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I didn't know that...Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I am all for healthy debate. Challenging another's point of view and facts moves us forward...but what's up with all the bickering?

Where's the love?

Where's the,

"Thanks, I never thought of it that way?"


"I did not know that. That changes everything."

For example: Did you know that government and courts don't have the same origins and courts can exist perfectly fine without government? Same with infrastructure...and other things the government claims responsibility for.

Flame me if you wish, or engage me in debate and discussion. I prefer challenge and brainstorm. Whatever you think will bring the light of liberty into our neighbors live's.

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I prefer our courts, dispite the warts, to Sharia courts because I am a woman from western culture and make no apology for that.

KKK had a choice to wear a white sheet.. women in burka's have no choice.