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Clear Evidence Cops Are NOT Here To Protect The Welfare Of The Communities They "Serve"

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The LAW is the clearest evidence...

Stop with the protect and serve the community BS.

Police protect and serve the LEGISLATURE...they obey the legislature.
They don't work for you now, and they never have.

They are your legal adversary, empowered to lie, and take everything you hold dear...your time, your stuff, your body, your life.

Therein lies the difference..

Government regulation provides the public a false sense of security and false sense of authority over polluters. The line of thinking is: "We elected you -> you work for us -> we demand clean water -> you enforce our wants"
They continue this logic with "You don't enforce our wants -> we will elect someone else who will"

They build their entire line of thinking on the idea that they can always find someone who is incorruptible.

A libertarian society would view the poisoning of a water supply as a breech of individual property rights. Similar to how I can't stand on my property and hurl dog shit over the fence onto my neighbors property; a business cannot stand on their property and release substances that will end up in their neighbors property.

There would be no 'cash settlement' option, this is purely an issue of defending your own property. The only option would be a cease and desist and mandatory cleanup, by threat of force. This wouldn't be issued by a uniformed government stooge, instead it would be presented by all those being affected.. a much scarier prospect for the offender.

I will head off any arguments against my statement that force could be used in this situation, and remind folks that this is no different from someone walking into your house and slightly poisoning your kool-aid. Any action you are taking is in defense of your property.

So in your libertarian ideal, there would be no courts?

You can have courts in a libertarian, even in an anarchist paradise:
Biz poisons the air,
You bring suit,
12 peers agree with you, issue an order,
and you bring the posse to make them stop.

Perfectly libertarian.

BIZ poisons the air,
You bring suit,
Biz cites gov regulations allowing the poison,
Suit gets dismissed.

Courts and government are not the same thing. They have completely different origins and purposes. A Government will take over a society's courts once it has achieved dominance, but courts can exist perfectly without government.

This is what happens

when property rights are taken from individuals and given to the state to manage.
New Govt? Yeah new govt that is the answer....


Liberty = Responsibility

Uhm, WHAT?!?

Pumping poison into the drinking water supply MIGHT be legal? I'd say it is about time to elect a whole new government ... preferably one with some grey matter between their ears.

Of course,

First one must check to see if the campaign checks have cleared ! Silly goose.

The blue color is characteristic of solutions containing copper

Of course, there could be other chelated metal complexes that could give the color.

How about the effectiveness of the government here? It's called regulatory capture, and I seriously doubt it can be resolved through more regulatory measures. Regulations often serve as a comforting illusion to proponents of big government. With the public pacified, things like this become business as usual - until someone decides to quit trusting the nanny state to take care of them and looks into it for themselves.

It could also be cyanide.

I believe hydrogen cyanide is a by-product of burning coal.