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Video: Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High School!

Video: Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High School!


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cancel the public school system

...that is my solution. i am pretty sure that this student provoked the police officer. breaking his arm was a little too rough. none of this would have happened if our government did not force education on these teenagers. it takes 3 things to sustain life: food, water, shelter. why are "we" NOT teaching kids how to GROW food, purify water, and build houses?
all"we" are providing is a great place to score drugs.

The cop broke his arm

cause when he was running away he elbowed the female cop in the face. This is not a defence of the cop but if you watch slowly around the ten second mark when the boy was running away he elbowed the female cop in the face. I have heard it said by the cops that if a male hits a female cop the male cops try to break them.
I am a baptist preacher and I have done my fair share of preaching in the jail and several cops let me know this. again this is not in defence of the cop, it is just to point out the cop premeditated his desision.

Treating humans like this is pure evil.

Evil badges, remember you are the oppressors

kind people rock

If this were a just world,

If this were a just world, that pig would have his butthole broken in prison for his crime. Instead he'll get some paid vacation time before being found innocent of any wrongdoing. Fat POS thinks he's a man, breaking a kid's arm. Some days, I cannot wait for SHTF.


That to me looked like an obvious attempt to either dislocate or break the kids arm. He got his grip with maximum leverage and then wrenched. He might not have MEANT to break it but was too stupid to realize what he was doing as in maybe this was his first opportunity to do what he learned in wannabe cop school.. either way.. bad cop! no donut!

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

That cop obviously knew what he was doing.

This does not surprise me at all, this is Texas.
The cop will be found innocent of any wrongdoing. After an 'internal investigation' the police spokesperson will announce that appropriate force was used.
The kid was out of hand, we don't see what the cause of the whole situation was, but the cop intentionally broke the arm. The kid was almost completely subdued when the cop slowly and methodically broke his arm.

The Cop Needs Better 'Training'

...as reflected by his failure to even recite the worn out mantra "stop resisting, stop resisting..."

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Man that hurt. I can not

Man that hurt. I can not watch it a second time...

Beware the cult of "government"...


Man, you could hear it crack. Know that hurt.

that was intentional. Why are

that was intentional. Why are you going to push a man's arms up than push them down towards their legs to cuff them?

I don't think

the human arm was designed to support 300 lbs. of doughnut lard in that position. Wasn't that sweet though how the police officer displays what appears to be compassion by saying over and over "it's OK, it's OK". (Yes, I just broke your arm or shoulder joint, but it's OK.) The authoritarian cop must have spent enough time around human beings to learn at least how to appear to be compassionate after inflicting unnecessary injury upon a child.


Again, clearly on purpose.

Very uncalled for...

The kid was already in a restrained position and incapacitated.

I hope the family receives a hefty sum of money and the cop is fired.

That was very clear and very intentional

Just another wannabe tough guy.

Another day in America.


Worse is the fact that cop doesn't get off of him. I heard the damned break easily over all of that noise so you can't tell me the cop didn't hear AND feel it. An arm behind a back doesn't magically get easier to twist at a certain point. Even were the cop in the absolute right for taking this student down this is still beyond excessive. I guess we should be grateful he didn't pull out Mr. Tazer once the kid was writhing in pain.

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he must

not have drank much milk as a kid...

James Madison

You must be joking

Anyone's arm can be snapped the same way

I don't know what the kid was doing before

Maybe there was a fight and therefore an arrest was necessary.


The wide range of hostile and militarized police across this country surely makes this either a byproduct of endless war or at least a purposely implemented policy originating amongst the feds.

I just makes me sick

Are YouTube and personal cell phones enough to reverse this trend?

It is not enough

Cell Phones and YouTube mean nothing if the officers are not punished. We need to start holding police accountable.

you're right witout punishment they have no incentive to stop.

lawsuits have to be the answer because self policing internal affairs haven't stopped any of this.


We are supposed to be the punishment, the incentive... We have just become too apathetic or cowardly, depending on how you look at it. We, THE PEOPLE, are ALL responsible for this through our inaction.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

No incentives to stop

I have said this many times. Until the police (or Washington politicians) are fired upon, there will be no incentives for them to curb their enthusiasm for harming the American people.