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New Cosmos Series

Who has had a chance to watch the new Cosmos show? It is a pretty awesome introduction into science. If interested check it out here:

I thought it was pretty well done.

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What a bunch of malarkey.

Kneel derpgas derpson

9-11 was a panda job.

What would happen if

James Brown and Bill Nye had a kid?

Talking about plants tonight...

Do a shot every time he says 'billion'.

9-11 was a panda job.

I've never watched the

I've never watched the originals but have caught the first two episodes of the remake and like it so far. Much of it is stuff I'm already familiar with but it still is a good show. It just so happens that I recommended it to my nephew earlier tonight as he is taking an interest in science & technology.


Cosmos ftw!

This is simply amazing and a must see. Greatest show release ever in the history of our planet.

Science = freedom.

Are you dumber than a 6th grader?

Not you - the show. Brought to you by Boeing.

9-11 was a panda job.

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Fan of the old, appreciate the new...

I was really influenced by the original. It's how I found out about the library of Alexandria for example.

But I really like the idea of redoing the series. They have an opportunity to add new content discovered since the original, like some areas of The Standard Model, string theory, quantum computers, Hubble, James Webb and other telescopes, nanotechnology, etc....

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I enjoy the show

I'm a Christian and enjoyed the show.

Atheists think what is being provided in this show is debunking God which it is not.

The host of the show is a die hard Obama Supporter by the way. He actually preferred Hilary over Obama.

The Original is better

But it is very good. I enjoy it. (Be careful, the creationists on here are going to bash the show)

No train to Stockholm.

I saw the first one

I laughed out loud when he scooped up the water and said, "This is life cooking." I think it was Louis Pasteur that demonstrated the problem there.

The part about upward evolution is still being debated. Genetic Entropy deserves a look. John Sanford puts down a decent rebuttal.

The whole cosmic calendar is based on the assumption that nothing travels faster than the speed of light and that this speed has been constant. Yet I heard this same gentleman refer to inflation(faster than light) in an interview with Stephen Colbert last night.

The religious stuff was informative to me, but it did seem a bit out of place. However, I say that not knowing the original series very well.

Bottom line, I like Tyson, but I thought the first episode misleads the viewer to adopt certain assumptions, while still teaching some cool facts.


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This show in my opinion is

This show in my opinion is geared more toward the religious and less so towards those who already have an inclination towards science.
Any step away from 4000+ year old unsubstantiated information is a good thing.

Why not watch the original series

All 13 epic episodes.
Make a weekend of it..might do you good.


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Did you watch the old one?

I heard this one is not as good.

"Style" over "Substance" is how it was described to me. But I haven't watched it.

I remember watching the old one when I was a kid.


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Sorry - dup.

p.s. ignore that panda behind you.

9-11 was a panda job.

I watched the original with Sagan many moons ago...

Saw a bit of the new one - gotta say the effects are amazing! And they don't use any big words! All that, and hosted by the one and lonely Neil Derpgrasse Derpson!

RIP Carl.

9-11 was a panda job.

I watched it when i was a kid

And i still watch it a few times a year. Nostalgia