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Top 3 Conspiracy Theories About Malaysia Air Flight 370

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3. Aliens
2. Illuminati
1. US Govt base

No one here likes blind links. It is a community thing.

You like you tube about these topics, fine. I cruise them sometimes too. But this one is clips, not so ominous music - more elevator ominous music with a lot of scratchy adds to what were once clear videos - and background graphics of highly distracting and borderline subliminal illuminati activity in of themself (:/) But I don't mean to spike your curiosity. I find not support for these as the "top" in terms of popularity - even among those who like alternative theories.

Personally I see popularity as:
1. Stolen for terrorism nuke. By who who cares as you can't do anything but act like Vincini. Iran did to deny and say set up by us but really was Israel to set up both... blah blah etc. I have built an immunity to iocane conspiracy.
2. Stolen for hostage crisis like 79. We save for goodwill in the oh so close to china and strategic relationship of Malaysia. Or some other Vincini analysis.
3. Done to sell both radar systems and short Boeing. Maybe by a Seattle union pension fund?

What is true is you will only think you know. Seek true love instead. Far more likely to ride off with good friends and a lover at the end of the story.