mentioned below,

the NSA likely knows something by now. There would be chatter going on about the plane.

My theory: Is there really a

My theory:

Is there really a missing plane?

Yes it does make sense but

I don't understand why their was no mayday or PAN called out on the radio and if the plane eventually did crash why didn't the ELT start sending beacons?

This guy's theory makes the most sense



A lot of missing pieces to

A lot of missing pieces to this one. Go through the timeline of events and think about this when you read what he's saying. Doesn't work together.

It really does make sense

In a world where black hats don't peer at everyone from their cereal bowls, it's the way most people used to think.

Too bad we don't live there anymore.

His theory seems so logical, from an experienced pilot, and pretty easy to prove with a couple planes and a few hours, I am forced to question why it hasn't been done. The rescue effort has no experienced pilots, or no one that can think?

A commercial jet doesn't just disappear, and this is news. But, if it's a crash, the super spin of the story makes me wonder why. What are they hiding by puffing this piece?
Boy, I wish I lived in that other world and didn't think like that.

Just open the box and see

If you like conspiracy theories..

This theory might appeal to you:


Looking at a larger map of SE Asia and the Indian Ocean, it looks like this might have been a possible destination. If the US is keeping terrorists there, specifically Khalid Sheik Muhamad, then Al Qaida might have wanted to crash the plane there or land there and force the US into a tense negotiation of trading a few hundred Chinese for Khalid. If we refuse, China gets pissed at us, if we oblige, we release a suspected terrorist. The plane would have enough fuel to make this trip. However, the sharp turn to divert would have burned some of the fuel. Also, if they took the plane up real high to depressurize the cabin and try to kill the passengers or at least knock them unconscious would burn a lot of fuel. I'm hearing that the plane got taken up near it's flight ceiling. If those maneuvers burned too much fuel, it would have never made it to Diego Garcia.

Then again, maybe we shot it down to avoid the international incident. Wouldn't be hard to get away with if no one knows where the plane is to begin with.

Has anyone tried asking the NSA where the plane is at?


Hide a stolen Plane in a stolen Nation?

The island itself has an interesting history.


Just open the box and see

All the reporting is because an airliner literally disappeared.

And also, TV news doesn't have to focus on other important political/world issues.

Attention on missing plane

Agree 100%
But am not sure why yet.

I have been watching this

I have been watching this very closely and after hearing all the evidence come forward, it sounds like a high jacking by the two pilots as well as the Iranian Nationals who were on board, after turning off the transponders, killed all the passengers by cutting off their air supply, than flying the plane to a remote location (Iran most likely) and landed it. They are most likely going to use the plane for a 911 style attack, possibly against Israel, or a U.S./ Western allied military or civilian installation at some unknown time.

you could be

right this could be the hey we couldn't track the plane when it did not have a nuke on it and when it finally had a nuke loaded on it we surely still could not track it. This could get really ugly, hope it doesn't but it surely could.

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Something else. Not sure what

Something else.

Not sure what that something else is, but my guess is that it is fairly significant.

Every channel talking about the plane for the past few days got me thinking about this exact issue. Something is up. Something is going on and the media wants all our attention on the missing plane.

Reminds me of the day Michael Jackson died and some big vote was held while all the media talked about MJ. Also reminds me about how the gov quietly retroactively changed the definition of financial provider while everyone had their attention elsewhere.

I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that something significant was going on while all the media cameras were pointed at the ocean looking for the missing plane.


I can't stop thinking this.