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Drudge Reports Prohibitionist Propaganda

I usually check the Drudge Report once or twice a day and have so for several years. One thing that always disturbed me was his obsession with prohibitionist reefer madness propaganda.

In this thread I will attempt to catalog and debunk Drudge's reefer madness propaganda in real time as he post it. Everyone is free to join in and help debunk it or post anything I miss.

Up first is this gem he posted a few days ago about an internal non boarder checkpoint where medical marijuana edibles were found.....

Pot lollipops 'geared toward children' seized at border checkpoint...

Funny how he ignored a much bigger story where Nearly 700 pounds of cocaine was seized from that very same San Clemente checkpoint right around the same time....


Drudge: "MAG: Marijuana production 'is anything but sustainable and organic'..."

Actual Title: 24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

The thing is that if grown outdoors hemp/cannabis is actually a carbon neutral plant due to it's heavy appetite for co2. It rapidly pulls the co2 out of the air during growth and then eventually sheds it's leaves and enriches the soil, unlike crops like tobacco that deplete the soil. I don't remember all the numbers but they can be found in the book the emperor wears no clothes by jack herer. This article does accidentally present an interesting tale about capitalism and the negative effects of prohibition.

Pot grow house causes blackout in FL city...

This was just another boring old drudge drug war story that seems out of place for a Washington politics heavy website. It really reeks of the reefer madness yellow journalism of the 30's.

Drudge had two story's up Sunday about George Micheal quieting pot but i don't want to search for the link because it's not really important news. It does however once again underscore drudges on going unhealthy obsession with spreading statist authoritarian prohibitionist reefer madness propaganda.

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after drudge read my thread

he was a good little boy for a while and tried to starve me out for almost two weeks before he slowly started to report soft mj propaganda again. that quickly ballooned though after the news of an African exchange student from Wyoming who ate 6 times the recommended dose of a marijuana edible and thought he could fly...he could not. after that a dude who supposedly ate a mj edible and maybe pain pills (waiting for labs) etc shot his wife who was on the phone with the police for like 20 min while i guess officers were finishing their donuts or something. anyway it seems drudge now thinks he's been vindicated and back to posting hardcore reefer madness story's again. i missed a few the last several days but here's some fun ones, i'll debunk them later or you can....

Drudge headline:
Alcohol ban has pushed kids to pills; Marijuana feminizes men...

Actual headline:
The Drinking Age Is Past Its Prime

Quick debunk...
"As a libertarian (sure you are, just like bill maher), I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but there are many problems with pot. From my observation, pot may be great for jazz musicians and Beat poets, but it saps energy and willpower and can produce physiological feminization in men (please tell me more about your scientific studies on jazz and male feminization doctor). Also, it is difficult to measure the potency of plant-derived substances like pot (ahhhhh no it's really easy and most disp are doing that now, this person must live in ny or something). With brand-name beer or liquor, however, purchased doses have exactly the same strength and purity from one continent to another, with no fear of contamination by dangerous street additives like PCP.(lol, i've never heard of that happening (added pcp) at any mmj disp in colorado or anywhere else.)"
This story seems like push back from the alcohol industry that is losing money now and wants to lower the drinking age.

Marijuana may cause heart problems in young adults

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The drudge and bigotry

Has anyone noticed how when Drudge links to a news item covering social liberties there will always be thousands of comments of hatred, bigotry, homophobia, and sometimes even out right racism not like brown paper bags are racist but the real deal.

I do not find this elsewhere.

drudge is the pulse of zio media news agenda

I go there to check what matt, the washington post, the new york times, the la times, and other zio outlets find relevant.

to bring the whole picture in visit:

realclearpolitics - sometimes

all of those along with watching press tv live and rt live and you can paint a more complete picture of the agenda out there

I really don't see a point in visiting media matters, mother jones or leftist leaning websites. They are all paid for by special interests as is wnd and breitbart and others but at least with sites like infowars you can watch the police state encroachment in real time, haha.

timesofisrael is a good one because you see how jewish press writes for jewish readers, its so in your face to the world goy population
and you can add davidduke.com to that list if your interested in learning why drudge posts what he posts when he does.

Wasn't it israel that has been at the forefront of all mj research mainly because its been a criminal state where they can do what they want.

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I haven't visited Drudge Report in years

I remember when Drudge started.. I turned my Dad onto Drudge.. My Dad isn't a Zio. I wasn't a Zio and I like Drudge.. I stopped looking at Drudge years before I became a Zio, but even thoiugh I am a Zio, Drudge has no interest for me.. It seems to be something the liberals enjoy. I don't know any Zios who watch Drudge.. I'm sure they exist, but I can show you plenty of liberals here on DP BIG Drudge fans.


Drudge is a neocon plain and simple.

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I have noticed that myself

I agree with how Drudge "aggregates" news 90% of the time but boy he sure can kill a movement's momentum.

I will never forget early on during the 2012 election primaries how Ron Paul drew a crowd of over 10,000 people at a college in California - I was so excited with anticipation to see how it would be covered on drudgereport. Instead, whose face was splashed across the headline and stayed there all day? Ann Romney. Nary a word about Ron Paul.

Since then I have looked at the drudgereport as a necessary evil.

Drudgereport is nothing but

Drudgereport is nothing but echo chamber propaganda for his core audience - knuckle dragging conservatives.

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