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ATTN: All supporters in Feb. 5th. Primary States

I have one plea: Go door to door and hang Ron Paul cards/slim jims on the door knobs (tape a rubberband on the card). I'm in Fl. and failed to act quickly enough. As a result, many people here still do not know what Ron Paul stands for and how important this election is; how they will not be afforded the continued luxury of ignorance and its apparent bliss. May I recommend printing out a sheet on what the CFR is and its sinister machinations. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate not a member of the (anti-American soveriegnty) CFR--Huckabee's not a formal member, if I am correct, but his foreign policy advisor is Richard Haas--the Pres. of the CFR! Hillary is on record for saying we need one world gov't. There's no time top waste. I waved signs on busy intersections in view of some 45,000+ people but Ron's message is still misunderstood. Only door to door (IMHO--perhaps cards in the driver's side window in parking lots too) dispensing of information will provide people the info. they need to make a proper decision.

--thank you for your consideration

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God is still in

God is still in control...
I'm not sure if this message was posted.... just checking

God is still in control...