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In the words of Dr. Paul...This is something "really big!"

Freedom is like anything else. Group psychology defines the growth of a "product" with the general public.

We are selling a product. It is new. People need to know about it and get through the "cycle" of committing to a product before they buy (vote).

Most importantly, everyone, we need TIME.

Each day gets us closer. I use the meetup group growth to demonstrate the phenomenon.

We have a great new product that will become the market leader. It is NOT different from anything else because of human psychology.

If one of you guys can find it, would you please post the graph? I will post the numbers below. It will really make sense when you see the chart.

They key thing to remember is we need time! We picked up 500 new meetup members today. We are in the 14,000 new members a month range. That is solid growth and it is not abating. The doc has said it many times, we are in the middle of something and IT IS REALLY BIG.

Below the statistics for group product adoption. Ask any marketing professional, this is how the world works. The pool of "voters" is in the 220,000,000 range.

1. Innovators.........2.5%
My guess would be the people who voted for Dr. Paul in 1988.

2. Early adopters....13.5%
We are getting close to being in this part of the cycle. I think we are there now.

3.Early majority....34%
If you do the math, once we are in the "early majority" we win. If the doc runs as a 3rd party, we win by a landslide.

4.Late majority....34%
It will be a great day when 84% of the public will be committed to freedom and small government,but, it will be awhile before these people get on board.

5 Laggards.......16%
You know who they are...don't waste your time. They will get there once the feds have been reduced by 40% and all the wars have ended, somebody has to be late for the party and these are the ones.

Do you see? This is just a cycle and it needs time. The bad guys are terrified! They want the election now! By November we should be in the "early majority" phase and that spells trouble for them.

If you think this helps folks understand where our campaign is today and gives them hope...please bump.

Hope is a tonic and it is what we are all about.

Remark that HQ has been harping on this too. They aren't stupid. Look any any RP graph...they are all going UP!

We want it more than they do so we understand where we are and where are are going.

Rome was not built in a day, if it had been, we would have hired their contractor!

God bless each one of you. Look in the mirror...you are a hero!

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Really basic AND really

Really basic AND really true!